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"Love" themed wedding postage stamps

Soft pastel design incorporates three hearts, heart candles, wedding cake and bridal bouquet into a love design collage. Just one of the many "love" designs from Perfect Postage.

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A shimmery, satin blue is the perfect, understated background for this very simple love postage, featuring the word "love" in white script.

The word "Love" is embraced by a soft white arc, while shiny and shimmering snowflakes fall gently overhead, all against a vibrant red background.

This "love" wedding postage stamp features a brushed burgundy background with notes of pink and red, and a lovely script font.

The word "love" in shiny, fancy, curly script is spotlighted against a dark golden background in these simple and elegant postage stamps.

A silver "Love" looks fantastic against a dark green background, enveloped by a white arc, while snowflakes shimmer gently against a gold background.

An elegant, timeless red rose makes a dramatic statement in the corner of this simple postage, featuring a black background the "love" in white script.

A wooden heart cut-out glows against burgundy and cream, while "love" is written in a light handwriting font to the side.

"Love": a simple, but powerful, statement is made by this single word, written in roman capital letters, against a brushed background of periwinkle, grape purple, and rose pink.

A wooden heart cut-out is paired with "rsvp" to create the perfect cream and chocolate postage for your rsvp return envelopes. More hearts wedding postage.

Two soft golden hearts touch gently against a warm sunset background, with the "Love is patient, love is kind" Bible verse.

This "love" postage evokes wild, open spaces, with a wide sunset sky, a field of wind-blown grass and a bird form flying over elegant letters.

Two hearts, cream and brown, lean against each other against a warm gold sunset sky, streaked with clouds, as "LOVE" is written on a brown accent bar.

This "True Love" wedding postage features two soft red hearts, the romantic symbol of a couple's love, against a golden background.

A giant, tropical, pink and orange flower makes for fun and refreshing wedding postage, with "love" written in understated white.

This simple cream rose, elegantly and eloquently symbolizing pure love, is the focus of this classic wedding postage. More flower wedding stamps.

Two fresh and bright orchids are paired with a simple "love" in white script in these stylish wedding postage stamps.

The graceful petal of a purple and yellow iris unfurls to reveal a script "Love" in this simple, purple floral wedding postage.

A beautiful pink rose is screened in the background of this "Wedding Day" postage, which also features purple wedding script, and two wedding rings.

This calla lily cake postage is a best seller: here paired with "I Do!" to make an animated and expressive statement. More wedding cake postage.

In this postage, the O of "Love" has been replaced by a picture perfect red rose, while passionate handwriting has been faded into the white background.

Two pink water lilies rest atop green lily pads, while "love" is written in white script on the deep blue water in this serene postage stamp.

"Wedding Time" is written in Roman-style all-caps on a sheer white banner against a brushed peach and amber background, perfect for Autumn weddings!

"All you need is love." That's the sentiment expressed in this collage wedding postage, featuring hearts, roses and more, in soft pastel peach and brown.

An artistic, painting style pink background is the perfect complement to a script "Love" and the classic wording: "With this ring, I thee wed."

A pastel rainbow is the background for this simple "Our Wedding Day" postage, which has plenty of room for you to add your own wedding date!

This heart and love postage is just a little bit wild: crazy squiggles and swirls connect starbursts and hearts against deep fuschia.

"Mr & Mrs" proudly proclaims your wedding, with a faded white heart against a brushed fuschia background. There's even room for further customization with your names and/or wedding date!

This patchwork-style postage is so charming: "love" is written in handwriting font on a sheer bar, over an assortment of blue and green patches.

A brushed fuschia and grape purple is the background of this "Love" postage, which also features a faded white heart.

In this red and cream postage, there is a patch for each letter of the word "Love": one of the patches is heart-shaped and attached to a ribbon.

A large heart is filled with lines of handwriting and gently brushes against a simple script "love" against soft pink and blue.

This "Forever" wedding postage stamp features white script and two bright red hearts against a dark burgundy red background.

A simple pink and white postage stamp will make a cute and whimsical statement, with a sketched heart above a simple "love".

This elegant and lovely cream rose is the softly romantic backdrop for a gray accent bar featuring the word "love" in white script.

"Love naturally" is the text on this sage green postage stamp, with accents of pink and white, featuring cute hearts and floral elements.

This charcoal grey and aubergine purple features climbing florals, an accent bar, handwriting elements and the word "Love" in capital letters.

Two pink tulips sweetly intertwine against a blurred glass background as the text "Together Forever" is written in white script on this tulip wedding postage.

These vintage wedding postage stamps feature two hearts, a classic wedding dress and cake, and the word "Love".

"Love" is written in black script on a white square bordered with a vintage floral damask pattern in this cream and black wedding postage. More damask wedding postage.

Two deep purple hearts join together against a gradient background containing hundreds of sparkles and stars in this exquisite wedding stamp.

"Bride", "Groom", "Wedding", "Love", "Best Friends"...these are just a few of the many words of love you'll find on this orange and white wedding postage.

A series of sparkly stars streams from the word "love" against a wavy background of bright rainbow colors in this love stamp.

"I do" is ornamented with a fancy scroll flourish in this wedding postage, in magenta and pale rose pink colors.

This bouquet of flowers, including charming daisies and beautiful roses, has been given a vintage palette, and perfectly enhances the "love" wording.

A bright red tulip opens out against a blurred green background as "Wedding Day" is written in white script, in this floral love postage.

"Amor", the Spanish word for love, is the focus of this pink, red and purple wedding postage, striking against a brushed background.

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There is love... dark red background with LOVE on cards ... and a heart.

Soft grey and dark red background with verse from "There is love" dresses up this wedding card and postage.

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