Give a face to your Christmas Stamps

So we all know about the USPS Holiday Postage Stamps: beautiful Renaissance angel portraiture, very lovely, classic and timeless. But what if you’re not sending a serenely spiritual, old-fashioned Christmas card? What if you want something a little more personal and close to home for the outside of your envelopes? What if you want something a little more…you?

Perfect Postage has led the way in designing photo Christmas stamps on Zazzle. Here are just a few of the fun designs we offer to give your Christmas mailings a little more of a personal touch:


Christmas Lights photo stamps

Christmas Lights Postage

Christmas Lights Postage


The above stamp features friendly Christmas lights bordering a “Merry Christmas” wish and any personal photo you’d like (here, a cute brother and sister pose in winter gear!).


Old Fashioned Happy Holidays Postage

Old Fashioned Happy Holidays Postage

Old Fashioned Happy Holidays Postage


This next stamp has a delicate, scripty, old-fashioned snowflake and frame design that is sparkling with good taste and class. Sepia, cream and snowflakes combine to offset your darling family photo. (Here, a cute mother-daughter photo works well with the design!)

If neither of these suit your fancy, and you happen to be a dog person, then there is of course the perennial favorite…Naughty or Nice?


Naughty or Nice? Postage

"Is your dog naughty or nice?": Nice!

Shhh…don’t tell anyone we said so, but you can use pictures of children for this stamp as well! Of course, in this case, “Nice” would always be checked:


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