City Themed Wedding Postage

The iconic Empire State Building rises dramatically above the New York skyline in this view from mid-Manhattan looking south.

The image has been given dappled tones of sapphire, turquoise, amethyst and cream, resulting in a dreamy, surreal effect. The dusky grunge background suggests an evening affair, perfect for a couple with a New York City wedding and reception.

This NYC wedding postage features a couple's names in a font that is at once contemporary and suggestive of 1920s art deco. Perfect Postage offers FREE Customization on all wedding stamps and cards!

New York City Weddings

It's the city that never sleeps...from Manhattan to Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island to the Bronx, this city is truly a unique American treasure. Show that you NY with our New York City themed wedding stamps!

Shimmering night lights on the Brooklyn Bridge - perfect stamps for a Manhattan NY wedding. Your guests will love the extra touch on your invites or thank you notes!

Dark blue sky against the Manhattan, NY skyline. Christie wanted to light up her name in the sky and added her wedding date. If you would like custom wedding stamps, contact us and we'll create one just for you!

Lovely sunset with lower Manhattan NY skyline. Clipper style sailboat gliding in the water with New York spelled out on the stamp. Perfect postage for any special NYC party event!

Whether you're getting married in the Bronx or Manhattan, this striking photograph of the Brooklyn Bridge at dusk will make a dramatic statement on your party invitations.

The soft green of Central Park grass and gently arching trees makes for a beautiful NYC themed postage stamp, for anyone who loves Central Park.

This bright red and brown NYC skyline postage will certainly make a loud, bold statement.

This cute and clever Brooklyn wedding postage by CeciNewYork references both the Brooklyn Cyclones and Coney Island roller coasters, while proclaiming "We're taking the plunge!"

Sweet and simple New York skyline postage, in shades of strawberry pink and cream. This wedding postage by TheKnot can be customized with your name, wedding date, or other custom message.

Another New York postage winner by CeciNewYork, we just love this stylish, black and white postage, evocative of the lights of Broadway, with "New York" in spirited handwriting across the top.

Paris Weddings

Ooh la la...this French capital is known as the city of love and fashion. To all those whose hearts ache with the beauty and charm of Paris, we present our line of Paris themed postage:

The Eiffel tower takes center stage with floating hearts and a soft pink and crea background. Add your names or wedding date to ths romantic Paris wedding stamp.

A thinner, more stylized rust-colored Eiffel Tower is the focus of this Paris postage - with "Paris" written in script on a cream banner against a soft, textured background.

"Paris in bloom": Blooming flowers line the back alleys, spilling into the brick path, in this artist's view of Paris.

Two hearts in Paris is the theme of this romantic love postage - two bright red hearts cluster with a red Eiffel Tower against parchment, lace and pearls.

"Amour" in elegant, swirly script, with two small hearts on an ivory banner against a pink and cream distressed background, with a rose pink Eiffel Tower.

Passport to Paris! This postage has a scrapbook look, between the celadon background of faded handwriting and beading, "Amour" in fun handwriting, and "PARIS" in block letters.

This chocolate and lilac Paris Save the Date postage by SBCSTUDIO features a vintage Eiffel Tower with distressed floral accents.

These charming Paris postage stamps by SweetRascal feature pleasant clouds, stylized birds, customizable text and a view of the Eiffel Tower looking up.

"La Vie est Belle" - Life is Beautiful. This is exactly the sort of sentiment you want to communicate on your wedding day, and you can with this lovely typographic postage by TheLoveShop.

Las Vegas Weddings

Are you lucky in love? Are you getting married in Vegas? Did you already elope and get married in Vegas and are sending out wedding announcements to your family and friends? Whatever your story, we've got the Vegas themed postage for you!

A watercolor version of the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign that will certainly add a fun touch to your Vegas wedding invitations.

Here's a vintage old fashioned look with soft pink flowers and a cream colored background. The Las Vegas sign says "Married" in fabulous Las Vegas. Great for the couple who want to share their Vegas news.

