Kevin Mills Kevin Mills 1 2 8. Not sure if there's a specific term for that relationship, but they'll probably be referred to just as "extended family". You didn't specify which of the parents if any are currently married, and to whom. Otherwise, Erin could only be described as Grace's half-brother's half-sister.

And Grace is Erin's half-brother's half-sister. These would of course be greeted with great puzzlement by any listener. ABurns ABurns 31 2. Hello ABurns, welcome to the site! Thanks for contributing with this answer; it seems to be the best-fitting term for the situation described. I think you could improve it further by adding a link to some source using this term; I found this Guardian article using it for this exact type of situation: In the Guardian article , those sisters say that they just coined it. I couldn't find any other supporting source.

It actually has another meaning in biological contexts. I did find a few other sources a Familypedia article and a Yahoo question , though of questionable quality and possibly derived from the Guardian article. In the article you link, it seems to just be being used compositionally to basically mean "between siblings". The term seems to have a third meaning in sociology, where it may refer to siblings of opposite gender as far as I can tell Here's a link for the sociological use: The argument by ermanen is not correct.

A half-sibling is a "half" because they have half of their parents in common. So what we have is Grace and Erin are stepsisters of each other. A "stepsibling" is the word for someone you share a half-sibling with. Your argument about my argument is incorrect. Also, stepsiblings don't necessarily share a half-sibling.

You are right in saying that stepsiblings don't necessarily share a half-sibling.

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But, if you have two people who do share a half-sibling, such as the original poster asked, then they will be stepsiblings. However, the original post mentioned nothing about marriage, so the assumption that Bob remarried Carol may or may not be true strictly speaking. Urbandictionary defines quarter brother: The half sister of my half sister or half brother. Amy and Randy had Josie. Randy and Patty had Vanna. Patty and Bob had Andy. However, the following excerpt got me thinking Following the same terminology doesn't really make sense, though.

Also note that the given definitions also would include any full siblings you may have. As well as yourself. Josie is Vanna's half sister. Vanna is Vanna's quarter sister. The same argument holds for full siblings. Of course, this can be fixed simply by adding a qualifying statement to the definitions. That's why they say that if A and B are half-siblings, and B and C are half-siblings, it's unlikely that A and C are actually quarter-siblings. I think the coinage might be just following the naming instead of the logic behind it so not about the percentage of gene share. It seems like just a colloquial coinage.

I'm not sure how it can be applied to biology. I couldn't find any source that uses this word in a biological context. Beside biology, "quarter brother" and "quarter sister" were coined to define what OP is asking. State of the Stack I don't believe half siblings are illegal.

And if not, once you come of legal age why not just be with him? Unless you live in a super religious area you should be fine. People now, especially the younger generation, are far more accepting then you realize. We've spoken about moving in together and we both agree that's something we want to do, although he doesn't really like the idea of moving out of town. In my location sadly half siblings are illegal: Well best of luck to you in whatever you choose to do. But if you find an area you like, you should go for it. There is nothing like the freedom of being open about who you like.

The terms mean somewhat different things in my country. I just think that it sounds pompous to say "I'm finishing university". It's affected to use a five-syllable word when you could use a two-syllable word. And if you're really that concerned with pointing out that you're getting a bachelor's degree vs. It's pretentious to assume all of reddit is from your country and uses the same vernacular as you. There really isn't much difference from country to country. Oxford and Cambridge are the birthplaces of English language higher education, and they're both Universities comprised of Colleges.

This is the system followed in the US as well, and in many likely most former colonies. So, we should be able to agree that if one is "going away to university" he's probably "going away to college" as well, and there is therefore a reason that "college" has long meant "higher education of any sort" in the popular vernacular. Really, both are equally correct, if you're going to some university. And the speaker has a choice- mostly regardless of locale.

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That said, I realize that it has become pretty common in the UK to say things like "I'm attending university". And be that as it may, I still think it sounds pretentious. It reminds me of the way Hyacinth Bucket talks. A lot of British English is like that. I remember an ad I used to see on British TV where a woman at a deli counter asks for "90 grams of mature cheddar" and, I'm sorry, but I think that sounds pretentious.

You may say that it's just British terminology, but 1 I don't care; it's possible for a dialect to be relatively pretentious compared to others and 2 I suspect there's an older, more sensible segment of the British population that cringes along with me at "going to university" and "90 grams of mature cheddar". In Australia, college is the two years at the end of high school - grades 11 and University is after that - where you get a degree.

It's not pretentious to call university "university" here - that's what it's called though we usually shorten it to "uni". Five years to get my engineering. It's absofuckinglutely to be considered as different to a welding ticket. Honestly, and this has nothing to do with being related, you are both still young. You may break up with time and move on to other relationships. I'd say to treat it like any other and go with it and to see what happens with time.

Incestuous relationships are always going to be looked down upon, so if you two do withstand the test of time through University, I'd suggest travelling. Maybe you can find another area you love to get away from unwanted attention due to people in your area knowing you're related. But if you two are happy, good for you. Finding love is not an easy feat. My only concern would be for later on in life if you want a family. If you want to have your own kids, I'd highly suggest genetic testing beforehand just to make sure there's a low risk for birth defects.

