Well, you know all good things must come to an end … or evolve to something different. Here are some thoughts …. So dating on the down low can be totally fun and exciting, but, it has an expiry date. Clarifying a Direction Well, you know all good things must come to an end … or evolve to something different.

Here are some thoughts … Dating on the Down Low because of cheating?

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Then you know that regardless of what you want or they say then the chances of them leaving their partner for you is slim and even if they do then you know they have done it before so they will more than likely do it to you. Well, perhaps you need to re-assess your priorities. Is this person worth fighting for? Lying, no matter how small, should be avoided if possible. The closer you stick to the truth, the easier it is to remember your story and the harder it is to disprove. If you do lie, make sure you both know and agree to the lie, just in case it comes up later.

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Most people understand all this. This is fine; relationships are about having fun. However, make sure you are both on the same page. If you play that game, you will eventually get caught, and you will eventually be outed. Make sure everyone in the relationship is okay with the possibility of that happening. Love is hard enough; keeping it secret is doubly so. If you can live with the consequences of a public affair, go public as soon as you are comfortable.

Lies kill relationships, and sometimes those lies are the ones we tell people not even in the relationship with us.

That is, after all, the whole point. The meta physics of the glass closet are like the physical properties of glass, sometimes liquid and sometimes solid, located in the slippages of categorization.

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If we understand the closet as a racialized metaphor, then we must fully consider what it means when black bodies enter the illuminating space of the closet. It resembles the phenomenon of peering into a lit window at night—the contents inside captured by the glass frame. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Down-low disambiguation.

What Does Dating On The Down Low Mean

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Dating on the Down Low (Nobody Has To Know)

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