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It has been great ever since. My parents are the most supportive parents and would support me in anything I did.

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I hope to do a lot more acting in the future, but it has really been a blessing. When I first started on the show, it was a warm, welcoming environment. Do you get back to New England often? Not as often as I would like. My family had a house in Vermont for 25 years, but my parents and sister now all live in New York. The only bummer is that Vermont is difficult to get to from LA. We would end up flying to New York and then driving for four and a half hours up to Vermont. We try to get there now as often as we can and at least once in the summer.

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I miss Rhode Island and have so many friends who still live there. We were in Boston not too long ago for a wedding and we walked to the North End and had oysters and lobster rolls at Neptune Oyster. Madam secretary madam all Madeleine Albright and I was at the white house correspondents' dinner. And I was doing so called private practice at the time she cannot mrs.

Almighty god Pete from private practice and you and violent and that she knew all the care to Morton's and the plot of the shall more than I did. I was like wait a minute. You're Madeleine Albright you're dealing with geo political crisis every day and you watch any TV show and thrown I was shocked but. Like a lot of people she has for shows because you have to escape don't. And he tried to misstatements of the you can enjoyed that doesn't itself queue at the same time measured joining that would isn't good that would be always the hope it's funny because.

When tea was here. I I asked the personal question about the two of you being involved and she said to me well you know. You saw that picture of buses and the White House correspondents dinner but I was just the beard for Madeleine Albright that this is suit him. Really intent you know so that was a good dodge that clay is my White House chorus and the Internet and I don't know that's what's really happening that's but bills without content to any detail. Here you are playing husband wife and you had this relationship doesn't that get in the way of what you're doing what does it now.

Tea and I approach. The work for it in a very similar way we've both taken very seriously both work really hard and we're both wanna have a lot of fun and we're both. Find what one of the things that attracted both this the show. If the family element otherwise we're. Sort of and that the area of a lot of other political shows but seeing behind the curtain into the family was really important to everybody there and especially ten me so.

I'm we worked really hard on. Making this aspiration in relationship. Have some truth do it and have a lot of truth in this family. And I think that once we found that common ground and worked so hard and had so much fun. That I'm opinion I think Atlanta. You know we're both professional actors and I don't think we'll let our private stuff get in the way of what we do work. Well good you know I just think sometimes it could bleed into it and be fine because what I love. About the relationship you have on the show and what the show is which is.

Very political and once and then very much the family I just loved it the secretary of state and are almost the illusion Hus. Who knows all of these things about ethics. I don't agree on anything I'd love that you youngest son is in and a cast. How I'd love that in this house it is it will look what great parents we have so we're just gonna be the most to rip their models of.

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Shields you know I mean I think you could make a case that Henry and Elizabeth McCord are not great parents have to make that that we have some challenges but that's I think what. Makes the audience attracted to the show actually because if you think about just the bare bones it. These are problems that a lot of people have.

Sit two working parents. House for the still kids there they've just moved recently to a new environment. In other school and work and all the stuff. That's what American families for the most part dealing live and granted this is a very high level.

Listen to Tim Daly Talks "Madam Secretary," and Dating Co-Star Tea Leoni now.

But there's there is to settlement they're just like us. He had input into this you can you say to do writing team and whatever. Why aren't we doing this or how about their well. From my point of view. What what I'm really most interest to the in this show. Is is the family because I I am interest it and how people feel about things. I think as an actor emotions are my currency in my area of expertise so if I don't I don't. I mean I care somewhat obviously but I don't feel that being involved in plotting the show or in coming up with.

Scenarios are or world crises that might work for the show. Is as important for me as. Finding out how my character and the other characters feel about the situations that there because that I think it's what.

Tim Daly Talks 'Madam Secretary', Dating Co-Star Tea Leoni

Makes people engaged in any. You know filmed drama is with the with the characters of feeling not just what they're doing. Well there's a humanity that has to be there otherwise people are just speaking. I mean yes the you know. They story I was.

Tim Daly Talks "Madam Secretary," Dating Co-Star Tea Leoni and Family

And fight that this podcast. Last winter it wasn't meant the way for Cameron called the infinite monkey cage. And it's this pretty BBC or British podcast that's wildly popular. Robin Ince is a comedian and oh gosh not be able remember. And then the scientists but this renowned. Was actually a former rock star but sitting on this now with the these guys in this room and general from club news and that's.

And Bill Nye the Science Guy and they're talking and me and absent in the talking about black holes and string theory and alternate universe on travel. And doing on this panel. Looked up and over us projected on the screen was a quote from Carlson. Four small creatures such as we. The vastness it's only bearable through. And I thought oh now I know why I'm here because Carl Sagan understood the great lines crossing lines to understand.

That all of the scientific knowledge and curiosity information. Is only meaningful if you put it into an emotional context and that's where the ours and that's where.

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  • Speak in in the common human language and connect muscle to. All this knowledge and stuff so. You're FC right that's a long ways thing. How we feel about things. It's what connects human beings and. Lies we're just statistics or where part of the whole did you verse that says. This is what we are molecules. And you don't add that other thing to it but you were brought in an acting. This was something that was in your DNA to do this conflict is congenital disease and why I don't if it's kind of it's different when somebody grows up and says well.

    I'm thirteen years old now to puberty I think all. This is what I wanna do with my energy and be involved in this but she would bail within on the beach if it's some thing. Growing up of actors. Is odd you know. There were actors you know running amount my living room and those little kid and there's like to me this is George Scotland. This is holidays you know and they were just a bunch of drunken grownups but I don't an act of war. And so I was never I was never impressed. By actors and that sort of actually fan way. For more information on cookies including how to manage your consent visit our Cookie Policy.

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