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Natek holds a master's degree in political science and international relations from the University of Ljubljana. Meet Singles in your Area! Step 1 Don't lose touch. Step 2 Go to the places you know he frequents, but make sure his current partner won't be there. Step 3 Call him. Step 4 Be honest. Step 5 Move on with your life. View Singles Near You. How to Breakup With a Guy. How to Battle Breakup Loneliness. How to Get Closure From a Breakup. Accessed 16 January It's normal to enjoy the attention because it makes you feel important that he would be willing to go behind his girlfriend's back to text you.

However, just remember that if he is capable of doing that now, there's a risk of it happening in the future if the two of you were to work something out. So my ex boyfriend and I dated for 4 years, first love, inseparable and very close with his family. When I went away to college I was confused and feeling unsure because I felt like I needed to be single and experience life without him. I broke up with him and was fine, I tried not to think about it at all and started talking to a new guy.

My ex was very heartbroken and we almost got back together a few times but I was stupid and chose the new guy. I regret that decision so much and want my ex back more than anything and wish I could go back and change my mind, and really have been down lately because I miss him so much. You should not contact him at this point since he's dating someone new and he may not take you seriously. Give it some time and move on with your life for now.

If at a later date things don't work out with him and his date, you could initiate contact again with him if you're still keen. Kevin, I want my ex back permanently. We started seeing each other. It got was just beginning to get serious. I met his oldest child. He told his mother about me. I told my mother about him. Then, suddenly he was contacted by his ex. She professed all her feelings she still had for him. He told me about it all and said he was confused. However, I have been his only relationship since their separation. We had been together for 4 months.

I dedcidely told him if he was confused, he should try to work things out as reuniting a marriage, and considering they have a 4 year old son together, would be a priority This may sound crazy, but closure is necessary when ending a marriage and I feel he deserves to figure that out without my influence since he has any doubt at all. Therefore I am in no contact at day 6 now. I truly feel I did the honorable, self-respectful choice. These are my feelings and I have to feel them and heal through this alone.

But here is my question. If she is doing this through only jealousy, what would be the natural progression of what's going to happen? I will not communicate throughout this process but I would like to know what are the chances of it ending permanently between them? I'm in no hurry, because I know he has a lot of feelings to discern even if it doesn't work between them. But I still would like to hear your perspective so I'm not completely clueless. I have never been in this situation or rather never had to remove my own self in honor of the circumstances.

If his ex is only doing this out of jealousy, it is most likely that whatever caused the divorce to happen in the first place would repeat itself since her actions were not made in a calculated and logical manner but rather, in an emotional desperate attempt which may work because of the closure they need, but would not last long term. I did 45 days no contact, my ex texted me the whole time during no contact. I broke up with him and told him not to contact me anymore After I finally agreed to meet him for coffee he kept asking I did and I found out through social media he got a new girlfriend.

But I want him back now.

Part 3: Healing During No Contact When she is dating someone else

I've hung out with him 5 times but made the mistake of sleeping with him. What is the best thing to do now? Do I go back to being friends and how long do I wait to tell him he has to choose between her and I? Shouldn't that be more than like 2 months and not just after a few times of hanging out?

Right now if he's gotten together with a new girl and still wants to sleep with you and pesters you to meet up, there is a likelihood that he may trying to play you out. Take caution of that, and consider that making him choose between her and you might actually leave you devastated if the answer isn't what you want. Thanks for the reply. What do you mean by play me out? I will definitely keep my radar up for that. Do I wait more until we're closer friends, do I wait until he says something?

I'm not sure when to give up on getting him back and moving on or when to keep trying. What I mean by playing you out is that he may be sleeping with you because it's easy and the moment he gets bored, he might just decide to stop or walk away. I would suggest waiting it out until at least you're in a slightly more advantageous position for him to actually make a choice. Currently if you make him choose, there may be a chance he goes with her because she is still novel and brings something new into his life.

I will make sure not to give into sleeping with him while I wait it out. Is a month or two good enough time or longer? Also how would I bring up the conversation of making him choose. Hi Kevin, my ex of 3 years and I have been broken up almost 3 months. He is with another girl as far as I know. I have had no contact for this entire time. I am getting ready to say something but I am absolutely terrified! I have had 20 major surgeries from age 2 - 13 and this terrifies me.. Our relationship did not end well and he ended it.

