Monogram Wedding Postage Stamps

A single pink rose bud lays elegantly in the corner of the monogram "A" wedding postage stamp, with a brushed peach and pink background. This stamp is sweet and elegant.

Monogram stamps are among our top sellers - and it's no wonder, when they're at once personal and classic wedding symbols.

Select your initial to see a variety of postage designs specifically for your monogram initial:

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Monogram Stamp Template

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With this monogram template stamp, you can literally change this design a million different ways.

Change the background color, border color, font, font size, denomination, orientation, size ... add a picture, change the text, change the initial - whatever you want.

Your color choices are blue, green, orange, aqua, yellow, gold, silver, brown, chocolate, hot pink, lipstick red, caramel, cherry red, sky blue, spring green, tiffany blue, seriously gold, blueberry, pepperoni, mushroom, eggyolk yellow, strawberry red, hay colored gold, sky blue, sage green, earthy brown, light toast, bright white, oatmeal, cream, siren red, purple, mauve, gray, charcoal gray, tan, beige, black, ... you get the idea.

Font choices include: scripty, scrolly, plain, wedding, ornate, grunge, old fashioned, antique, circular, script, elegant, casual, roman, gothic, ... whatever font fits your mood!

Monogram Postage Designs

Many of the following monogram postage stamps can be customized with your own initial, by clicking on the image and using the "Customize It!" tool. Please contact us if you can't personalize it, or simply want your own custom monogram postage design!

An ethereal, soft cream rose is the romantic background for this monogram letter "A" postage stamp, featuring brown script text.

Charcoal gray and deep black are the background of these small square monogram postage stamps, which also feature a light ash gray, script initial "A".

A swirly script A, with curves that are delicate and strong by turns, is the worthy focus of this simple but classy black and white, small square monogram stamp.

A brushed deep purple and blue background frames a dark eggplant purple box, holding a simple, subtly calligraphic white monogram initial "A".

A calligraphic, white script monogram letter "A" is a great match for a brushed purple and blue background in these monogram postage stamps.

This monogram stamp features deep blue, script letter "A" against a soft background of painted swirls in blue, mint, and green.

A big, bold monogram "A" in deep brown is set against a subtle sunset palette or orange and yellow, with faded writing, in this square monogram stamp.

A simple script monogram "A" is set against a beautiful and pure white, full rose close-up, in these monogram USPS postage stamps.

A shy pink rosebud peeps sweetly into the corner of this vintage cream and pink monogram postage design, featuring brown script.

These vintage black and white damask patterned postage stamps feature an ornate grunge script monogram initial, perfect for Victorian themed weddings.

This names and initial monogram stamp in black, white and grey by monogramgallery is impressively, simply chic.

This monogram "A" and first names postage stamp by monogramgallery features a strong, solid, serif monogram initial paired with a handwriting font.

These black and white ornate lettering stamps look like they're from an old manuscript or book, updated for contemporary couples to crisp black and white.

This black and white with light silver classic monogram stamp, with an ornate floral damask pattern, looks stunning on dark envelopes.

This red pinstripe postage stamp is perfect for the holidays! Or for bright red weddings. This monogram postage will add a burst of cheer and color to your envelope.

Dark green background with oval and couple's initial and wedding date below. Customize this wedding stamp with your own monogram and date.

A red damask pattern is the background for a black oval with the bride and groom's names in script - easy to customize with just one click.

Elegant monogram damask postage design in pink and gray. Easily change to your own initial with just one click!

These US Postal Stamps feature a black and white vintage damask design. Just select the stamp and enter your own custom monogram initial.

Elegant damask stamps in black and white with bright red square to showcase the ornate initial. See more Damask Postage

Black postage stamp featuring a monogram initial "S" in white script font, with thin and swirly flourishes. Available in all initials!

This monogram postage features a cocoa brown background with a pink script monogram initial "A", and a vintage frame with flourish elements.

A perfect and beautiful double white rose makes for an elegant postage stamp, and a fancy beveled monogram initial "A" only adds to the elegance.

A Christmas Monogram: This postage design with a star, Christmas evergreen trees, red swirls, and green accents is perfect for holiday weddings.

This wondrous winter postage design features an icy script monogram letter "A" with beads, snowy evergreens, and a wintry flurry against a deep blue background.

A simple, white letter "A" is set against a beautiful blue and purple background of painting style brush strokes in these monogram postage stamps.

This wedding stamp features a script, cream monogram "A" is framed by a beaded circle of dark green and white, against a swirly damask background in shades of green.

A carefree script initial "A" is dark green against a cream background, framed with green grunge floral elements and beading in this nature inspired wedding postage.

This monogram postage is simple and chic, with a pale cream script monogram "A" set against a plain cocoa brown background, accented with thin cream frames.

These emerald green formal monogram stamp, with an elaborate script initial, are perfect for Irish weddings. See more Irish wedding designs

This funky and fresh monogram postage design with cocoa colored stripes, a multi-colored flower and polka dots in peach and cream can be personalized with your own initial.

A mauve letter "A" is in a simple handwriting script against a paintbrushed background of white, pink and red in these monogram wedding stamps.

These fancy black and white monogram stamps with a thin red accent feature a classic serif letter "A" and a contemporary polka dot, gray and black background.

A serene gray, elaborate script monogram "A" is set against a sage green, delicate floral patterned background in these square, small postage stamps.

A white hydrangea bouquet looks fresh and lively with green pin stripe accent box and monogram. Perfect stamp for spring mailings.

Fall colors of deep pink and orange gold make these two daisies resplendent with friendly beauty, while a white "A" matches the rest of this monogram stamp perfectly.

An aqua background of overlapping rectangles is textured like crinkled paper, while you can customize a monogram "A" with your own last initial.

A script monogram "A" and script couple's names can be personalized with your own details in these red and pink wedding postage stamps.

Lovely lavender and lilac, blue and green are the serene colors of this custom postage, with monogram and names in deep aubergine.

A cream scroll flourish lies below script text that you can personalize with your own names and monogram initial, against a rich, elegant background of sky and ocean blue.

A rich, textured background of sage and forest green and gold make this template versatile for any custom text. Easily change monogram for your own custom monogram postage.

Peach, amber, and brown are the colors of the textured, parchment background of overlapping rectangles in this wedding postage, with a script monogram that you can customize yourself.

A soft pink flower swirls gently into an opaque banner displaying a chocolate brown, script monogram initial "A", in this vertical wedding postage stamp.

Customize this stamp a million different ways! Here shown as pink, blue and grey with grunge and engraving style fonts, you can personalize it with your wedding fonts and colors.

Black, silver and white damask and stripe patterns are accented with a red bar. Easily change initial to your own and/or add whatever text you like.

A chocolate brown, script letter "M" is highlighted within a beaded oval, set against a cream and white lacy damask background in these monogram postage stamps.

An elegant script monogram initial is set above names in a lovely handwriting font in these simple black and white wedding postage stamps.

Black and white damask is the ornate background for this monogram wedding postage, with a red accent and last initial "M" in a script font.

Tiffany blue and chocolate brown are such a chic and contemporary wedding color scheme in this monogram stamp, featuring a beaded oval, and a fluttering wedding veil.

Classic marble monogram postage design featuring last initial, two names, and date of wedding or related event. Perfect for fancy or elegant weddings.

This custom monogram design features a script initial "M", a gray and silver floral damask background, and black and white frames for a classically fancy look.

A super scripty last initial is paired with elegant handwritten names in this simple, stylish black and white wedding postage.

This cocoa and chocolate brown wedding postage stamp features a customizable initial with shadow, and a fancy scroll element.

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