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Save the Date! The perfect way to announce your upcoming wedding. Save-the-Date mailings should be sent three to four months before the wedding. If you're having a destination wedding, you may want to send them a little earlier.

Many of the stamps below are shown with matching Save the Date magnets, a cute and fun way to make sure your wedding date gets noticed!

   These magnets are made from recycled materials!

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Save the Date Stamps & Magnets

This section features designs that are available on both postage and magnets, for a unified look to your save the date correspondence. Postage is featured above the description, while the matching magnet is shown below the description.

A deep eggplant purple is the background for a script "Save the Date" and a white wedding cake topped with roses in this wedding design. More wedding cake postage.

A soft, elegant peach rose background with a sheer accent banner and customizable script text. Make it your own by adding a wedding date or your names!

A single red rose lies dramatically on a cream background, framed and placed on a black border, while "Save the Date" is written in elegant swirly script.

An ethereally soft cream rose, bathed in gentle golden lighting, is the undeniably beautiful focus of this rose wedding design. More flower wedding stamps.

A double pink rose is the background for a tan banner with faded edges and the text "Save the Date", and an area for personalizing with your own wedding date.

A bouquet of fresh peach roses and baby's breath is timeless and elegant, while a brown banner bears the text "Save the Date". The magnet can be customized with your wedding day.

This postage and magnet save the date design features a soft pink flower with swirling petals, a sheer accent banner, and chocolate brown text.

The center of a single red rose is the focal point of this Save the Date design, and is perfectly complemented by a black accent banner.

Two soft brushed hearts, purple and blue, nestle together inside a grunge frame in this artistic design, which can be customized with your wedding date or text.

This cute and whimsical postage and magnet design features hearts of pink, red and purple budding on stems, like flowers. This design can be personalized with your own date.

Brown, tan and burgundy come together in this Save the Date, featuring outlined hearts, gently textured stripes, and an accent bar. Add your own wedding day!

This dark red and burgundy Save the Date features white text and, in the corner, a bouquet of soft pink flowers. Easily customize with your own wedding date.

Wedding scrapbook design with a candle, calla lilies, wedding rings, and a rose. The magnet has "Wedding Time" in script. Customize the magnet and postage with your wedding date!

Two hearts intertwine against a burst of swirls and flourishes at the junction of two ribbons, highlighting a space on the sage green background that you can personalize yourself.

Love on the beach: one of Perfect Postage's most popular designs. Two hearts are inscribed on a sandy beach, while a blue wave recedes into the ocean. Add your own wedding day!

A tropical palm tree is silhouetted against a deep blue ocean and a brilliant sunset. This design is perfect for those with beach destination weddings!

A vintage couple in 1920s style walks together against a brown and white background, while "Save the Date" is written in Art Deco style thin text. Add your wedding date to the magnet!

An ornate, detailed floral damask background sets this black and cream "Save the Date" design apart. Easily personalize the magnet with your day.

A simple border of classic red hearts is the theme of this design. Add your own wedding date and text to the cream background of the postage and magnet.

This white and blue design is suave and chic, with playful floral elements and simple script. Add your wedding date to the brilliant blue, satiny background.

An explosion of charming pink hearts is the imaginative background of this cute pink and white "Save the Date!" design. More wedding postage with hearts.

An evocative lighthouse on the coast of an endless blue ocean is the focus of this nautical "Save the Date" design, which you can customize with your names and wedding date.

Two beautiful swans are mirrored around a simple, drawn red heart in this navy and white postage stamp and magnet - personalize both with names and a wedding day!

A metallic gold, Irish claddagh symbol rests against a pale cream background. Make the magnet custom by adding your own names and wedding date!

Save the Date - just postage

This Save the Date postage, for an August wedding, has a variety of red and pink hearts, one for each month, and then two striped hearts nestling together to symbolize a couple's love.

This beach themed "Save the Date!" postage stamp features two hearts drawn intertwining in the sand by the ocean, while a bright yellow flower peeks in at the corner.

A flowering tree bursts into pink bloom in an outdoor setting in this nature lover's postage stamp, which can easily be customized with your own names and wedding date.

A group of sweet, friendly pink and orange poppies on tall stems give a spring time feel to this "Save the Date" wedding stamp.

In this Save the Date postage, a rainbow of paint strokes, from iris purple and medium pink to yellow orange and bright green

A sweeping view of a red and white, charming lighthouse against a sparkling, brilliant blue ocean, is the focus of this sea themed wedding postage.

Deep red hearts float on a dark pink background in this sophisticated and delightful "Save the Date" postage stamp.

A pale rainbow in blush pink and ice blue is joined with an elegant script "Save the Date", with enough room to personalize with your own wedding date and/or names.

A grunge green border of floral elements and swirls frames deep, customizable forest green text on a warm cream background.

This dark red "Save the Date" stamp glows with sophistication and text, with white flowers and leafy branches.

This dark royal blue and white postage features butterflies, grungey floral elements and "Save the Date!" in white script.

Save the Date postage for a July wedding: a variety of hearts symbolize each month, leading up to July, in this pink and red stamp.

Save the Date - just magnets

This Save the Date magnet has a flower child feel to it, with "save the date" filled with colorful florals, and it's personalizable with your own names and wedding date!

This one is for the musicians in love: two red hearts, sheet music and a treble clef come together in this beautiful red and caramel magnet.

Swirls and hearts form sweeping motions in this Save the Date magnet, which you can customize with your own names and/or wedding date.

These custom save the date magnets feature two simple, intertwined hearts and floral borders, all in shades of cream and tan.

This deep eggplant and plum purple save the date magnet features borders of hearts, and plenty of space to personalize with your wedding day.

This magnet, in fall colors of burnt orange and golden yellow, features a script "Save the Date" and a scroll flourish. Add your names and/or wedding date!

A circular save the date magnet features two intertwined, pink tulips against a glass background, and a customizable wedding date.

This aubergine purple and cream save the date magnet has swirly floral elements, and a frame for your names and wedding date.

Customize this magnet with your own names! The simple design features two intertwining gold hearts and golden script font.

A stately calla lily rises beautifully against a plain black background in this "Save the Date" magnet, with a customizable wedding day.

Customize this floral Save the Date magnet, featuring a close-up of a tropical flower, with your own names and wedding date.

This Save the Date focuses on the swirly center of a pristine plumeria flower, with personalizable script text.

Two sailboats with stripey sails, one pink and one blue, sail in blue water on a clear sunny day, and is customizable with your own names or wedding date.

Two silver hearts intertwine above names and a wedding date in this Save the Date postage, on a cream background with rustic floral borders in charcoal grey.

This blue and green Save the Date magnet features whimsical floral elements and script text, which can be customized with your own wedding day.

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