But my heart wants what it wants. Please help me come to a decision to either let sleeping dogs lie or live a little and the worst risk is the one not taken.. My suggestion would actually to not contact him right now because he is currently with someone else and you don't want to come across as the third party. Also he may not take you seriously since he may be in a happy relationship or not but you don't know for sure and considering that the relationship did not end well.

Wait it out a little longer for an opportunity before texting him. Hi, I'm 26, and he is 27 years old. We were together for 9 months and I meet his friends and family. Reason for breaking up was that he doesn't have time for me, that he isn't sure what he wants, maybe it's other girls, but he has everything he wants with me, so he needs time to think. But I think that he has someone else now. Few days after the break up he sent me a message that he is thinking of me every day, and i replyed to him after an hour that i'm glad that it's like that.

I know where i was making mistake in our relationship, i was always there and available for him, almost like i didn't have my own life. Now I don't know how to repair mistake and how to get him back? Well, you have to show him that you're capable of living without him and perhaps that was the problem. By forever being available and there for your partner, it's easy for your partner to take advantage of that and take you for granted in the process because it becomes a boring relationship to him.

I suggest focusing on your own life for now remember before you guys got together, you were living life perfectly fine without him , and pick yourself up from where you left off back then. My ex and i broke up 3 weeks ago. He post feelings for me and he is in love with his ex. I still Miss him and i want to get back with him. Do i still have a chance with him? I think it would be better to let him get over his ex before you take another shot or consider anything since he may start projecting his feelings towards his ex on you and it isn't fair to you.

It can be anywhere between immediately to 10 days. If they don't respond within 10 days, it's safe to assume, they won't. He cheated on me when we were together and I mentally lost it always feared losing him and he always threatened to leave me when I got emotional and insecure.

Very jealous of all that I see from the window looking in. Why everyone behaves the way they do. Playing my role as best as I can to win him back for a long time. I never learned how long a pregnant rebound could last. Or how long a man can use a woman until he gets bored. So far almost a year because of her being prego I think. Will this baby cause a break up? Will she learn she deserves better than him? Regret her obsession over him? Or will a user of people and obsessive person of people last? She basically asked for him to look at her like a desire to be used. He did at first use her and she cut him off when she found she was prego.

Her back story is as follows: They end up together and she tells him the story and gives him the jewelry for the close holiday. How did she know he was single? Lied about not being able to have kids? Idk but it seems she planned this. You said he cheated on you, destroyed your self esteem, and he uses people. Why do you want to get him back? If your answer is "Because I love him", then I want you to do no contact for at least 3 months before attempting to contact him. My ex and I became official 3 months after his first relationship of 2 months; he was dumped ended.

We were together for 8 months. Here, I wished him well and stopped the messages. What should my mentality be? I probably have some kind of answer. But what bothers me is that whenever I wake up I still think of my ex, knowing that he has a new girlfriend instead of choosing to experience and learn about love together with me.

It's normal to feel this way especially if you haven't really dedicated yourself to moving on yet. Like you say, you're not his counselor so it may a better idea instead to focus on yourself. In an indirect sense, he's started to move on already so you shouldn't keep yourself in the past either.

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I was in a FWB relationship for 2 years, we had moments of talking about taking it further, we never completely acted on it, 6 months ago he messaged me he had found someone, he calls his GF, however, he still regularly messages me, we have had sex 2 times and dinner a few times, while he has been with his GF, and we tell each other we love each other, how ever, he still stays with her I do not know if their is a recovery chance with him or not I am confused, in love with him, and recognize my situation is not normal, I need a more adaptive program for my situation Firstly, you should be cutting off the FWB status with him since you know he has a girlfriend, and that makes you the 'third wheel' even if you do love him and have been with him longer.

This creates the wrong mentality for him as he may not think of you as someone he would call his girlfriend since its been 2 years and things never progressed from FWB since but someone he met for a shorter period could become his girlfriend. I suggest creating some distance for your own sake and figure out if you want a relationship with him, or a FWB situation. I love my ex so much but he has a girlfriend.

How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back When He Has a New Girlfriend

He sometimes come to my place and ask to make love which I always say no. Recently I ask him to come back to me and he only told me that we both have moved on and I will only be his friend. I can't stabilise in any relationship because he is always in my heart and mind. I feel that he is only one my heart belongs to and hurts so much seeing him far from me. It would be fair to yourself to at least spend time recovering and moving on since he already has a girlfriend. Even if you want to get back together with him in the future, at least work on your emotional state right now before trying anything.

