Aug 8, 1. Black women need to love themselves more than to put up with racist Indians. If this was me my parents and friends would have beaten some sense into me. Aug 8, 2.

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All of this just for some curry dick? Aug 8, 3. I don't even know why anyone Black would entertain a relationship with an Indian. When it comes to racists, White folks aint got shit on Indians. Aug 8, 4. I won't laugh cause it's not funny but Indians are notoriously racist against black people.

She is wasting her time. I would never date one. Plus many smell like the food they cook. Aug 8, 5. She has wasted too much time on this 'relationship'. Thanks x LOL! Aug 8, 6. I notice that Black Woman care more deeply when this happens but black men overlook it and still marry and procreate with the vermin. Anyway, its been 2 years baby girl, get the fuck out.

Y'all love searching the net for articles like these to somehow prove all interracial relationships are bad Seek help. Thanks x 89 LOL!

Tinder has a race problem nobody wants to talk about

Aug 8, 7. Relationships are not supposed to be like that.


A woman shouldn't have to be pushing her man to introduce her to his family. If we forget their race, wouldn't you find weird if your man hadn't introduced you to his family after TWO years? This girl needs to let go of her "boyfriend". She is just his toy right now. Aug 8, 8. Thanks x 36 Disagree! Aug 8, 9. I dont understand how a black woman could be attracted to an Indian. If they're not from the West Indies, then they're more likely to stink and act like oversexed horny rabbits.

They don't even be making money like that. Aug 8, The guy is gutless and even if he stood up to his family he would end up resenting the GF. She should really KIM. I ain't reading all of that shyt. It gave me a phuggin headache by the second paragraph. Why do girls and women go through this grueling mule period, in which they go in knowing they are going to have to do all of the work, and are not appreciated?

Is it that important to have a warm body, just so HE can ride your back?

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I wish a mofo would admit that he is ashamed of me with his friends and with his parents. Some users expressed that they would be flattered:. I had a guy come up to me at work and said I've never done something like this before but I just had to tell you that you are beautiful and see if I could take you out sometime. If I wasn't married at the time I would have totally said yes.

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I think if you seem genuine in saying something like that you wont come across as totally creepy, but still flattering. You may be as genuine, charming or even CUTE, but whatever you are saying is going in one ear and out the other.

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  • It makes it uncomfortable. Multiple people also brought up the importance of having the ability to walk away when talking to a stranger -- especially if that stranger is a man who appears to be physically stronger than the woman he's approaching:. Guys don't realize how much most women think about things like exit routes. If you corner or trap us in some way, we will feel frightened, not receptive.

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    And if you're wondering why we worry about things like that, it is because we've been cornered and harassed or groped, or know someone who has, and there is literally no way to know if you are going to do something like that until you do it. So just, before you approach a strange woman, look at her possible escape routes, and do not get between her and them. From everything I've ever heard from pretty much every woman I know, the key point to the "walk up" part is to make sure she has somewhere to go if she isn't into it. If there is one exit, and you are in it, you're not going to be successful.

    Another key point to a positive potentially-romantic interaction? I don't know how many times a guy will just walk up beside me and talk. Not even have eye contact and expect me to be like "oh yes I was totally just paying attention to what you said and it was probably awesome. For all the interest it generated, this sort of mass dating advice thread does have one crucial flaw, one user pointed out: Women do not have a singular set of preferences shocker!

    So if you approach one woman and she's not feeling what you're putting out there, that doesn't mean that you have to change your approach -- you just have to find someone that likes it, and then you'll probably be a better fit in the long run anyway.