Here's an old fashioned cream and burgundy stripe that compliments the fabulous showy Las Vegas Nevada sign. RSVP postage also available to match.

An old fashioned version of the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign that will certainly add a fun touch to your Vegas wedding invitations.

Here's a great photo of the Las Vegas sign by day with palm trees and blue sky. Of course, the "Welcome" has been replaced by "Wedding". Perfect wedding stamps for your Las Vegas Wedding.

Las Vegas at night - Wedding stamps for your Las Vegas wedding with a sleek black background.

This cute take on the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign by SpicyTree_Weddings has customizable bride & groom text above a "Married in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada" sign

This showy Vegas wedding postage features shimmery gold with two small hearts - perfect for the Las Vegas bride ... great for invitations or save the date mailings.

Another clever version of the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign by vegasdusoleil, this postage has a sunny background of pink flowers with the sign reading "Wedding in Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada".

San Francisco Weddings

I left my San Francisco. If you're getting married in beloved San Francisco, California, we've got some postage for you!

The Golden Gate Bridge is truly one of the world's most beautiful bridges. With its tremendous towers and huge sweeping cables, it is a sensory feast for the eyes.

Another Golden Gate Bridge shot, this time just after sunset, with the bridge lit up for the night. Perfect postage for your evening San Francisco wedding or other special event.

This cute postage of heart-shaped rocks off the San Francisco coast by dlgray states "Love Rocks!"

San Diego Weddings

Looking for San Diego themed wedding stamps?

The beautiful San Diego skyline at night ... this with a colorful sunset of orange, red and yellow with the city name of San Diego in a strong san serif font.

Another San Diego California evening shot, this time just after sunset, with the skyline lit up for the night. Perfect postage for your evening San Diego special event.

A hazy purple sky hangs over this San Diego skyline ... with an artistic finish. These will make great stamps for your wedding envelopes!

Other Cities and City Themed Wedding Postage

More cities, and city-related wedding postage, is available from Perfect Postage. Seattle, New Orleans, Kansas City, London, and Istanbul all make an appearance!

This Seattle themed Save the Date postage in tones of Sepia and brown features a vintage map faded in the background, and a Seattle skyline photo screened on the right border.

We had to give a shoutout to Perfect Postage's home city of Kansas City, Missouri! Beautiful flowers hang before the Spanish-style architecture on the Plaza.

We just love this romantic London Save the Date postage by Jamene. The dancing bride and groom are just too cute, and the tree in the foreground makes a perfect contrast with the London skyline.

A generic but visually powerful cityscape dominates this RSVP city postage by thebirthdayshop, in aubergine, white and gold.

"New Orleans Wedding" floats in script over a showy, sparkly gold fleur-de-lis in this maroon New Orleans wedding postage.

A stylistic silhouette of a characteristic Istanbul mosque, surrounded by flying birds, a white crescent moon, and a brilliant blue starburst.

What a lovely night time skyline shot of Austin Texas. With the lights shimmering on the calm lake. A transulcent accent bar is the perfect spot for you to add your names, wedding date or other text to this perfectly Texan postage stamp.

The beauty and majesty of the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas is captured with a lovely night time shot.

London's Tower Bridge at night is the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding postage stamps. London Wedding is shown in script font on the front of the stamp.

St Louis Arch with a nice artistic effect. Easily edit this design to include your name, wedding or anniversary date or other special details. The famous St. Louis arch postage stamp will look fantastic for any St. Louis event or party.

Gateway to the West - St Louis, Missouri famous arch during the evening with a lovely purple sky and St. Louis skyline.

In South Wales, you'll find the famous worm's head ... a small a spur of rock jutting out into the Bristol Channel from Rhossili Bay, on the Gower Peninsula, South Wales. If you're having an event in Wales ... wedding, anniversary or other occasion, this is a perfect postage stamp for your mailings.

Don't see your city?

If you're interested in getting postage designed to show off the city that you love, don't hesitate to let us know!

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