USPS Wedding Postage Designs

While it may be a small detail, it’s so nice to find the right postage stamp to match what’s inside the envelope. Here’s a quick overview of the designs at the United States Post Office for wedding postage that are now available.  Link here for a sneak peak at the remaining 2016 USPS designs.

2016 Forever Stamp:  Old fashioned quilling with a vibrant paper heart

Lime green, aqua blue, deep purple, bright pinks and shades of orange nestled against bright white scrolls will make this vibrant design pop out on your wedding or other special occasion mailings. These stamps are available now at the USPS store.
New USPS Coloroful Forever stamp

 First class and forever!  This lovely vintage illustration of a rose is perfect for bringing an old-fashioned charm to your wedding invitations. This forever stamp will always be the value of first class stamps.  First class forever stamp vintage rose

Forever Stamp … Cut Heart.  Bold and colorful forever stamp with dark red background and pink heart with swirls on all four corners.  Forever stamps are always the value of first class postage – these stamps are available now at the USPS store.

 USPS 2014 Forever stamp in pink and red

Forever Wedding Postage with two white roses … The first forever wedding stamp is lovely with two white roses against a wedding invitation with a white ribbon in the background.

USPS White Roses Wedding Postage


First class WATER LILIES – Love these designs!


FOREVER Love Stamp  (with a seal!). First class under one ounce.


2 ounce Forever Stamps from USPS:  Wedding Cake, Vintage Tulip and I Do!

2 ounce Forever Wedding Cake from the USPS – perfect for square or heavier invitations.

Forever 2 ounce stamp with wedding cake

Two Ounce Vintage Tulip

What’s not to love with this old fashioned illustration of a tulip in soft grays and white.  Forever 2 ounce  stamp is perfect for your wedding invitations!Forever 2 ounce USPS Vintage Tulip Stamp

2 ounce Colorful Yes I Do Stamps

2 ounce forever stamps with swirls and colorsForever USPS Postcard Stamps

The postcard stamp (currently at 34 cents) features 4 different artistic renderings of coastal birds:  the King Eider, the Red Knot, Spoonbill and Frigate Bird.  These postcard stamps are “forever” so you can buy now and your birds will fly on any standard postcard in the future.

Forever Postcard Stamps from USPS

More Forever Stamps:

 2014 Forever Stamps:  Winter Flowers – First class under one ounce
Each of these four USPS winter flower stamps depicts a close-up view —(clockwise from upper left) amaryllis, cyclamen, Christmas cactus, or paperwhite—with detailed and colorful renderings of its blossom and foliage.


USPS 2014 Forever Stamps:  4 winter flowers

LOVE RIBBONS – First class under one ounce.  Bright red background with white satin ribbons spell love on this USPS wedding forever stamp.

USPS Forever Love Stamp with ribbons

First class song birds –

If you’re having a bird theme wedding or other event, these stamps are perfect (and forever songbirds!)



FOREVER – first class under one ounce: CHERRY BLOSSOMS
Lovely two stamp matching set at the first class rate featuring Washington DC’s cherry blossom set. Perfect for a spring wedding or other special occasion.
USPS Forever Stamp:  Cherry Blossoms

FOREVER – first class under one ounce:  FERNS
Each of the five stamps depicts a close-up photograph of a different species of fern. The shapes and textures of the fronds stand out against a stark white background, highlighting the placement of the leaflets along each fern’s stem.   These would make lovely stamps for a winter or green theme special occasion. However, make sure it’s a HUGE occasion because these come in a minimum of 3000 (coiled stamps)
USPS 2014 Forever Stamp:  Ferns

Year of the Ram – Forever Stamp for 2015 – first class under one ounce. -The year of the ram stamp showcases the Chinese new year with a candy tray with an assortment of dried fruits and candies for a sweet beginning. Beautiful flowers and birds accent the design.

Year of the Horse – Forever Stamp for 2014 – first class under one ounce – Love the colors on these stamps … the delicate pink flowers look dramatic against the dark black background. You can see an outline of a gold horse in the upper left.  One of our favorites in the lunar new year series!
USPS 2014 Year of the Horse Forever Postage Stamp

FLORIDA FLOWER FOREVER STAMP – 1st class under one ounce ..BEAUTIFUL!
usps Florida Forever flowers

NEON FOREVER STAMP – 1st class under one ounce …It’s hot, hot, hot!
Brilliantly colored images of swirls, circles and dashes in pink, blue, orange, yellow and green seem to erupt from the ground to illuminate the darkness. The letters of the word “Celebrate” are shaking it up mamba style in the hot bright white light.



If these designs don’t suit your taste – or you’re looking for personalized postage, please visit Perfect Postage and we’ll create a design just for you!

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  1. Evone Stephens says:

    what is the procedure for purchasing these stamps (cinderella)

    • Hi Evone,

      To purchase the Cinderalla stamp, just click on the stamp and you’ll go to an order page. You can then choose the size (small, medium or large), the denomination, and the number of sheets you want. Each sheet holds 20 stamps. Once you enter your contact and payment information, the stamps will be shipped directly to you in about 7 to 10 days (you can pay extra for expedited shipping). If you still have questions, email me at


  2. Evone Stephens says:

    What is the procedure for purchasing the stamps.

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  4. Tami Willoughby says:

    Can you get the LOVE RIBBONS stamp in .66

  5. April Johnson says:

    Do the forever rose ones come in medium or just small?

  6. Mary Jane says:

    I need $1.19 stamps for my daughter’s wedding invites. Do you have any of these?

    • Yes, we can provide $1.19 stamps. In fact, any of the stamps on the website at can be changed to $1.19. Just click on the stamp, then select the value from the drop down menu that says “Choose Rate”. You’ll see the $1.19 value in the list and simply select that to change it. If you need a custom design, just let me know. I’ll be glad to create one for your daughter’s wedding invitations. Annie @

  7. kelly says:

    Are the Garden of Love – Forever Stamps still available for purchase?

  8. Wow! All the pictures are very beautiful..Where did you collect from?

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