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If the linear amplifier is a home base style, the type that has a built it power supply, then connect the plug into the electrical outlet, switch it on and the switch on the linear amplifier. Anonymous 7 June at Anonymous 19 June at Anonymous 2 September at Gene Mcminn 26 September at Like Us On Facebook.

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How to Check SWR With a Linear Amplifier

Then only way t Turn off your transmitter and linear amplifier and unplug your antenna from your linear transmitter. Connect a jumper cable from the antenna jack on your amplifier to the amplifier or transmitter jack on the SWR meter. Turn on your transmitter and then switch your amplifier to the AM mode. Turn on the amplifier if it is not set up to turn on automatically when you power on your transmitter. Check the SWR meter to make sure it reads less than 2.

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Reposition the antenna or trim the antenna cable to reduce the distance between it and the amplifier if it reads 2. Trim the antenna mast or replace the antenna if you cannot get it to read below 2. Should those be sized up? Or can they be simply connected to larger wires from the batteries? ArkansasOutsider , Oct 18, Oct 18, 5. Mostly depends on length of run from batt. I wouldn't go smaller than 4ga keep ground short as possible.

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Hit up google several sites that give max amp capacity for length. Oct 18, 6. The wires coming out of the amp are fine. If you hooked them directly to the battery you would be O. But you can't do that so you need a larger diameter wire to get the power to the amp. I used 6 gauge trolling motor wire like they use in a Ranger boat to power my Texas Star V. Hayseed has a awesome set up so what he tells you is good advice Texas Star Sweet That is indeed impressive!!

Linear installation; Grounding & all that other good stu

Oct 18, 7. Ridgeline , Oct 18, Oct 18, 8.

Powder Joints , Oct 18, Oct 18, 9. You did not state the length of wire you are going to use but assuming not much longer than 6 feet 8 Ga will handle 65 amperes, 6 Ga 95 amperes, 4 Ga amperes, assuming a maximum wire temperature of 80 degrees C. For Hayseed his DX is rated watts in at amperes yielding 1, watts out. For a DXV figure roughly 65 amperes at rated output. Yours will likely be in the 60 ampere area at maximum output. Meaning 8 Ga will just barely suffice but will be hot if you are driving it hard for extended periods, 6 Ga gives you some headroom especially if your wire run is a bit longer.

CB Radio Amplifier - RM KL203

Since he would only intermittently ever reach that output his setup fares well. For a good lifetime and reliability it should be kept to a maximum of watts which I have no doubt he does. However we are answering your question so I would say depending on how you run your setup 8 Ga will just barely suffice for an average run to the battery, 6 Ga is a far better choice, 4 Ga is really overkill in your situation.