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I got plenty of matches and went on some dates which went fine but I rarely like talking to someone through text. I like being able to see a person when I first introduce myself. No results across three different sites over the span of three years. Did not need that punch to the old ego. I had a couple dates.

Women would either not message back or ghost even after really good dates. I have actually matched with more laid back women this way. I haven't even tried it. If I fail to get with someone in real life why would I be an eligible mate on tinder or OKC, where the selection process is 20x more brutal than in the real world?

I didn't quit, I just never really started. I had Tinder for a few days before I forgot about it.

Why I’m giving up on online dating

The countless stories I heard from men and women complaining about the same thing yet attributing it to someone's sex made something click really fast; it's just the limitations of these platforms. Simply put, I found it boring. I would get matches and start a conversation, but then forget about it as I had more interesting things to do.

Dating sites, and the women on them, were not enough to keep my attention, as arrogant as that may sound. I got such little response it's not even worth the electricity. I'm not attractive enough to compete in the virtual world. Because a couple weeks ago I was drinking at a bar, and the cute bartender and I were shooting the shit while I waited for take out.

I also think shit like Tinder and social media in general is very unhealthy psychologically. Tinder especially puts you into kind of a "King looking through my subjects" mentality that isn't good for relationship building. The type of people you meet online are problematic. Not all of them, but many of them. A lot of them are uncanny and awkward when you go on dates with them. Never even started with online dating sites: I've used tinder because it's lowe effort and it's so mainstream there are actually women on it who are normal, well-adjusted people.

Never got any response or any matches. Any match I did get was spam and just sent a link to "prove my identity by entering my credit card info. I find the idea revolting. Advertising yourself like some kind of product. Most guys aren't social enough for relationships to happen organically. Meeting women is a big peacocking display whether it's online or at a party. I am a female and feel the same way! It also reeks of desperation. Like you gave up all hopes of finding someone normal in real life and out of desperation you allow yourself to be sold to the highest bidder. I tried them for a bit.

It took a whole like three days before deciding it's easier to just talk to women, instead of wasting time on apps that are entirely looks based. IRL, you have the opportunity to at least let a shining personality out. Show you have some kind of worth. You don't get that on apps.

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  • Why I'm Giving Up On Online Dating.

If they're as hideous and ugly as they claim, everyone one of those apps is pointless. Between the mix of horror stories, my previous shitty relationships, my plans to never marry, my avoidance of kids, my sexual problems that only arise during one night stands, my jaded perspective on the dating scene in general, the fact that some women use dating sites to score free meals, those few women who give all women a bad name by acting like entitled little shits, my fear of reading the situation wrong and offending her, and a whole slew of other things.

I don't use it anymore because i don't have the strength to talk to someone through a computer or phone for periods of time. Not only that, theres fake profiles and pictures that aren't efficient about how someone may look and too much scamming going on.

Ive been yielded a very good amount of dates but nothing i was looking for. First, too much investment of time. Second, I feel like online dating removes some of the 'magic' of meeting someone in real life randomly. Married about 10 years. I skipped most of this stuff. But back in the days of chat rooms, it was still the same rules. Now I was relatively good looking, but even then I was competing with fat ugly guys with fake profiles of male models.

Single men of Reddit, why did you quit online dating? : AskMen

I assume that still occurs now. I probably messaged hundreds of women, chatted extensively with maybe Now a few years later and hanging in a downtown metro area while I was homeless still relatively good looking at the age of I was able to have sex with random women times a week after what took about a month to get used to the scene and learn how to talk to women in nightlife times while hanging out times a week on average. Go out to public places constantly and talk to everyone. Try to get used to going to certain places that you like and become a regular.

Like maybe places you really like. Make a schedule of being there certain days of the week. If someone likes you they may come back. If you are predictable, they will find you Eventually after a few months you learn the cues on if they want to fuck you or not with the first few minutes of talking to them. That sounds like a lot of things that I don't want to do and a huge effort overall. I prefer to stay single than go through all of that, my free time is limited and I prefer to do things I enjoy. This is the best answer on here. Online retards the natural dating process.

Real life has it, hands down. Thank you for reminding me! Honestly I like how guys are using dating aps. If I ever become single, it will be like shooting fish in a barrel. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. AskMen subscribe unsubscribe , readers 3, users here now Community Rules: Read the Frequently Asked Questions and do a search before asking a question.

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Click here and select a username! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. If you have quit using dating app or website why aren't you using it anymore? Want to add to the discussion? People are really fucking dishonest about the way they look on these things. A waste of time in my mind. Accomplished nothing and it was a huge waste of my time. Like pretty much everyone, I was not a beauty at age I know now that this is totally normal, but at the time, I was surrounded by classmates with boyfriends and girlfriends, and there was no way I could ever be like any them unless I landed an internet flame who'd never know what I looked like.

So I joined a Harry Potter chatroom with my best friends and started "dating" a user named SkyDude, who claimed to be a year-old boy from Alberta, Canada. We had fewer than three "conversations" before he went dark and stopped coming to the chatroom, but I was convinced I'd met my soulmate and lamented losing precious screen time with him. Fast forward thirteen years and I hate everything about internet chat. I refuse to engage in Facebook chat. I loathe G-chat, which I'm convinced is going to get me fired someday because I can't stop using it and don't know how to tell people nicely that they're distracting me, and even though I love my iPhone, I'm not a big texter I only really text my mom, sad face.

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  5. People don't believe me when I make statements like these, but it's my tragic reality. In my eyes, there's no substitute for in-person contact, and that's why online dating just isn't going to work for me. Two months ago, I joined HowAboutWe , a dating site for doing activities with other singles, on a whim. I was angry about being blown off for the umpteenth time by a guy who'd disappointed me many times before, so I thought creating an account on a dating site, which is supposed to attract guys looking for more than just hook-ups or so we're led to believe , would restore some of my faith in people.

    I'll admit that it did, but that doesn't mean the online dating concept works for all. I've been out for drinks with a few people who've reached out to me, and if anything, I've made some awesome friends out of it, but at the end of the day, the whole thing feels a bit too forced and unorganic.

    Call me unrealistic, but I still love the feeling of unexpectedly meeting someone on a night out with friends, not because I like running off with attractive, equally whimsical men and telling my pals about it later usually on G-chat when I should be working. I lead a pretty busy life, and I'd like to maintain a shred of mystery by making room for these sorts of random encounters and meetings. Another thing I dislike about online dating is that so many men take selfies. I know this is a growing "movement" and what not, but I don't like it, and every time I look at a man's profile and see he's joined the dark side by posting bathroom mirror selfies, I want to laugh and roll my eyes.

    And you know what? They're not doing anything wrong by uploading selfies, they just want to find someone who appreciates their looks. I don't want to be part of any site that makes people feel like they have to do this, though, as selfies, more than anything else, come across as unnatural and even creepy to me.