Sex With my Best Friend

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7 Epic Hookup Stories (#3 is Legendary)

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Dedicated to your stories and ideas. A website by Thought. How did you feel about them before the hookup? She is a full blooded Mexican, and also eighteen years old. She has brown eyes, and has thick, long black hair. She is quite petite, and is very beautiful. I think what makes her even more attractive though it that she is very genuine, and very sweet.

We have never hooked up before, however, we have made out drunkenly before. We are both heterosexual though.

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She is currently in a relationship, but I am not. I have never seen her as more than a friend though, much less any other girl. My sexuality is a bit complicated. I consider myself heterosexual because I can see myself both sexually and emotionally with a guy, but I can sometimes see myself with a girl but only sexually. So we started watching it, and then she leaned in on my shoulder. What led to it? The hookup began at my place, and vodka led to it.

There was no planning, it just happened. I was standing against the wall listening to her and watching her look at herself in the mirror. Then she looked to me and said no one has to know if anything happens between us, or you know nothing has to happen.

#1 Naughty brother.

Then she pressed up against me and started kissing me. What sexual behaviors took place e. How did you feel during it? How did they behave toward you? Were they a good lover? What did you talk about?

When You Hook Up With Your Friend (Casual Sex Pt. 2)

How did it end? We've actually hooked up a few times since. I'm so glad my commute to cougar town is only a couple flights of stairs long. We were on campus walking around one night after a date, and we got a little more buzzed on this date than initially intended. It was kind of late in the evening and campus was pretty empty. We sat down on a bench and started getting hot and heavy.

A group of freshman definitely saw us practically humping on this bench and were not so subtle about seeing us. I wasn't worried about it until someone threw a condom at us. While I'm sure that little shit meant well, I was irritated, and we were forced to relocate. We'd already been caught so we decided there would be no harm in hooking up in a little more of a noticeable area.

Hooking up with My Best Friend's Husband - The Casual Sex Project

So, that's exactly what we did. Out of all the noticeable places on campus to have sex we chose to bang on the steps of the administration building. I'd done more hooking up in college than protesting - which I feel like is a right of collegiate passage - so I figured this was my proverbial 'fuck you' to 'the man. A campus cop had caught us doing the dirty.

I totally went to cougar town, and it was awesome

This girl dismounted so fast, and I started stammering thinking of how we were going to get out of these. We were both somewhat respectable college students, we didn't need to be branded as sex offenders for the rest of our lives. But this cop literally just suggested a couple of other places on campus to bang that were a little more secluded and went on his way. I swear to god he would have fist bumped me had not my girl been on the verge of tears.

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Utterly speechless, we basically ran back to my apartment There are some other universities with similar traditions but I - being a skeptic - don't believe in that kind of stuff. I was visiting my sister at BU and had been hooking up this guy who was a little more superstitious than me. So, naturally, I tried to convince him to step on the crest.

Hooking Up with My Best Friend’s Husband

This guy was not only in a frat - which meant he was basically conditioned to be a sheep - but a straight-A engineering student; to put it in plain words this guy's worst nightmare was not graduating. Unfortunately for him, I'm a total sadist and was determined to drag him onto that crest. And I totally did it. By dangling sex over his head.

We had only hooked up a handful of times as we were both very busy with school and I figured that I could still use sex as a motivator. So after a night of drinking, we were walking back to his dorm, and I tried to convince him to step on the crest. After standing right next to the thing for around 20 minutes arguing, I blurted out that we should have sex on the crest.

I mus have appealed to the frat boy in him because next thing I know I'm straight up riding him on the crest. We both got an epic hook up story, and I proved him wrong as he did graduate, in 4 years no less. The club is barely lit, and it's around 11, but that's because mainly Europeans come here and for some reason, Europeans don't go out until maybe midnight, sometimes later. However, the best time about getting to the club at a reasonable hour is that they'll give VIP booths to any cute girls. So me and my ladies have this little booth right by the dance floor, we order a bottle, and start getting the party started as much as we can.