Damask Wedding Postage

Let Perfect Postage create the perfect damask postage designs for your wedding invitations, save the date and thank you notes.

Whether you're looking for elegant black and white or postage with a pop of color, we can create the damask design stamps you're looking for.

Featured: Damask Parisienne - Fiery Punk Rock Wedding Postage. This design is available in a variety of colors.

A floral damask design in cream and ivory is the background for this wedding postage stamp, with "Wedding" in black script.

An extravagant silver and grey damask pattern is framed in black and white, with an ornate script capital letter "A". More letters are available on our monogram page.

A vibrant red ribbon bears a couple names over a bold black and white damask background.

The damask background in this postage is intricate and detailed, with a capital letter and a couple's names framed in black and white in this wedding logo style stamp. Get this design customized!

A couple's names are written in white script on a gray or silver oval with a beaded border, all over a delicate silver and white damask design.

A silver and white damask pattern is faintly inscribed in the background, behind an elegant capital "H" monogram.

A couple's names in silver script against a dark periwinkle blue oval, all over an elaborate blue and white damask pattern.

A silver gray and white damask border decorates the bottom of this red wedding postage stamp, with a couple's names written in friendly script font above.

A fancy black oval bears a couple's names in white script, over a deep red damask background.

"Love" is written in script font with an elaborate capital "L" on a gray blue oval over an incredibly ornate blue and white damask design.

A couple's names in swirly wedding fonts are written on a charmingly vintage brown frame, with a wedding date below, all against a bright green floral damask. Perfect for the eco-friendly wedding!

A bold blue and ivory damask design pops out of this monogram wedding postage, which also bears a script letter "P" on a deep royal blue frame.

For the Francophiles, a stylized Eiffel Tower rises against a background of swirls and damask, in cream and honeysuckle pink.

In this black, white and silver postage, the Eiffel Tower looks as though it was hand drawn with ink!

A bold fall palette of orange, cream and brown is the order of the day for this "Damask Parisienne" wedding postage.

Damask Wedding Postage Sets

Script lettering against a gray and ivory damask background gives this design a vintage look. Available with "Love", "Wedding", "RSVP", or your monogram initial! Just let us know!

Pale pink a white floral damask with a soft cream banner make for sweet and romantic wedding postage stamps. Available with "Wedding", your own names, and "I Do!"

This floral damask design looks beautiful in pastel blue and white. Available with "Wedding" or a couple's names in white script font on a deep blue banner, or as a customizable sticker!

Chocolate brown and cream bring out a bit more contrast in the floral damask design. These classy chocolate designs evoke the outdoors and vineyards. Available with "Wedding", your names, or "I Do!" in script wedding font.

Seafoam or sage green is the perfect color for this damask design, available with "Wedding", your names, or "I Do!" in script wedding font.

Vintage Lace Damask Design

This series of damask designs delicately balances simplicity with complexity, contemporary designs inspired by old-fashioned floral damask.

Featured: A striking and exotic damask border, reminiscent of lace, curls and sweeps in dappled, shimmering and fading shades of sweet lilac, up to a diamond-studded edge in this fully personalizable Save the Date.

Beyond this, against a softly textured, flecked and speckled warm cream background, the wedding announcement wording will make a bold statement, alternating between timeless all caps and classy touches of script, in deep brown.

Easy to customize!

Need special customization? Let us know!

Customize this postage with your own names and wedding date! Lilac and cream make for a sweet and pretty color palette.

This small, square postage stamp features a beautifully ornate damask design in stunning lilac purple and vintage cream.

The jeweled blue in these damask wedding stamps is exquisite! Add your own names and wedding date to make this stamp custom!

If beautiful blue and cream are your wedding colors, then this is the damask postage for you!

A pale, icy blue damask border offsets customizable script text. Change to your own names and wedding date for custom postage!

This shimmery damask pattern of palest blue is stunning against a parchment cream background.

Personalize these bright gold and cream damask postage stamps with your own names and wedding date!

Bright, fiery gold seems to shine against a creamy background in these lovely, lacy damask square postal stamps.

Customize this "wedding logo" postage with your own names and wedding date! Sweet pink damask forms a pretty border.

Beautiful, summery pink is the color of this fabulous damask pattern against a warm cream background.

Customize these deep aubergine purple and cream, vintage damask stamps with your own name and wedding date!

A deep aubergine purple is bold and stunning in ornate damask against a pale cream background in these vintage wedding stamps.

Bright scarlet red is the accent color of these vintage, textured customizable wedding postage stamps!

This small, square postage will make a big impression with an elaborate, bright red damask pattern.

Bright, foresty green is paired with a warm, deep brown in these truly beautiful damask postage stamps. Customize with your own names and wedding date!

These nature inspired damask postage stamps feature a shimmery green against a deep chocolate brown - lovely!

Shiny gold damask looks rich and elegant against a clean white background in these small wedding stamps.

This floral damask design looks striking in red and white in these fancy wedding postage stamps.

Aubergine purple, a popular wedding color, doesn't disappoint in these ornate damask wedding stamps!

A pale lilac purple shot through with notes of cream is stunning in this vintage damask design.

An intricate, shimmering, vibrant emerald green damask pattern sets this wedding postage apart.

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