2011 USPS Christmas Stamp Designs – Something new; something old.

On October 13, the USPS Christmas postage stamp design for 2011 will go on sale.

New USPS 2011 Christmas Stamp

Colorful Holiday Baubles - new 2011 Christmas Stamp


As you can see, the new bright colored foursome of Christmas baubles has a retro look giving us a “something old feeling” in the new design. Linda Fountain, an illustrator from Hilton Head Island, S.C., created these designs which were sketched, rendered with cut paper and then scanned into digital files. These stamps – as with all the new first class issues – are “forever stamps” meaning they can be used for mailings even if postage prices go up in the future.


USPS Christmas Postage stamps available now:

USPS 2011 Christmas Stamp - Raphael

The traditional Christmas stamp being offered by the USPS in 2011 is by one of the great masters of the Italian Renaissance, Raphael. The stamp features a detail from Raphael’s painting, Madonna of the Candelabra, showcasing the Madonna and Child. Just look how amazing [and beautiful!] this is … perfect for your Christmas cards. The best part is that it’s a Forever stamp so if you have some left over, you can still use them if postage prices increase.

Angel with Lute

The striking Angel with Lute stamp from last year is available on the USPS site now at the current .44 first class postage rate for 2011. This lovely artwork features a detail of a fragment from a circa 1480 fresco by Melozzo da Forlí. Although few of Melozzo’s works have survived, his depictions of musical angels have enjoyed newfound popularity.


USPS 2011 Christmas Stamp Angel with Lute

USPS Christmas Stamp Angel with Lute


Madonna and Sleeping Child

The peaceful and lovely Madonna and Sleeping Child postage stamp is also available right now on the USPS site at the current first class 44 cent rate.

USPS Christmas Stamp Madonna and Child

USPS Christmas Stamp Madonna and Child

Pinecones and Evergreen Tree Forever Stamps

The forever pinecone Christmas stamps, introduced last year, ares also available for sale on the USPS site. With four different images of pinecones and evergreens, these stamps go nicely with other mailings in addition to the holidays.

USPS Christmas Stamp Pinecones

USPS Christmas Stamps - forever pinecones


Custom Postage Stamps – featuring old fashioned angels (and a dove!)

Angel stamps are increasingly popular as we’ve had many requests for custom angel designs. So, we are featuring some of our favorite old fashioned Christmas angel designs for this year’s holiday mailings. These custom postage stamps do cost more than the USPS stamps but you can purchase as little as one sheet (20 stamps.) You can also customize these with your own text making your mailings a little more special.

Soft cream and charcoal drawing of angel spreading her wings as she plays a beautiful trumpet. Easy and peaceful drawing make this a perfect choice for your Christmas card mailings.

Two cherubic angels with soft white wings looking lovingly up to the heavens. Holly berry and green Christmas leaves accent the angels.

Three baby angels softly floating in the blue sky with white puffy clouds over their heads. They are intently reading a big re

Lovely white dove with peaceful message holding beautiful purple and blue flowers. Soft and peace loving design – perfect for your holiday mailings.

Delciate angel sitting softly on a crescent moon holding a gold brightly lit star. Beneath her is a snowy country scene. This angel postage stamp will make a great addition to your Christmas cards.

Two white angels with gold trumpets softly playing music in front of a snow filled evergreen tree.

Cherubic angel with soft flowing wings in front of a beautiful gold star. Red holly berries accent this design.

Beautiful angel with soft blue robe ringing a teal Christmas bell. Lovely image for your postage stamps to mail your religious Christmas cards.

White angel holding small Christmas tree is accented against a bright blue sky and holly berry decoration. These Christmas stamps come in sheets of 20 and you can purchase as little as one sheet.

Angel in white robe has three gold bells with red ribbon over her head. Holly berry accents add to this lovely image for religious Christmas stamps.

Still need more designs? Whether you’re looking for modern, old fashioned, Santa or the three wise men, browse thousands of Christmas theme postage stamps. As always, contact us at Perfect Postage if we can help with any of your Christmas or Holiday designs (we love custom requests!)

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18 Responses to 2011 USPS Christmas Stamp Designs – Something new; something old.

