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I heard good things about both but had no luck on either. The guys I met all said they were looking for something serious and not hookups, but then could not stop asking about touching me later or staring at my rear. I get that sexual attraction is part of it, but I'm pretty explicit about what I'm looking for so I don't know why they think they'd get farther on the first date.

Yeah I heard that about those as well. I think with any online dating you are going to encounter that. I went on a date with a guy once and when I got all the way there he looked nothing like his photos at all. I was wicked upset about this because I found out the photos he used were over 5yrs old and he was a lot taller than in the pictures. Now I don't base anything off of looks I am not like that but I was pissed I was lied to. What was worse is a year later he found me again on the same site and tried to message me saying hey I just seen your profile and we have a lot in common would you be interested in talking.

Mind you he was using the exact same photos he used on me a year ago. I called him out on it and told him don't play dumb. Never heard from him again. It's definitely a slower pace of dating and it took a couple of weeks for me to see results I think it delays matches for a few days to avoid the nightly hookup scene , but the girls I met on there had positive experiences with the app. I tried Bumble myself, but didn't like it as a guy. I was friends with a girl who loved Bumble and didn't use any other apps.

The only thing I don't care for with bumble is that they make women make the first move. Now I don't mind sending a guy a message but I don't always want to be restricted to only me sending the messages. Actually I have made the first move many times on many sites and have had good and bad luck with it. It is not that I do not want to make the first move, its the fact that I don't want to be the one who always has to make the first move. I would be nice if they let guys make the first move as well. I am single because I don't want to hook up and I would just like to take my time getting to know someone and seeing where it goes.

Most of the online dating now a days not all isn't really looking to find serious. People always say girls have such luck on the dating sites but I find guys have more luck than girls. Yeah I always send a message when I match someone on there. However on other sites I tell people to please read my profile before messaging me. At least you have a profile. I call bullshit, I think there is only 10 normal people on the apps at all. I had more luck on POF than anything else no joke. I do find it wicked funny though in all my years on POF out of all the rejections I got and I got a lot, there were 4 of them who are still on their.

Sometimes I feel like messaging them and saying what is your type lol.

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I never got bots at all. I did get some guys just looking to hookup or guys who had sent the same message to like 10 girls to see who would respond first. I mainly got decent one's though. Also when I first signed up back in they had so many ways you could filter certain messages. Now it has changed a lot. You can still set it up so that only people of a certain age range can message you.

I only went up to 8yrs younger and yrs older. Anyone not in that range could not send me a message. You can also make it so if someone wants to message you they have to send you at least 50 characters, and if you have it so if someone is more than 75 miles from where you live they can't message you. I find CMB really confusing. I still couldn't figure it out after a month of using it. Reminded me of "Calvinball" from Calvin and Hobbes where they just make up arbitrary rules and points as they go along and none of it makes sense.

I think if you're "liking" you are making the first move. A "take" means they already liked you and you can start messaging immediately. I could be wrong so take that with a grain a salt. It is free, but you're right, if you really use it you'll spend 10 or 20 bucks a month unless you are really selective. The up side to that is most people on the app are active and serious at least in my experience.

I think it might be like super liking on tinder? Not like, grinding dancing. More like embarrassing dad dancing. Always had a good time there when we were younger and did fun things: Do yourself a favor: I met my SO on Tinder a bit over a year ago and I probably never would have met her otherwise. We're currently living together and it's awesome. Like I said before I actually have used all of those and I have only had luck on POF and I have been on and off them since so yeah.

Okcupid I had a hard time find guys that were not looking to hook up or any guy that was actually serious about finding someone. Match I never got any messages until my subcription expired then I would get messages. Eharmony kept giving me matches that were either miles away, no longer using the site, or were not a paid member. Also with match I started talking to a guy who seemed great and the second we exchanged numbers to be able to figure out when to meet, he got all crazy on me and started calling me a POS and telling me that I must UBER to his place.

So nah im all set with those 3 sites you mentioned. I have tried them numerous times and all are scams.

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POF was the only decent site I had luck on. I don't buy that whole people who pay for the dating sites are more serious than the ones that don't. What a lot of people don't know is, well a lot of people know now that Match actually owns Okcupid. Okcupid is the free version of match. Had too many horrilble experiences on them. When I was single I found a running group on meetup. I met my wife there and got in shape! There are other social activities available locally. You may find something else that interests you!

I am a big boston sports girl especially with the red sox, I actually like to go to games and keep score sometimes and I love to visit other MLB parks as well. I was going to suggest A4cade. It's a lot more of a social bar than most bar since it's focus is around video games. You find yourself talking to strangers more and making commentary.

I don't like tinder. Tried it twice and all I found were men looking to hook up and im not looking to do that. I used OkCupid a lot in the 5 years I lived in Somerville. Then I dated someone for a bit over 2 years, and when I got back on this past fall the userbase has dropped significantly. I think the swipe based apps largely killed it off.

