Wedding Hearts Postage Stamps

What better way to showcase your wedding envelopes than with a unique heart design.

Whether you're looking for a tone that is soft and romantic, or bold and colorful, you're sure to find a design to match your theme.

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Two soft golden hearts lean against each other while "I do!" is written in lively script above, and the "Love is patient, love is kind..." quote is faded in script in the background.

Two stylized golden hearts against a warm gold sunset background, and "LOVE" on a burgundy banner on the side, make for simply romantic wedding postage.

One wooden heart cut-out glows against a deep red background, with "love" in a whimsical font, in these heart themed wedding stamps. More "Words of Love" wedding postage.

A "True Love" postage stamp featuring two soft, stripey red hearts against a brushed gold background.

"Love is Patient, Love is Kind" proclaims the banner on this heart wedding postage, which also shows two intertwining red hearts.

A soft deep pink heart adds charm to this "Our Wedding Day" postage, with the text "Please join us" and an area to customize with your own initials, names, or wedding date.

Two hearts become one in this sweet wedding postage which proudly states what it's all about: "And the two shall become one."

This scrapbook style heart collage stamp creates a fanciful, yet harmonious array of heart patches in shades of red, pink and cream.

Rustic meets modern in this simple red and white heart stamp: a red heart unites the names of a couple in elegant script, with two red floral flourishes decorated with leaf accents.

This old-fashioned wedding postage features a shiny, deep red heart, and the word "LOVE" on a sweeping cream banner.

Two candy hearts say "I do" against a red and white background of swirls in this postage - too sweet for words!

A simple heart border provides the basis for your own custom wording or photo in this red and cream wedding stamp design.

Script "Love" on a striped pink heart, with swirls, hangs on a string against a background of snowflakes and sparkles, with a cream love letter in the corner.

A script "Lucky in Love" decorates a pastel pink and white gradient background, with a pure white, soft heart in the corner, in this heart themed wedding postage.

This postage with a shiny pink heart and "Our Wedday Day" in script, can be customized with your own wedding date, all against a brushed, pastel pink background.

This beautiful vintage heart stamp features a cream heart, outlined in swirls, attached to a string against a background of handwriting faded on dusky blue and dark pink.

Two fancy white hearts intertwine below a sheer purple banner reading "Please Join Us" against a fuschia and dark pink background in this heart wedding stamp.

A white heart rests softly in this wedding postage against a brushed pink and white background, with "Here comes the bride"! text above, and "Please join us" below, with room for your own text.

This simple chocolate and pink wedding postage features a repeating heart border at the bottom, with plenty of space for your initials, names, and/or wedding date!

This simple black and white postage stamp features the word "Love" in script wedding font, with a border of somersaulting, confetti-like hearts.

A candle burns serenely in this "Our Wedding Day" postage, which also features a row of hearts, all in soft shades of cream and brown.

This "simply hearts" wedding postage shows two simple pink hearts intertwining, as a symbol of the couple's love, against a white background.

This burnt sienna postage has a great texture and collage look, with two floating hearts, a floral accent, musical notes, and a celtic knot border.

Two intertwined hearts dangle inside a swirl against a deep purple and amber gold background, in this hearts themed wedding stamp.

This glass heart postage is stylish and unique: featuring a burnt gold and burgundy heart design which has been given a unique "glass" look.

A stamp for those getting married (or eloping!) in Vegas, this black postage stamp features a shiny gold "Vegas" with two small golden hearts.

Deep red with faded handwriting is the background for this "Forever" love wedding stamp, which showcases two glowing red hearts as the symbols of a couple's forever love.

Two textured hearts of purple and blue, in a grunge blue and purple frame, are the perfect love postage for your wedding stationery.

Two hand drawn hearts accent the handwritten word "love" against a shimmery, satin, deep royal blue background in this heart wedding stamp.

This winter "LOVE" stamp features snowflakes, sparkles, hearts, and many shades of deep and light blue, with white accents.

A textured, brushed, deep fuschia is the perfect backdrop for "Mr & Mrs" text, with a faded heart, and plenty of space for your own names, initial, or wedding date.

Two silver hearts are supported by ornate, vintage, swirly scrolls with a hint of floral accent, all against a grape purple gradient background.

Two hearts in love: this postage stamp features two pink and cream, blushing hearts, highlighted by a shiny swoop, floating over a handwritten love poem.

"Celebrate!" exclaims this whimsical, fun heart postage stamp, featuring four heart balloons: pink blue, purple and red, with whimsical curling tails.

Hearts of red, bright lavender, and rose pink pop against a brightly colored, glass rainbow background.

"Love is in the air" heart postage featuring two hand drawn, colored pencil hearts, pink and purple, floating in a rainbow sky with puffy white clouds.

A big heart filled with elegant handwriting takes up most of this "love" postage stamp in colors of pink, pale blue and lavender.

Two hand-drawn hearts snuggle against a red and white swirly background filled with hundreds of sparkling stars in this shimmering, romantic heart postage.

This soft pastel heart postage is so romantic; from the textured cream and pink background, to the sweet red heart. Easily add your own text to this design!

This striking green love postage features three green hearts, and, as a delightful contrast, one dark red heart. The word "love" is written in script underneath.

This beautiful, award-winning firefighter stamp features a glowing red background with a faded handwriting, two goldenhearts and the word "firefighter" in elegant script.

Six vintage, scrapbook style hearts with lovely, victorian floral and writing textures, accompany the text "Love is patient, love is kind" in this romantic heart postage stamp.

A polka dot patterned bird perches atop "LOVE" in cream and silver buttons, with a soft gold and pink heart, in this bird lover postage stamp.

An old fashioned dress, wedding cake, hearts and "Be My Love" unite in a scrapbook type look in these vintage wedding stamps.

Two cute love birds sit on a tree branch with gold orange heart and LOVE letters decorating the branch, in these love bird wedding postage stamps.

"L O V E" in green flowery font, against squares of various shades of green, from evergreen to mint, is perfect postage for the green wedding.

Soft colors of pink, gold, tan and cream with one giant, vintage heart. This romantic, victorian stamp is the perfect postage for your wedding, Valentine or special mailings.

A dark red heart, rose and two soft butterflies make this stamp a perfect compliment to your wedding envelopes. You can customize this wedding stamp with your own names.

This Christian wedding postage stamp features two pink and cream hearts and a tan cross, with floral accents, faded writing, and artsy textures.

Show your green wedding style with this natural design wedding postage stamp, featuring the text "Love...naturally" with a penciled white heart.

A simple, sketch-style pink heart is offset by the word "love" in handwriting underneath, in this simple and sweet postage - one heart, one word: love.

This simple red and white, personalized wedding postage features two big red hearts in love with room below to customize bride and groom's names.

Love in Paris: Two big hearts behind the Eiffel Tower - fun French postage any one would love. See more French themed US Postage stamps.

Two simple hearts of gold intertwine, with easy to customize bride and groom's name. Simple, suave and personal!

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Easy-to-customize heart wedding postage: two ribbons are joined by a pair of intertwining hearts, accented with a floral motif. This simple design leaves plenty of room for your own text: names, monogram initials, wedding date, and more! Find your color below:

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