  1. Kim says:

    I’ve noticed that the typical USPS religious stamp is very Catholic looking. Is there a possibility, in the future, to offer a stamp with less of a Madonna and Child look and more of a nativity setting, wise men, shepherd or star? Less old world painting. The USPS typical selections don’t have much impact on the evangelical Christians who were not raised in the Catholic church with these kinds of saintly depictions. Just a thought. Thanks for offering me something new every holiday season. I look forward to it.

    • I agree with Kim….We have seen the Catholic stamp every year……Why not one for the other Christians………..the nativity scene, the shepard and a lamb….a cross in the bacground……..I feel that we are being neglected and it would seem that oour stamp should be avalable …intead of a Khswane ? or Hannauk ?? Spelling I am sure is incorrect…HOwever, they are on 2011 stamps..Not even our country………The nativity scene was a delight to see but not at 1.00 per stamp…..So stamp designers next Christmas remember to put a Christian stamp on……….We are a Christian country from the beginning……….

  2. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for the input. There are many options besides the typical USPS selection – here’s a selection of other religious stamps you might enjoy.

  3. Sue says:

    The “Dove of Peace” should be considered as a regular USPS holiday stamp. Very beautiful, very appropriate.

  4. Lisa says:

    so these are available now? 🙂

    • They sure are – you can purchase the new Christmas stamps on the USPS store. https://www.usps.com/

      If you want customized Christmas stamps, you can click on any of those links and it will take you to the page for that particular stamp. If you need custom stamps, just contact us at Perfect Postage! Thanks.

  5. Kathleen D'Amelio says:

    How can I purchase the Holiday Stamp pictured in the top upper right hand corner
    of this page. It is Gold on the top, red on the bottem is vertical and says “Happy Holidays”

  6. Abigail Wrenn says:

    How about the Saint Nicholas charity to the poor stamp? Isn’t that what christmas is all about? Giving to bring joy.

  7. Betty Neamon says:

    I AGREE with the above message! We NEED a Christian Christmas Stamp. It’s LONG overdue. After all, this country’s foundation was built ON CHRISTIANITY! The folks who wish their ‘religion’ on anything, should return to THEIR country to do things THEIR way!! After all, IF we were in THEIR country, we’d HAVE to do things THEIR way!!!

  8. nick says:

    Just what s a catholic stamp????????????
    It does not have
    Imprimi Potest
    Nihil Obsant
    on it any where
    so just know whats what
    and Christ child was not a catholic nor him mother.

  9. Gloria L. says:

    I love the Madonna and baby Jesus stamps. It is about time that they put a stamp with one of the true pictures of Christmas. That is what Christmas is all about. A stamp that says Merry Christmas and Happy New Year would be nice also. I also agree that maybe a stamp with a Nativity scene would be just as beautiful.

  10. Dean S says:

    I find the Peace Dove the most appealing for the holidays .Being a Protestant,I also find most of the samples too Catholic .I just don’t think any stamp should be devoted to any denomination ,but a broad spectrum of every denomination .A choir scene,or children gathered around a Christmas tree ,or some of Norman Rockwell scenes would be more pleasing .

  11. Nancy C says:

    In reply to some of the sadly bigoted comments by so-called Christians: the Catholic Church wisely follows a liturgical year. So as not to cause confusion, the cross is featured during Holy Week and the empty tomb with the Risen Christ at Easter. The Holy Family (or the Virgin Mary and Child) are proper liturgical images for Christmas, and you can see the Wise Men often kissing the foot of the Baby Jesus, which is celebrated at the feast of the Epiphany, which follows Christmas in the liturgical cycle. The orderly progression of the liturgical year is a catechism for all Christians.

    It’s strange that some of the people posting on this site feel that images of the Virgin Mary and Child are somehow not “Christian”. So many of these beautiful images were painted by Catholic artists.

    Finally, “Christmas” – or Christ Mass – was and remains a Catholic feast day – as well as being a celebration of Christ’s birth honored by all Christians. Many post-reformation Christians often refused to celebrate Christmas.

  12. faith white says:

    What beautiful stamps!

  13. Raymond Lindeman says:

    Where can I purchase a supply of the pine cone stamp you have pictured?

    • Hi Raymond,

      I checked the USPS site and they are no longer available for purchase. I also checked Ebay and there are a few (not many listings). The new .45 cent forever stamps do have a selection of Bonsai trees … you can find those at the USPS site.

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