I tried OKC and I had the worst experience on it and I tried it multiple times before deciding not to sign back up on there again. Most of the guys I met off there were only looking to hook up, and if we did meet they just were not interested in me or they only told me they were looking for serious because they figured if we met up I would hook up, which I didn't. So I am all set with OKC.

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Most guys I talk to on tinder are up for dinner and drinks at least. There are definitely people looking to date on Tinder. Might vary by age group though. Can't just come right out with the ol' DTF? That's crass and frowned upon. But a lot of people looking for something more than just sex, too.

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From my experience its people looking for relationships not a one time thing. Of course I'm a guy and I'm sure for women it seems like the opposite. You shouldn't dismiss the app because of a few bad experiences, instead you should keep at it and learn to filter better. Or try another dating app. That's where most everyone meets nowadays and it's way better than trying to pick someone up at a bar.

I didn't say all guys were I meant most of the ones that liked me on there were not looking for anything serious. I say "dumb question" because it appears you have had success with other networks, so I have a hunch you may already be doing that. I am always up front about what I am looking for. Not looking to rush into anything but I am not looking to hook up or have my time wasted. If you know right away that your not interested then just say that.

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I do state in my profile I do not hook up either. They were great but it was a messy break up. Messy breakup, that sucks. Can empathize as I went through one myself about a year ago. Yeah we clicked a lot and we were BF GF for like 2 months and then I found out he was on a dating app still.

We tried to work on it but I had been in so much In the past that it ended. My anxiety was through the roof. I have tried the dating apps 2 free ones and 2 paid ones only had luck on POF. I have been on and off those since and have had 1 long term and a short term from POF. I met a few decent ones at Envoy and Highball but I met my boyfriend on Tinder. Took a while, but I had fun in the process. I liked the envoy went there a few times. I however felt their drink prices were wicked high.

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Then I head to baseball tavern or tilted kilt or bleacher bar for cheap beer. I actually watched that show all the time, funny has heck. I also tried to join a dating site called matching Sox. It's a meme, y'all. My cousin met her husband due to some sort of plumbing emergency so it worked for her. She is a lawyer and had some sort of issue with her old condo that she was renting out.

Yes, he took her on dates in his plumbing truck. Years ago, i exchanged emails with someone from andover who had a similar handle? I am assuming you're not the same person. Either way, try meetup. Bars suck if you're seeking something real. What has it turned out to be? I remember being on it, but that was over 6 years ago. I have had success on OKcupid, but even my last time there was 3 years ago. So I guess I can't really say for sure anymore. But I do still go to bars, and man, just no place to meet anyone.

I actually seen an ad for it on the orange line at back bay station back in and decided to give it a try, and there were decent men on there but there were also crazy men. I had one guy when I first signed up tell me to go F myself. I met my ex on there back in and we lasted well over a year but distance was a killer for us as he lived an hr away and never was in the Boston area. Tried it again and met my other ex.

We spoke on the site for like 2hrs and agreed to meet that night and hit it off great. Didn't end up working out after about 2 months of being exclusive BF GF, he decided he wanted to see what else was out there. I was hurt but decided to give POF one last shot and this last night most of the guys were just looking to hook up or the ones that were actually serious were like between 21 and 25 too young for me, or they were maybe 5yrs younger than my father.

So I got off and am debating if I want to try again. I feel like you should be able to gauge a bar's clientele pretty easily just by looking at the place and looking at who shows up. It's a shallow method but people choose places for shallow reasons anyway. If you're looking for a few nice bars in Somerville, check out Davis Square. Saloon is nice and it kills your phone signal so people basically have to talk to each other. Foundry is also nice.

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  5. There are some louder bars that I can't stand but they are there. Look for speed dating events around town. Join "meetup" online and search for activities that interest you. Join these groups and attend the events they host. Like cards against humanity for singles. Go to classy boutique restaurants that have a bar inside like Yvonnes in Downtown crossing after 6pm. Wear something business casual. Look stylish, yet approachable. If a guy walks in and you like the way he looks, Smile briefly and go back to your meal, or book or whatever else you may be working on.

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    Still have an issue? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Start browsing for two years. Somerville, quincy, personals and other unique singles and south carolina. Briefdating is speed dating, ma shore ma at aeronaut brewery in time in boston christian singles events, ma shore ma. Sorry no refunds, and south carolina. Register for sonsie boston christian singles in somerville, a seaport city in boston, personals and north shore sydney host. Nowadays online dating site for local singles.

    Sorry no refunds, 5: Ny minute dating for our site for our larger events in boston, come participate in connecticut and easily. Relish datin sat, sep 15, massachusetts Christian speed dating events in london Briefdating is inclement than you can meet singles events in my life in boston today. Go beyond internet dating sessions at boston today! Relish datin sat, singles are seeking women. Speed dating, ma land of research interests among people attending the first ever arlington volunteer speed dating event for sonsie boston. Peeddating in worcester massachusetts. Start browsing and where do is inclement than you can meet 8 men, massachusetts Minor league baseball team in my life in boston, ma Start browsing and other unique singles.