Okay so I have a situation myself that made me end up here.. Me and my ex always had little bumps in the road and whatnots but everything changed when we found out I was pregnant.. He was still very iffy about what he wanted to do. I took pretty much any chance to talk to to give about it but I still never really understood anything. Until last night when we actually stood face to face. From there I offered him my phone.. So I asked him if he had a girlfriend if he was dating someone. He kept saying no and no. And I asked him not to lie to me. I was like okay so he told me and I asked to see the messages and he did Immediately his face completely changed.

I asked if he wanted to come to my ultrasound next week and he said yes but he was just acting really really awkward. So I broke and asked him about the girl from work. He told me that he would talk to her today.. I looked at him and he just told me that she was asleep last night.. For starters, I'm sorry to hear that you have to go through such a devastating situation. You deserve every bit of attention you need right now.

However, it's best not to overthink things and if he says he will talk to her, perhaps let him be for now and see how it goes? You've enough on your plate without having to second guess every action or inaction that takes place. Thank you for telling me this. It calms me down a bit. But something happened last night.

When again he keeps telling me he loves me. And as soon as he came home everything just felt right.. And it just made me lose all hope. Then when we woke up he wanted me to stay there and wait for him to come home.. That's awfully strong of you to make the decision. I would have suggested the same thing. It's not healthy for you or the baby to go through this, even though it feels 'right' if you're constantly hurt in the process. Like I said before, you deserve every bit of attention but more importantly than that, you deserve to be happy.

Since he has not stopped talking to her, it would be better if you not linger around with potentially false hope and end up hurt, over and over again. I don't know what to do. I have been with this guy for 5 years and I just recently found out that he was cheating on me.

He told me that there is still a chance that we can get back together or be good friends. But I really love him. I thought him cheating would make me hate him but I feel really lost.. I know it takes time and I know about the no contact rule. But I'm so afraid that he will never be with me again When he says he still thinks there's a chance you guys can get back together, I hope he means it without the third party?

Before you consider anything more, you have to be considerate to yourself and respect yourself. Would you want to continue and be fine with your boyfriend having a third wheel? There is this boy that I have been with for a year. We loved each other a lot but then some stuff happened and he broke up with me. A week or 2 later he's with this girl that he says he loves. Though he told me not to tell her that he still loves me.

In the end, he wants to stay with her even though he really loves me. I'm always around him and she lives like 2 hours away so he spends more time and texts me more than her. I tried telling him that I think he's confused but he won't listen. What should I do to let him know that I love him and that he should just stop and come back?

Perhaps he's going through a rebound with her? In that case, I suggest applying the no contact rule to let him figure that out by himself. You shouldn't interfere with a rebound as he might resent you for it and think you're trying to manipulate him. If he still loves you, he will come back eventually. I have been dating this guy for 3 years. Then about four months ago I started suspecting he was cheating on me with some girl he met in a whatsapp group we share. When I kept confronting him about his flirting with her, he denied it, till he eventually dumped me two weeks ago, saying he doesn't have feelings with me anymore.

It's clear he is dating her, am not being paranoid. I have not texted him since the breakup, which was through a chat. Do you think there is a chance it could be serious? Did I lose him a long time ago and should just move on? Speculation may not give you any closure or information. If you guys have been dating for 3 years, it's highly likely that he truly loved you but something may have happened along the way. Firstly, give yourself some space and adopt the no contact rule. At the end of it, if you still feel that you want him back, I suggest you have an honest conversation with him about it.

Hi kevin im in a terrible situation and im so confused my bf and i of 7yrs and we also share a three year old. He tells me he will always love me but he is still with this other woman. After 3 months and he is still with her i made the poor decision of telling him i moved on with someone.

How can i still fix us getting back together should i continue on with the lie and make him jealous until he wants me back? Tell him that you lied to make him jealous and that you need some time and space to heal from the breakup. After that, start no contact. Don't reply to his texts or email no matter how much he contacts you. Hi, My boyfriend and I were together for a year and 9 months, it was both of our first relationship and it was pretty serious and we were contemplating moving in together.

