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Those feelings don't necessarily mean they want to be with them. They just mean they are experiencing the normal, healthy process of letting go.

Establish a boundary for how much you're willing to process with them over their ex and call them out if they don't respect that boundary. Talking about the past may be OK, or even welcomed, once in a while, but using you as the shoulder to cry on every day could lead to "not one, but two failed flings," according to Fox News' Oliver "Ali" Nejad. Avoid serious commitments at the start of your new relationship. According to dating coaches at The Relationship Gym, "because [he'll] be feeling more vulnerable than ever, and more eager to retain the love [he's] receiving, [he's] even more likely to over-commit.

Dating Someone Who Just Got Out of a Relationship: What You Need to Know

Adopt patience as your personal mantra, but put yourself first. There's no way to know how long they'll be in rebound mode. How long you remain patient is up to you, but "if you feel belittled or hurt on a constant basis then he is not worth the distance you can throw him," says relationship expert Natalie LieLue of Baggage Reclaim. Rebound relationships don't have to doomed to fail.

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Meet Singles in your Area! References The Relationship Gym: Rebound Relationships Bagage Reclaim: Ready for the Rebound Girl? View Singles Near You. Establish certain boundaries However if you find your partner go on ruminating about the ex or using you as a sounding board for replaying what went wrong, it may be time to establish certain ground rules.

Once in a while it may be alright for your partner to give vent to suppressed feelings in your company and indeed it may cathartic as well.

16 Things You Should Know About Dating Someone Who Just Got Out Of A Long-Term Relationship

But using you merely as a shoulder to cry on and completely neglecting your needs and expectations reeks of selfish and immature behavior. In fact this is one of the classic symptoms of an unhealthy rebound relationship. Take it slow It is always better to move with caution when you begin dating a person who has just got out of a bad relationship.

Thus it is highly unlikely your partner will be ready to enter into a serious commitment with you.

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Rather try to enjoy mutual interests at this stage, build up a reserve of comfort, trust and pleasant companionship instead of rushing ahead to emotional dependency. Have patience Ideally it is better to avoid being involved with someone who is struggling with their own emotional complexities and especially being drawn into a rebound relationship. However If you really believe that this person is the one for you, it is better to realize at the outset, that there will be ups and downs.

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This is because the process of letting go of unhappy past relationship is a long, complex and the path is never a linear one. You will have to take each day as it comes and dig into all your reserves of patience when your partner goes through emotional fluctuations. At one point you may even find that you are giving more to this relationship than you have been receiving.

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Here is becomes important to take care of yourself as well. It may be necessary to evaluate your own needs and expectations in the relationship and see if they always come last. If this happens, it may be time to restore the lack of balance and put yourself first. You could take a little breather from the relationship and indulge in the things you enjoy.