1. Caffeine perks you up

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If you do not want that we track your visist to our site you can disable tracking in your browser here: And both can definitely lead to lasting love. But you don't have to stress over this seemingly simple decision forever -- and what's more, you definitely shouldn't. You want to focus on being your best self and getting to know this new person. Here are 15 ways to solve the biggest first date debate: Want a really chill and cool and calm vibe for your next first date?

Then you might want to skip the alcohol and grab some caffeine instead. Head to your fave coffee shop or suggest a new place altogether so you guys can create a fun new memory and get to know this new guy.

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You might just fall in love and meet your future husband But if you want a chill vibe, then you want to pick the coffee date. It's all up to you and what kind of atmosphere you want for this date.

This one might be kind of obvious, but hey, it needs to be said anyway. But if you want to meet this guy on a Sunday afternoon, you might not want to get super drunk or even just kind of drunk. Be a normal person and grab some coffee. If it's a nice day, then you can sit outside on a cafe's patio, and even if you two don't get along and it's not a match made in heaven, at least you were in a nice environment.

If you're more of an evening date kind of girl, then drinks dates might be more your style. There's nothing wrong with either one of these options and you're not a loser if you really love meeting people for drinks.

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You're just being honest about what you want and what you think is fun. Sure, sometimes you might meet someone for an after work coffee, but you might not want to get coffee per se. If that's your only option, go for some nice tea since, you know, you might want to sleep that night. If you're sick and tired of boring first dates that involve planting your cute butt in a bar or restaurant chair and talking to someone for an hour or two, then maybe you want a coffee date.

And maybe you want that to take place on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. If you want more of a first date activity, then coffee is a great thing to do, since you can suggest a cafe in a fun area in your city or town. You and this new guy can grab a cup of java and then walk around for a while. It's a more fun way to get to know each other and it's more low-key than staring at each other which can get really romantic or really creepy, depending on what's going on, of course.

Everyone is different and everyone has their own preference so go with your gut on this one. If you're comfortable with meeting new guys for drinks for first dates, why not keep doing that? You don't have to change things up and meet for coffee instead just because you think you should. Well, hopefully, you wouldn't, but if you did you would regret it pretty quickly.

Don't let your friends talk you into more casual coffee dates just because that's what they like to do, and don't think about whether drinks dates are too boring. They can be, but they can also be really fun, and you can have the best date you've ever had in your life. It all depends on the person sitting across from you.

Hey, what a concept. Just kidding sort of.

If you're really not sure whether you want to go with the same old, drinks date or if you want to switch things up and meet for a more casual coffee, then why not ask your date what he wants to do? Sometimes if you mention grabbing coffee or drinks and give both options and leave it up to him , the guy will say that he'd rather grab a drink and he probably means a beer.

Or he might say he wants to meet up on a Sunday around 4 p. You just never know what he's going to say or what he's thinking, and there's nothing wrong with asking the other person. OMG is decision fatigue a thing You wonder what to have for breakfast: You wonder what songs to listen to on the commute to work or if you're in more of a podcast mood.

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Yeah, it's a lot. So if you want to just forget the decision fatigue altogether and make things easier for yourself, then just suggest going for drinks with this new guy that you're interested in. So whether you want to grab coffee or drinks with a new guy, you still have to decide on the place to go. Sometimes the guy will pick the place and want you to try his absolute fave hipster bar it's usually a hipster bar, for some reason. Just go with it. Sometimes, he'll want you to pick the place So why not have a go-to list of both bars and cafes?

This way, no matter what you decide and no matter what kind of date this guy wants, you have some go-to options to suggest. This will help you make a plan much faster, which is always a good thing since you don't want making the first date plan to be as nerve-racking as the rest of the date.

Coffee Meets Bagel - Coffee Meets Bagel

If you're getting bored with first dates, no one would blame you for thinking that way or feeling that way. If there was a guarantee that you would have fun, of course, you would look forward to first dates a whole lot more. But as we all know, that's just not the way that it goes. So if you find it hard to get into the idea of going on dates, then maybe switching things up every other date is the right thing for you. If you have a date this week, then try a coffee date. If that date doesn't work out and you find yourself back on the hunt for another first date, then suggest going for drinks at your fave bar.

There's nothing wrong with going back and forth between coffee and drinks dates. Nobody is going to think that's weird. You're just doing your best to see what works for you. How is the actual drinking of coffee and talking to someone any different than if I said no? Other than causing everyone discomfort and stress, it isn't any different. It's the exact same set of activities. I wish the English language would leave these useless words in the linguistic dustbin. Functional romance isn't a separate set of social activities based around artificially leveling-up your intimacy rating with someone.

Functional romance involves treating that person as a holistic human being with whom you organically develop mutual attraction and intimacy. So you walk her home, she invites you in for coffee, you have sex with her. Just state you want to hang out. If it is going out for coffee, like at a cafe, then I usually equate this as more of a business transaction. DuckDuckGo has been a profitable company since without storing or sharing any personal information on people using our search engine. As we like to say, what you search on DuckDuckGo is private, even from us!

If things that happen after dates happen after the coffee, then it was a date. I hope that if someone asks you for a date, or you ask them, I hope you make it clear that it is a date.

Where Coffee Meets Bagel, the Dating App Startup That Turned Down $30M 'Shark Tank' Offer, Is Today

I will pick you up at.. A male might do some things like opening the door for the woman, taking her coat, etc. Getting coffee is a great way to get to know each other better, OR just to catch up with friends. By the way, I also think that if you are unsure whether your meetings are dates, it is OK to ask for clarification. I realize that means putting yourself out there and taking a risk, but it still is not such a bad thing to let someone know you are interested.

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