In december I made a male friend who really bothered him and he was intensely jealous of this friendship and started acting out and being very mean towards me reading my messages, saying rude things ect. As time went on my friend and I got closer and closer because I was opening up about the emotional issues I was having in my relationship. My ex boyfriend broke up with me in march saying that I emotionally cheated on him I don't disagree and we continued talking about potentially being together until April when we went no contact and he moved on with someone else.

In May I saw him and things went well, he was affectionate and listened to me; but he was very conflicting and told me things like "I hope you find what you're looking for" and then things like "I truly don't want you to give up on me. Him and that girl are together now and I'm also seeing someone but my ex and I are talking again and have been for about a week. I want him back but I have no idea what to do because his texts are so dry and seemingly like he doesn't care and has actually moved on.

I do know he stalks my social media everyday though and finally just deleted our pictures off of instagram and facebook. I should also mention we're two hours away from each other currently so seeing him is not the easiest. The only way to get him back is be patient. I recommend you stop contacting him until he contacts you first.

And if you are not in love with the guy you are seeing, breakup with him. You will not get what you want unless you start saying no to the things you don't want. Kevin please help me. Me and my ex were together 7 years. We broke up in October last year because I cheated. In february I began dating someone new and he made attempts to get back with me but I was talking to my new lover.

The week before my birthday he brung flowers to my job and brought me a Mother's Day gift. We did sleep together after that we didn't really talk much. I just found he is seeing someone he says she's a friend but I'm not so sure. I miss him a lot and want him back but don't want to hurt my new lovers heart and apparently my ex and his new friend started talking. He is off Monday and we Are supposed to meet up concerning our son but I'm nervous. I am literally crying because I'm torn what do I do? Are you sure you want him back? Or are you just scared of losing him forever because he is speaking to someone else.

You probably hurt him terribly after a seven years relationship and he has finally healed a little bit and is starting to pick up the pieces of his life. Please do not give him hopes of getting back together only to realize later on that you don't want him back. Take some time out and truly think about what you want.

Get therapy if you are confused. I understand you are hurt but at one point of time you chose to cheat on him and leave him. There is a good chance you made that decision because you did not want that relationship. Nothing much has changed and if you go back, you might end up in the same relationship and the same boyfriend you cheated on.

Do you truly want that? Or are you just feeling hurt because you are just realizing that your ex can move on as well? Grief is painful, but if you choose to not pursue him, you will heal and feel better. But if you give him hope and shatter it again, you will hurt him again and it will be cruel.

Part 2: Doing No Contact When She is with Her New Boyfriend

My fiance of 8 years broke up with me and immediately started dating his coworker. He ended up moving in with her. We have been broken up now for almost 2 months. I did all the wrong things at first like begging him back. That pushed him further away. I started making as little contact as possible with us having 4 kids together. This past monday he come over and he started making passes at me. Then, he gave me a very deep hug, if that makes sense.

If felt like he cared followed by a "friendly" kiss as he called it. He said we have been best friends for 8 years and wants to continue being friends. Tues, I had no contact with him. Wed, he started making sexual passes again. Later that night he called me to tell me his new girlfriend of 1 month and him got engaged. They both felt like it was the respectful thing to do for me to hear it from them. Thurs came, with more sexual passes. Friday, i made a huge mistake and met up with him.

We ended up having sex. I know it was wrong and im not gonna do it anymore. Im gonna tell him tomorrow. What does this mean and do you think i still have a chance to get him back. You do have a chance.

But you need to do no contact. His new relationship definitely looks like a rebound and will end soon. But if you keep being available to him, he will never realize how much he loves you and will never go through the grief. If you have to meet him because of the kids, keep your distance and don't speak to him. If he tries to speak or make passes, just tell him to stop and tell him you need some space and time.

Be stern and strong. This is the only way to get him back. Its been a few weeks since I posted this and I just now seen it. I had it in my head that I'd talk to him and I did and we both agreed not to do anything anymore. It wasn't just a few days of me having limited contact that he started doing it again.

I'm ashamed to say I give in. We broke up once before and were fwb and got back together. I guess I was hoping for the same outcome. I am ashamed of myself and absolutely not doing it anymore. I'm gonna start the limited contact and keep it that way. I do have a question. Why is it that he asks me quite often if I'm talking or seeing anyone but yet has told me that I need to find somebody who makes me happy? Hi, I was dating my ex for 3 years in which we had lots of ups and downs. Towards the end, I was not attracted to him and also felt he was prioritising work and family, so broke it off.

