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It's probably been brought up before, but for any of you fellow night shifters, how do you date? My hours killed my last relationship, all we would do when together was bitch about how we never saw each other. Online dating apps, tinder, bumble and the like do not work for me once I reveal my hours. How have we not created a night shift dating app??? To be honest, find someone who either works in the morning and spend time in the evening or someone who works the same schedule as you do.

My advice is kinda like the others, find someone that works around your hours. It's easier to connect with them if they understand what nightshirt means. I've found out that more people than I though either work swing shift or night shift. If not, try to squeeze in texts and phone calls when you get out of work, before work or even something they can look forward to: I've been night shift for 11 years now.


Started the week after I graduated high school. Dating is very strenuous on sleep and sometimes isn't as rewarding as one hopes. I wasn't around much due to working 5 days a week. But I still tried my damnedest to hold things together on the outside. Effort was always there when I could. The girlfriends always wanted more time. I just couldn't build a career and keep someone happy enough at the same time. I don't think I'd ever want to marry someone who would be willingly away 5 nights a week so it's a pretty big deal to me.

Share Share this post on Digg Del. I think you need to be adaptable and not be so inflexible. Good work is hard to come by. Make the most of your time together, because an awful lot of work, globally, is being 'converted to shift work. I think you may have to suck this up for a while, and do what you can to make the good times better. Last edited by darkmoon; 25th February at 6: Yeah sure I would.

What matters to me is how much effort he puts into to meet up with me when he isn't at work. If he finishes at midnight he can still come by mine after and get into bed and fall asleep with me.

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Personally I often work 9ampm shifts myself and work seven days per week and I made space for a new relationship with that schedule. If you like a LOT of time together, though, you probably won't be compatible. The work time you are describing is called 2nd shift. Night shift is usually 11 pm to 7 am. My mother worked that shift.

Dating for People Who Work the Night Shift

My father rotated shifts. I was a night bartender. Lots of people are doctors, nurses, police, firefighters, factory workers etc. That's an awful lot of people to kick out of your dating pool. Sometimes those shifts come with higher pay because they are not 9 to 5. If everything else about your relationship is good this seems like a petty thing to complain about. A good LTR relationship takes a lot of time together.

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I'm a little surprised that so many of you think she's asking for too much. If the guy finishes at midnight, he's probably home close to 1am. Is the OP supposed to stay awake all night to be with her boyfriend, when she has to get up for work at 8am? Ok, I'm supposing she works a regular day shift. Because if she doesn't stay awake part of the late night, how are they going to cram sex, conversation, problem resolution, kids issues, kids activities, companionship into 2 days a week?

Anyway, I agree with OP's eagerness to push the issue. Of course, it would have been reasonable to see each other only 2 days a week during the first months of dating.