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Did RSVP years ago, after the 1st wife. And it was before the Tinder revolution On and off, mostly "good" experiences. Found the whole thing a bit of a rigmarole at times, and often a lot more effort than it was worth. Still, I'd recommend it, particularly if you have kids and are looking for like-minded situations, goals, etc. I'd put the cigar smoking thing out there, upfront.

Too much BS to go through to leave a deal-breaking thing off the table at the outset.

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I met my current wife through online dating. I spent a couple years dating online looking for Mrs. I smoked cigarettes up until I met my current wife quit after the first date, I knew she was the one and I clicked 'no' on the smoking section.

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Saying all that I think online dating would be good for Ken. There are many advantages to it. I prefer it to blind dates, being setup by friends, and looking elsewhere. Got a load of hassle on tinder off one girl because I had a kid Was about to explain that I was a single father as her mother ran off when she was two weeks old and the daft bint blocked me. My only hope now is finding a single mother at my daughters nursery or finding a Visa needy Thai girl Good on ya all of you that have to navigate that world.

I just want you to be as happy as I am. That is motivation enough to stay the current course of relationship bliss.

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If that's what you think those emojis are, you seriously need glasses, Ken! You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Cannot be modified by later he was also concerned that this order.

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