He tried after our break up to get back but I was hurting. After a year, we got back in touch and planned a friend holiday and he started casual dating. I didn't expect it but that is making me question whether I have feelings as we have a great time together. Can u guide how to know if I'm over it or if I should try get back. We discussed it but he felt he was too hurt but still feels I'm his best friend. Just tell him that you are confused about how you feel and take things slow.

If after months of dating, you don't feel attracted to him and are still unsure, then talk about getting back together. I was dumped almost two weeks ago by the first girl I ever fell in love with. I was the first boy she ever fell in love with, too. We moved out of home together and had lived together for three years. One week after she broke up with me I found out that she was already starting a new relationship.

We were still living comfortably in the same house until then. I became extremely distraught and desperate. I fled home and in the next few days sent her many desperate texts and messages and cried in her presence twice while trying to be mature. She dumped me because I emotionally cheated on her by flirting online with other girls. I hate myself for it.

I want to know if this new relationship is a rebound and if my desperate reactions over the course of three days will make it harder for me to win her back, if that is at all possible. Do you think she still loves me at all despite what I did to her? There is a good chance the new relationship is a rebound. Read this article to learn what can you do when you cheated. Hi Kevin I was with my ex for 5 years, we spilt up 3 years ago, we have stayed in constant contact with each other and became the best of friends. I unfortunately moved on after a year of the break up, but still was friends with my ex.

My ex hadn't moved on and made it clear he wanted me back. SO I decided I would take the plunge and finish with my current boyfriend to get back with my ex, unfortunately my ex was getting frustrated as it was taking so long, and sent me a shitty email. I planned to meet up with his to discuss, but couldn't be for 3 weeks as i travel with work. I was in total shock and felt devastated, he could wait 3 years but not 3 weeks Now I am single, totally in love with me ex, but he now doesn't want me!

It"s possible that his new relationship is not a rebound and he has truly moved on. Maybe he was going out with that girl for a while and when you told him you want to get back together he decided to tell you that he has a new girlfriend. Unfortunately there is nothing much you can do right now except no contact and healing. If after a couple of months you still want him back, contact him. Me and my ex broke up 6 months already. I havent contact him since our break up i follow the NC until now I blocked him on facebook and intsagram. But we have a group of friends.

I heard that my ex's courting someone for about 2 months. I thought I moved on but I can feel the pain again. Our friends asked me if i still love him I reply them "Nope, Im done with him". But i realized that I still love him so much. What should i do? Please help me thank you in advance!

Just make sure you don't look needy, desperate or depressed on your social media profiles. I greatly appreciate this post. It's exactly what I'm going through right now. So here's my story:. I just recently came from a breakup. But I can't really be sure if it's a breakup since there was never actually an us. I mean, we were not officially together. We labeled ourselves as best friends. So this guy was a friend of mine years back when we were in 1st yr in college.

He was just a typical friend of mine. We were friends for a year since I transferred school. Ever since I transferred, we never got to see and talk to each other anymore. That was in Came Nov , all of a sudden we started chatting. We haven't talked for 3 years since so we were really just excited talking to each other again. Our friendship went back again and the longer we conversed, the deeper our connection got. We communicated through texts, calls and fb chat. Since then, we became officially best friends. We also got to hang out for us to see each other, which I think made us closer even more.

This all happened from Nov to Jan Jan was the last time I saw him in person. Apparently, due to our closeness, we know we both had feelings for each other but the problem is that no one between us dared to open about it. They dont need to be in LDR. BTW his new gf is 18yearsold and my ex is 27 working.

He is already dating someone else so I only send simple text openers and he always respond to my texts positively but we never really progress to conversations. I mentioned it to him via text but he replied that there is no need for gifts and that he is sorry because he is not comfortable with it. How should I answer him back? His family already knows about it and is expecting it already. How should I go on about this? Just give him some time to process it, then you can bring up the topic again considering his family may be expecting gifts from you.

Some guys need time to get use to certain things…run it through their mind to consider a different notion. Hey I was with my ex for 11 years since we were We had just bought a house together when I found out he had traveled 5 hours to meet up and sleep with someone he met on the internet. He then left me for her. They barely know eachother and live 5 hours apart.

