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The more you warn the more they have to stay with them to prove they are in charge of their life, not you. Mar 8, 3. Mar 8, 4. Mar 8, 5. Mar 8, 6. I tell them exactly what I think of the people they are dating. The title may contain two, short, necessary context sentences. No text is allowed in the textbox. Any post asking for advice should be generic and not specific to your situation alone. Askreddit is for open-ended discussion questions.

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Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. I've just found out my sister is dating a loser, what would you do in my position? So, i've just found out on facebook that my sister and one of my acquaintances are in a relationship they haven't announced who their parter is but they both changed their relationship status within a minute of each other - I also have it on good authority from mutual friends that this has been brewing for a while - I also know they have fooled around in the past so I am pretty confident - although not certain.

Now I am aware this could be just me being an over protective big brother, but the guy is a complete loser. He is in a shit load of debt, a possible alcohol - he drinks every day and not just a pint. My sister isn't perfect, she has been struggling on her course judging by her exam marks and I fear this relationship could drag her down further and seriously affect her future.

How should I approach this situation?

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I don't live anywhere near my sister anymore so any communication is likely to be via internet or a phonecall. However I am pretty sure the "What the hell are you doing?! You can't do anything about it. It's sweet of you to care, but perhaps you are not the great judge of character that you think you are. Maybe he's a great guy that inspires her to get more out of life.

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Approach the situation however you like, you're not going to make a difference either way, you're just going to make her dislike you. And if he's not a great guy, give her a chance to figure that out by herself - maybe it will help her regain her focus. Regardless, be supportive - that's what's going to matter in the long run regardless of how it pans out.

Knowing the female perspective, we date losers because of low self esteem and a need to feel supported. Show her that she has a worthy male perspective that respects her: Just a 10minute call a week will do wonders. As for her loser boyfriend, say something like these points: My sister is dating a loser.

Join Date Sep Posts 8. We've tried telling her that the guy is a loser, but she won't listen.

(Closed) My sister is dating a loser. What can I do to help her?

She says she'll stop the relationship, but I found out, that she is lying, and still meets up with the guy. She is madly in love with the guy, and its obvious the guy really likes my sister. My sister can do much better. The guy is a control freak, and extremely insecure with himself. Under normal circumstances, I think my sister should learn on her own. She should learn the hard way.

But there is a bigger problem at hand though. She doesn't have to work, and she has the luxury of studying at her own pace. So for such a long time, everything has come to her easy. I just think its wrong for my sister to be living this way, in my parents house, and at the same time, disrespect them, by continuing to talk to this guy. If she wants to live off our Dad, then she is going to be treated like a child.

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If she wants to move out right now, and try to sustain her own life with this guy, then in that case, Me, my Dad, and my Mom can't say anything. Am I making sense here? Is my sister taking advantage of the situation? On one hand, she has the comfort of living at home, and having no stress in life. And on the other hand, she is seeing a guy that we all disapprove of.

When my Dad tried to restrict her from going out, she started crying, and she put us all on a guilt trip. I'm starting to not feel guilty anymore. Join Date Jun Gender Posts This is just an amazing coincidence!

I'm through an exact situation although my sister is 30 and has been married for 7 years, now divorced her husband which was a very nice guy and moved to parents house. Now she dates a total ass who's 31, who never had a job in his life and causes all sort of emotional trouble to my sister and indirectly to our family, still she won't leave him, although she also said she would. Our family also dissaproves it greatly.

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I bet it's genetic on women to simply leave the group We just decided to leave it to herself to decide and be responsible for her acts! It pains me greatly as a brother to see my sister be dragged to the depths of self-esteem like this and drowned in bank debts. But this all due to her decisions. My advice is to let it go, just drop it.

Help, my sister is dating a loser

She will learn, eventually, and be responsible for our acts is what makes up adults. If your dad cuts her the financial help just for the basics like food, personal higiene, etc she will be forced to find a job to support her own things and take notice on what kind of society she lives and how it's the world out there. It will do her much good. Originally Posted by thundersw. I believe if do nothing, in your case, things will stay the same.

As long as she has everything, she will do nothing, she's 25 not exactly a teen! Over-protection is as bad as no protection at all, I'm not telling to cut everything, just enough for her to understand she needs to have a source of income for her own needs.