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And I know what men say about single moms. What do I really have to offer? I can always keep searching and I can always stay hopeful, positive, and most importantly, be me. It was my attitude about the situation.

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So I worked on, and continue to work on, those issues. But by making those priorities, as well as through my advocacy, I find myself better able to move forward and be proud of myself. One awkward part of having an invisible illness is that, looking at me, you cannot tell I have two forms of arthritis. Online dating has been the easiest for meeting people. Getting myself dolled up for a date brings even more challenges.

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Even on a low-pain day, trying on outfits to find something that is both comfortable and looks good allows that pesky fatigue to creep its way in — meaning that I have to worry about having enough energy for the date itself! Many times, I find myself ghosted immediately after they find out about my disability. But I refuse to ever hide who I am. Arthritis is a huge part of my life now. My illness may not be threatening my life any time soon, but it has most certainly given me a new perspective on life.

And now it forces me to live life differently. I desire a partner to live that life with, through my adversities and theirs. I just have to accept that dating will more than likely be a little rocky for me. After all, I already have my knight in shining armor — my son. Eileen Davidson is a Vancouver-based invisible illness advocate and an ambassador with the Arthritis Society.

Looking for Love When You're in Pain

Follow her on Facebook or Twitter. Eileen Davidson has rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. This was a life defining moment. Every person that enters our life provides us with opportunities to go to the next level of our personal evolution.

Finding Love Online, Despite Health Problems

They can be a mirror reflecting wounds that need healing, a catalyst for new realizations or a reminder to honor our boundaries or reaffirm the soul based contracts we have made with ourselves, especially those that serve as testaments of self-respect and self-love. Part of me wanted to shrink back into mediocrity, play it safe. But the timing of the Universe is always perfect.

Each lesson, always divinely orchestrated. So now I had to walk the walk. I had to rise up and own my story. I had to be myself and trust that everything would be ok.

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More than one person has broken up with me due to my health status in the past. Many life long friends have disappeared into the distance too. For the longest of times, I believed that no one would ever love me or want me in their life because of my health challenges or what I was going through. And as quickly as I heard the mean girl talk in my head reminding me of the heartbreaks of my past, I heard another side of the argument…. Well this is your opportunity to be that person. You are not broken. Because your authenticity and your willingness to back yourself is the ultimate act of self love.

I have been through the toughest of circumstances, dug deep into the corners of my soul and done the inner work required to merge with my true identity. I have atoned wounds of the past. I have shared my story in the media and come up against all sorts of criticism and insensitivity in the process. My true identity does that. That will always shine brighter. All these things are the real me too.

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And you know what? I have earned the right to be me. I quite like her too. So, I finally did what I knew I had to do all along.

In , after years of brushing up against the harsh realities of the dating scene, Leftwich founded No Longer Lonely, a dating site that caters to the mentally ill. I thought by taking down that whole bugaboo of having an illness, making it all open with everyone knowing, it would facilitate things. People would be more trusting and relationships might be more successful. No Longer Lonely now has 16, members and a brand new interface similar to those of social-networking sites that allows users to upload poems, art, videos, and blogs.

The site has been responsible for more than 20 marriages.

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Even though most mental illnesses can be controlled with medication, therapy, or a combination of the two, some people still view conditions such as bipolar disorder as a mark of weakness or instability. Given the right care, people with mental illnesses and other medical conditions can lead very normal, functioning lives. And especially if the relationship progresses to thoughts of marriage and kids, two partners who each have bipolar disorder, for example, could find themselves debating whether its safe or wise to have children.

However, says Houran, in most cases these considerations arent enough to forestall a relationship. For Houran, this outgrowth of illness-specific dating sites and services is a boon. You have a lot of quantity, but that doesnt mean youre going to find people with a lot quality in the way you define it. That being said, niche sites by their very construction tend to be very small. So I always advocate [that] people use both. By Michael Slenske October 18, Pin FB Print ellipsis More.