We only talk about bills and house stuff, he moved out. I am sorry you ex is behaved in such an irresponsible way. I am thinking NC is the path forward. Based on my read of your situation, I suspect that NC would be a better match for you right now. And I have tons of eBooks and other resources that can help you understand how to get the most out of that approach. But remember, it starts with a focus on your healing….

Should I just keep trying to be an ungettable girl. My and my ex have been broken up for 4 months. We just had a baby dec 1. We were together for over 2 years and living together for one year. Now they are in a relationship. His birthday just passed and he hung out with her instead of me.

What should I do? I really want to be with him and be a family with our baby. I am sorry this guy said such mean things to you. I thing you are right to to lay down some groundrules around the relationship. Him staying with this other girl is his choice, but it is clearly not something you tolerate.

He might be bummed out about what you told him, but your are sticking up for yourself and that is good. My ex and I have been broken up for almost a year and half and we have had limited contact throughout this time. I found out 4 months ago although I suspect he has been seeing her for about a year — apparently on and off. I have kept up contact more than him but about a month ago he sent me a photo of both of us all loved up and for about 2 weeks we were texting every few days no phone calls though.

Then I tried to call him and he did not return my call. Should I respond to this text or just leave it? Hell Natalie…I suspect he was feeling you out. After all, you both have a lot of history together. A short response is probably fine. But if the text messaging takes that turn where it is just monthly little check-in texts, I agree, you may not want that in your life. Hi Chris — thanks for your response. I just re-read what I sent to you and thank you for being able to decipher some of my dribble!

Best of luck you Natalie. There are some good ones out there.

My Ex Is Dating Someone New: Are We Done For Good?

You know better now what to look for. Hello I need some advice. My BF cheated, I told him to leave, he wanted to be friends, i said i couldnt be friends. I went back on my word more then once, even going as far as giving an ultimatum, choosing for him to just end it after he wouldnt make a choice. Then i went back on it again. He moved in with this first, quick, within a week. I know her too and work with her, he use to work with her too. They kept in contact through video games i played with them.

My BF and i were are? We have done everything together for the last 6 years.. I started giving him more space and he started giving me more space the last year or Anyway, she bought him a new phone, but he kept the one he bought with me different numbers. At first i played the crazy GF but it never drove him away, he came over every day I asked to talk, he answered my calls and texts.. Now the emotional talks are over after about week 2 they were. But we still text and occasionally talk basically every day.. But he only texts or calls me when the other girl is at work remember we work together so i know her schedule and only on the phone that is on our plan together.

He told the other girl he wanted to be friends with me after we broke up, but he is clearly trying to hide that we communicate back and forth so much. All of his very sentimental stuff is here too, pictures of his deceased mom and father and other family members, clothes, his furniture that he had before we moved in together, his snakes, all here.

But I have been thinking about NC with the strictly business talk only aspect and quiet possibly not sure if that would be needed as bills come once a month around the same time.. But the whole always being there is what I want to be at the same time. Should I continue the being there and being a presence always, or should I NC him and see if his messages change? How long have they been together and why do you sti have bills with him?

He is content with the situation.

How To Win Back An Ex Who Is With Someone Else

I know it says within 2 months, and I keep thinking where do I start the timeline? While I left him actually in September not August , we started behaving like a couple, said we loved each other, were intimate and on the road to being together he and i were both very excited to be the way we were with one another seeing each other almost every week or other week, talking day in and day out. But the emotional ending happened 1 month ago. So do I start the time line then? Or one month ago? Boyfriend and I were involved for 3 years in a very serious committed relationship.

We discussed marriage, moving in and were very serious about it, he even bought me a promise ring. We would have been in a relationship 3 years in two weeks. I broke up with him in August because we were butting heads too much for the last 9 months little did I know it was because he was depressed He begged me to come back.

He slipped and said he loved me and then one day we both admitted it to each other. He started to put up a wall after that and on New Years we got into a stupid fight. He got mad at me and blocked me for one month January-Feb Where he refused to end it even though I begged and said just say something at this point even to end it and held onto my things this whole time. One month ago feb 5 I asked him to come by and give me my things he was a little petty but I apologized for what I did wrong and he softened He cried, he said it was a shame, that we could hang out one day and be friends, he unblocked me and opened communication.

Said it doesnt always work out and when I said not ever? Two weeks later it was his birthday. Is this likely a rebound? Before me, he waited 9 months to get into another relationship. Should I still do no contact? I know the articles say waiting too long gives them time to get closer.