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And they are about to get even closer and more romantic. Their romance is taking place in a web drama. The "Gangnam Blues" actor and Girls Generation singer are going to act like two good friends who fall in love in a web drama titled "Summer Love.

The two-episode web drama will be released by the Korean cosmetic brand Innisfree. In the web drama Lee Min Ho and Yoona play old friends who like to meet and talk on a regular basis. But one summer their friendship progresses into something more. They fall in love.

While web dramas have become very popular lately, this particular drama will also be something of a commercial for an Innisfree makeup product. One of the things that the couple talks about during the drama is the makeup and the fact that this product lasts for up to 12 hours.

Suzy and Lee MinHo Reportedly Dating Again • Kpopmap

It is an ideal product for summer because it is sweat proof and provides UV protection. Thank you and enjoy! On 30th last month, I asked Minho about his dating style as his acting in the movie was impressive. Actually, I was very curious. I was curious about how the movie would turn out when I received the scenario. Actually, there are acting parts which I feel lacking. I was the complete opposite of Jin-il. It was my aim not to look awkward when I smoked, cursed, and spit.

Laughs It is like an accomplishment.

SNSD Yoona & Donghae dating Rumour 💞 revealed after together secret date at H.O.T concert

Was he strict at home? When I was young, I thought to myself that I should play sports too since my father played sports.

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From the moment I remember things, I grew up looking at my father running on the soccer field. Even with his life as a coach or manager, it was vivid to think that I should became a soccer player since my father also played sports, but turns out he disapproved of it.

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He told me not to become a soccer player. I think that was the time he scolded me this hard. Aside from that, he has never been this strict. He only scolded me when I lied or behaved badly. My mother was rather strict. You dreamed of being a soccer player when you were a kid, so since when did you think of acting?

Suzy and Lee MinHo Reportedly Dating Again

I thought that I wanted to do acting for the first time when I was in middle school. At first, I received more acting lessons than dancing and singing lessons. I thought it would be hard for me to debut as SHINee because I lacked of skills, but it seemed that I debuted quickly. It was a hard time during early days after debut. Actually my mother strongly objected me to be a celebrity.