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This made it comparatively easy to use and inexpensive to produce, and "Singer" rapidly became a household name in sewing. Over the following decades, Singer continued developing his improved sewing machine to include the following features:. By , the Singer Manufacturing Company held 22 patents and sold 20, sewing machines yearly. Within eight years, the yearly sales reached , sewing machines, which included their New Family machines released for sale in As the leader of the sewing machine industry, the Singer Company introduced the first practical sewing machine powered by an electrical motor in Within two years, commercial sewing machines were being sold powered by electric motors.

By this time, the company also was producing commercial zigzag sewing machines. Singer sewing machines were constantly improved and updated. Since the first machines were produced in the s, thousands were sold to eager consumers. The beautiful cabinets, well-made machines, and practical improvements made Singer sewing machines a must for the average household. In fact, the quality of these early machines is so good that there are still many Singer treadle sewing machines in use today.

The first Singer sewing machine was patented in It was the first rigid-arm model and included a table to support the cloth. A vertical presser foot kept the cloth in place during the upstroke of the needle. Most importantly, the machine was the first to have a foot pedal instead of a hand crank. These first machines were designed to be set up on the packing crate that they were shipped in. The Turtleback was the first machine designed for home use.

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It had a rocking treadle and a driving wheel. The Letter A machine improved upon the Turtleback. I have two vintage machines. One is a treadle that belonged to my great-grandmother. It is fully functional. I recently had it cleaned and gave the cabinet a good oiling. The machine sews like a dream. I have another Singer that belonged to my grandmother. It was originally a treadle; however my grandma bought a motor and installed it on the machine herself. It is the machine that I learned to sew with. My grandma gifted it to me in , and I used it for 20 years. It is still functional.

Thanks so much for the link--very interesting and helpful website! I encourage you to locate the serial number on your Singer and go to the Singer anniversary website to find its date of manufacture.

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You'll be able to download a certificate to authenticate its age. Not that that increases its value in the least I own two treadle machines. One was my grandmothers, that my aunt who had kept it in her basement for years, finally gave it to me. She did not sew. I made many things on my machined. It is a Bullet Bobbin style. I found one web site where I was able to purchase items for both. They carry parts for many machines. I also have my mothers Kenmore drop-in-cam electric. I still use, can get parts, and it runs like a champ. There are other websites where you might be able to compare with a picture.

Good luck, and enjoy your machine. My grandmother 92 has a German vintage sewing machine and still sews on it. She inherited this machine from her mother in law in and this great grand mother has been sewing with it for years. The machine is in good shape, absolutely reliable and still in use. Two summers ago, we went to camp in Greece in a wonderful place in the woods where there was no electricity.

Since holidays without sewing are no holidays at all for me, I borrowed this machine from my grandmother to sew a dress for a daughter who was in a summercamp nearby. I gave it to her as a present and it was her favorite dress that summer. I was amazed how heavy and reliable the machine was. It only did a straight stitch, but it was perfect! I bought a Davis treadle machine at auction many years ago, because that was my maiden name. Unfortunately, a key part is missing.

Even though I acquired several boxes of parts at the same time, they didn't have the right part. I later sold those boxes but kept the machine. I use the extension table for my serger so I can enjoy the machine. It also had the original sale bill in the drawer with the serial number.

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My Singer treadle is similar to the one pictured in the article. The cabinet appears to be the same but there are slight diffences in the sewing head. The cabinet drawers have some fancy curlicues on the front. My grandmother, the sewer in the family, made many of my clothes on that machine. She taught me to sew on the treadle and I used it for all of my sewing until I was in my 20's when I purchased an electric machine.

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I started sewing at age 8 and am now The old treadle still works, although it is cranky sometimes just like me. I have a sewing machine that belonged to my DH grandmother.