There are cultures in which people marry their cousins and a half brother is genetically similiar to a cousin citation needed. I know it's more complicated than that but it's what all the answers boil down to. Human relationships of article Coefficient of relationship: The coefficient of relationship is sometimes used to express degrees of kinship in numerical terms in human genealogy. In human relationships, the value of the coefficient of relationship is usually calculated based on the knowledge of a full family tree extending to a comparatively small number of generations, perhaps of the order of three or four.

As explained above, the value for the coefficient of relationship so calculated is thus a lower bound, with an actual value that may be up to a few percent higher. An exception are a number of US states where cousin marriage is prohibited. Also, most legislations make no provision for the rare case of marriage between double first cousins.

Consanguinity Inbreeding Incest Genetic distance. It's really not that dangerous to have children with your half-sibling. There are millions of people in America alone with genetic conditions far more serious who have multiple children. You are correct, can see my comment further below for my comparison on the additional risks of genetic disorders - they aren't insane by any means. I guess I came across incorrectly here. The social consequences would be far worse than the genetic consequences unfortunately , so it's probably not a very good idea regardless.

Many places in the world even marry blood relatives. Also nothing wrong with that genetic problems in the offspring can happen, but the fear of that is largely overblown - genetic screening these days helps avoid issues as well. Unless you're raping small children or stomping on bunnies, you're not doing anything wrong or terrible. Wait- that changes everything. I'm all for what any two or three, etc.

If she's 17 and he's 18, okay, no big deal. But if he's like 24 or so, well, that's rape. I think you should me specific and say statutory rape, because they both are giving consent. Depending on where they are, even if she is 17 and he is More likely 19 or 20, it's still statutory rape. Hey, I want to have sex with you. She gave consent, it was not forced on her. He did not rape her. Is it statutory, yes. But not plain rape because she did give consent.

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Even if the legal age is 16, it's still less than The legal age of consent in all of Canada and most of America is AoC is 17 in 8 states and 18 in You only have to be 18 to take pictures. If the AoC is 16 in their particular locale, then she's considered legally competent to consent to sexual activity. Even in places where the AoC is set at 18, most have "close-in-age" exemptions where you're still okay provided you're within a certain range.

In some places there are differing ages of consent for vaginal and anal. Age of Consent laws are fucking weird and all over the place.

Welcome to Reddit,

If you want to be perfectly safe and never have to worry about it, stick with 18 and you'll be fine. Either way though, I think that OP is safe, strictly from an age-based legal standpoint. You have many times higher chance of birth defects with relatives varying with degrees of relation. Not everyone has access, or would act based on information obtained from 'genetic screening'.

So while it is an available tool, I dont know if it is used commonly even in first world. Also just cause we can screen doesnt remove risk, its like saying smoking is ok because cancer screening.


Yes killing an innocent creature is worse than two consenting adults doing something that does not effect you. It always had been. That "always had been" part is called revisionism. Incest has traditionally been considered very bad. The "incest taboo" is basically universal. The rabbit-stomping taboo is Except for the tradition of royals or equal status with different titles marrying relatives to keep the bloodlines pure. It was pretty established for a long time. I should know, my family tree folds in on itself.

A brother and sister had a child and said child married his grand-aunt. Pre-Western contact Hawaiians believed that the strongest mana, a person's spiritual power, can only be attained by being born to a brother and sister. Does it help keep down on grocery bills at family gatherings?

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But seriously, I can't believe I forgot Polynesian. Didn't know about Hawaiians, but I'm sure lots of islander cultures have incest in them. Living on an island sort of cuts down on marriage opportunities. Sooner of later, everyone's related somehow. Anyone on the mainland who had a thing for 'pure bloodlines' was just It's just blood, and half the time the royals were axed out in favor of new ones anyway. Why worry about their great-great-great grandfather's roots? It's funny you say that, because we just had a family reunion. The gross majority of money raised went towards food.

True, lots of food was donated for example a steer, a wild pig, and two domestic pigs , but there was enough food to feed the relatively light turnout of about or so. Yeah and look at King Tut, that didn't really turn out so well for him or any of the other deformed, sickly and mentally ill royal offspring. I don't have a problem with OP and her relationship or incestuous relationships in general , but it's irritating to see the risks of birth defects downplayed.

Although they are only half siblings, so I imagine the risks are lower than full siblings then again birth defects are still common among cousin pairs.. But I'm not an incest expert. You have named one specific child born of habitual incest. Now, name me many more specific children born of first generation incest who are "deformed, sickly and mentally ill," and your point will be valid.

I agree that habitual incest is awful for genes and future generations. But I'm willing to bet lots of everyone's relatives got it on at some point with their aunts and cousins and siblings and parents, just because of the nature of tribal tendencies and isolation. Continuing it as the norm is probably a bad idea.