Baby Shower Invitations

Baby Shower Invitations & Matching Postage Stamps

This fanciful baby shower postcard invite, in delightful mint green and peach, features stars, swirls, a crescent moon, and "baby" in white script.

A soft pastel design with hearts, footprints, snowflakes and flowers makes for a truly lovely baby shower postcard invitation, with matching postage.

A cute snowman with a pink hat smiles among falling snowflakes, while a white banner has "Baby Shower" in a fun font. Add a name to the top of these baby shower invitation postcards to make it custom!

Soft sage green pastel design with spirals and handprint .... just add mom's name to the front and details to the inside. These personalized baby shower cards and postage are perfect for baby boys and baby girls.

Satin pink bows against a pink and cream background with pink footprints. Personalize on front and back: customize with mom's name for personalized baby shower invitations. Easy, quick and cute!

"Girls rock and girls rule ... sugar and spice and everything nice ... hush little baby don't you cry." This scrapbook style baby girl postcard and postage stamp for baby showers shows girls are fun!

A cute baby in a bright pink shirt and diaper crawls on a pink carpet against a raindrop background in these cute, customizable greeting card baby shower invitations.

A pink umbrella with hearts is the focus of these baby shower invites ... they come with matching postage, the perfect touch to invite guests to a baby girl shower!

A tiny, sweet brown Cocker Spaniel puppy peeks in at the corner of this blue baby shower postcard invitation and matching postage. Add the mom-to-be's name to make it custom.

"Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails ... that' s what little boys are made of!" A soft pastel design with hearts, footprints, snowflakes and flowers makes for a truly lovely baby girl shower postcard invitation, with matching postage.

Cute Chick!

A cute yellow chick tweets on a green background with swirls, hearts and a pink box in this postcard baby shower invitation. Personalize the details on the back to make it custom.

The Perfect Postage to compliment your baby shower invites, this stamp is so cute and chic, it'll really make your envelopes pop!

"Chick Magnet": this cute and saucy fridge magnet features a cute baby bird, and the text "Chick Magnet". Adorable!

In addition to the postcard, this bird chick design is also available as a greeting card baby shower invitation. Customize in and out with the details of your shower!

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