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It is a Steinway Grand - possibly a badged Damascus. It was built about - possibly earlier or later - I can't seem to find out much about it. It still works, though it is in bad need of a thorough cleaning and oiling, to put it mildly. Here's a link to the pictures of the machine. I do know that it was sold by the Homer Young Company, but the manufacturer is still somewhat of a mystery. My mother had a Singer treadle that she used until about when she bought a new Singer , an electric that she used until her death several years ago.

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I currently own the machine and it is in need of new wiring, but otherwise in great condition. I have the buttonhole attachment for it, plus the bottonhole attachment and hemstitcher attachment that fit the Singer treadle. The hemstitcher also works on the I remember my Mother sewing on that old treadle and wish I had it today. My mother bought a Singer Featherweight in the late 40's. She taught herself to sew and became a home economics teacher. She taught me to sew on it in the 's when I was a child. I took it to college with me and sewed in my free time.

My daughter learned on it and she has it now. I recently found a slightly newer version at a sewing machine store and bought it. They are such great and reliable machines. I have my grandmothers treadle sewing maching complete with all the attachments it came with AND the instruction book. I have used it many times on stuff like making a yert look it up on the internet and a shade tent just to name 2. I also have a nonworking machine that I bought before my grandmother died that I will have fixed next year.

I have a fabulous "old lady" antique Singer 72w desirable hemstitch machine that desperately needs someone to care for her since we are moving house out of state. I acquired her in the 's after a long, long search; she was shipped from Freemont, Nebraska, all the way to Maryland and you can't imagine my excitement when she arrived in a tractor trailer! Let me know if you can pick her up in Maryland. I have a Singer treadle machine that is about that my husband bought for me for my birthday in It was one of two machines that had been in the Eaton's department store basement alterations shop in Winnipeg.

It was put up for sale when the store closed after the chain went bankrupt. They had put it on the second floor where the downtown walk way passed through the store with a "For Sale" sign after the rest of the store merchandise had already been cleared out. It was missing a few parts, including the belt, but I was able to get replacements from the Singer dealer in Winnipeg at that time. It sits in my living room with some knick-knacks on top of it, but it is functional. I figure if the power ever goes out, I will still have a machine to sew on!

I have a Singer Featherweight that I bought used in about I got it with money from a summer job while I was in college. I'm not sure how old it is, I did look up the serial number on the Singer site, but it was long enough ago that I don't remember when it was manufactured. I still use it for quilting, it is real handy and sews beautifully. I have a modest collection of about Many people have many more. For anyone wishing to learn how to refurbish their own machine, start at www.

When I was a child, my mother gave me her Singer.

She's now 95, and learned to sew on it as a child. It's tiny, about 8" wide and clamps onto a table. It still sews a good chain stitch, and Mum remembers as a bride, sewing her first pair of drapes on it. The machine in the picture is exactly, precisely the machine I inherited from my grandmother!

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How cool to see it online. I learned to sew on it and my grandmother made my sister and me dozens of dresses on it. It is still operational though it needs to be cleaned. There are a pile of attachments that go with it but I've never used them. We also have my husband's grandmother's treadle, a New Automatic, age unknown but still operational. Most of the time we use them as tables but occasionally we still sew on one.

My mother in law used to tell a story about watching her mother sew on the New Automatic. Great granma was making a wedding veil when someone brought in a torn canvas off the tractor. She changed needles and thread, sewed up the canvas, changed back to the other needle and thread and completed the veil- not a single other adjustment was needed. I have a s Singer than belonged to my mother; it has a knee control rather than a foot control. I have my Singer from the late s and my darling Janome that I splurged and bought for myself several years ago.

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There are at least a couple other portables around the attic and neither my husband nor I have any idea where they came from. For example, 7 and are early s model numbers. Find the serial number on the machine. This number is typically located on a small metal plate on the bottom right side of the machine. Machines produced from will only have numbers in the serial number.

Machines produced between have a single-letter prefix, and after they have a two-letter prefix. Research the number on the Singer Machine Serial Numbers website. For models produced before , Singer has not yet recovered the logbooks, and detailed information is not currently available.