Bridal Shower Postage & Postcards

Perfect Postage offers beautiful Bridal Shower postage designs, many with matching postcard invitations. If you need a custom design, don't hesitate to contact us!

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This swirly blue and green design creates the perfect blend of cuteness and whimsy in these Wedding Shower postcard invitations and matching postage stamps.

A beautiful pink lily is the focus of these sweet, customizable Bridal Shower postcard invites, which you can personalize by adding your own name. Matching lily postage is available!

A soft pink pastel design with hearts, swirls, script, and polka dots makes for a truly lovely bridal shower postcard invitation, with matching postage.

These pretty, sweet white hydrangea flowers are the focus of this soft white and pin stripe green bridal shower design. Matching postcard invites and postage stamps are sure to impress!

This fun and lively pink and cream bridal shower invite design features energetic hearts, elegant swirls, fancy sparkles and faded handwriting. The matching stamp features a close-up of one of the hearts!

Bridal Shower Postage Stamps

This cute and stylish bridal shower postage features a pink umbrella against a deep blue sky with puffy white clouds, while falling around it is a "shower" of red hearts.

"Bridal Shower" is written in swirly, girly white script against a brushed deep and hot pink background in these eye catching bridal shower stamps.

This purple and white bridal shower stamps features delicate floral elements and "Bridal Shower" in a sophisticated Art Deco style font against a jewel tone, purple background.

This bridal shower postage is for the bride-to-be who loves flowers! White roses, pink roses, and peach roses all come together in bouquets and close-ups to create a beautiful and colorful flower collage.

Beautifully artsy, this purple iris bridal shower postage features an artistic crop of a painted purple iris flower, with script font and a pop of friendly yellow.

A soft, perfect cream rose is the focus of these bridal shower postal stamps, which also feature elegant brown script. Simple, pretty, and feminine, these stamps are sure to get noticed!

Feel the love with these heart-infused bridal shower USPS postage stamps! "Bridal Shower" in dark pink script is surrounded by a cloud of overlapping, translucent pink hearts.

A colorful, vibrantly elegant calla lily bouquet against a warm reddish brown is the focus of these beautiful, customizable stamps. Personalize them by adding the bride-to-be's name!

These fun and friendly Bridal Shower stamps feature a green sign with "Bridal Shower" in fancy script, against a cream and background of verdant, springtime floral and leaf elements.

More Bridal Shower Postcard Invitations with Matching Postage

This fresh and modern bridal shower invitation design features slender poppies spotlighted against a silver gray background in the midst of a rain shower. Customize the back with your own invitation wording, and mail it with matching custom postage!

These colorful bridal shower postcard invitations feature tropical flowers in bright rainbow colors, shooting rain, and swirls of small white flowers. Matching bridal showerstamps are also available.

Lush greenery is the theme of these shower invitations, featuring vines, flowers and ferns. Add your own message, bridal shower details, and custom stamp to the back of these postcards!

This simple and pretty bridal shower design features palest lilac purpe and green stripes, together with swirly floral elements framing "Bridal Shower" in purple script. Customize the back of these postcard invites with your own message and postage!

These fun pink bridal shower stamps show rows of hearts floating in the wind. Add your own wedding shower date, time, location, and gift registry (if you have one!) to the back of these postcards! Then consider matching custom postage to unify the design.

These customizable bridal shower invites can be changed to reflect the bride to be's name. A classic gray and black background ties in well with a soft cream bridesmaid or wedding dress in both the postcards and postage stamps.

This "Couples Shower" postage featuring a vintage, old-fashioned 1920s style couple in wedding attire against a collage style background. These stamps and postcards are perfect for those couples where both bride and groom want to be involved in the wedding shower!

Beautiful white flowers with soft, gentle petals and blue berries are joined with a light blue pinstripe accent bar to create pretty and pleasing bridal shower invitations. Customize the postcards with the bride to be's name, and personalize the matching postage with the couple's names - too cute!

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