2016 Current Postage Rates

Here are the 2016 postage stamp rates from the USPS. (These decreased in April of 2016).

All stamps on the Perfect Postage site are available at the rates shown below:

Type of


Postcard $0.34
1st class up to 1 oz $0.47
1st Class, 1 oz odd or 2 oz $0.68
1st Class, 2 oz odd or 3 oz $0.89
1st Class Large Envelope, 1 oz $0.94
1st Class 3 oz Odd $1.10
1st Class Large Envelope, 2 oz $1.15
1st Class Large Envelope, 3 oz $1.36
1st Class 4 oz $1.57
1st Class Large Envelope, 5 oz $1.78
1st Class Large Envelope, 6 oz $1.99
Priority Mail $6.45
Post Office Standards for Machineable / Non Machineable


new usps stamp prices postcardPostcard Price is 34 cents


New stamp prices first class 2014

First Class USPS Postage is 47 cents

new usps stamp prices square or non machineable

Square or non-machineable surcharge 21 cents



2016 Postage Value Chart

Download the free USPS Postage Rate Chart for your blog

See all thePostage Designs from the USPS at Beyond the Perf .. beautiful images are coming our way!

12 Responses to 2016 Current Postage Rates

  1. athina says:

    Hi I am from South Africa and was wondering if you could deliver to South africa and if you have to have the US postal format on the side, was wanting to just have an image on a postage stamp

    Thank you

  2. george dean says:

    why does postage rates keep going up. yet mail service is worst then it has ever been.
    the forever stamp is the worst idea ever issued. in future collectors will not know what stamp was worth or the true year of stamp.

  3. HI George,

    The forever stamp does have the year on them … so collectors can always go back and see what postage was in that year.

  4. Diane Filer says:

    If I have a bulk mailing of 300 postcards is the price still the same, .32 per card?



  5. Hi Diane

    The custom postage will cost more than the 32 cent postcard stamps at the post office. Each sheet (20 stamps per sheet) would cost $19.45.

  6. Margaret says:

    Hello, what would it cost to mail a letter (1oz) from Oregon to Africa?

  7. Paul Morris says:

    It would be nice if the USPS had a quick link to 1-oz Christmas Card rates, including International destinations.

    It would also be nice if the international destination rates for Christmas cards just required two domestic stamps. (Or some fixed number.) Make things convenient and maybe more people would use USPS.

    Also please round stamp prices to the nearest 5 cents, instead of avoiding round numbers.

    • Hi Paul,

      You may want to send your comments to the USPS – I think they would be interested to hear your thoughts. I am a designer of custom postage – not an employee of USPS. Thanks!

  8. Carolyn Smith says:

    What will the postage rate be for DECEMBER 2016?

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