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If your partner is in the merchant navy, this website could be just what you’re looking for

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Again thankyou for your time. This Merchant navy do lots of hard work,,,,,, sometimes they are treated like a donkey worker by the arrogant superiors…. First of all hats off to your real experience. About your question which is a rhetorical one. Like Liked by 1 person.

I asked u deliberately that que. Hey join me at facebook. If its fine with you. Tc n stay safe.

Dating a merchant navy guy. 3 Ways to Be a Navy Girlfriend - wikiHow

I have my love in the same profession and i trust him utmost. And i dnt believe all are like that. Its a tough life , tough money….. Hi Rajeev, loved the post, especially the part where you have aptly described the so called myth about a girlfriend at every port. People have pre-concieved notions about mariners being Casanovas but as far as my personal experience goes, these guys are the most family oriented people you will come across any profession. They know he value of their families and life, sea teaches them every thing. For them, one trust worthy woman is a goddess in front of thousands of girls on every port.

Also, even if a majority has girlfriends, whats the harm if you are single? To each, his own. Trust works from both the sides my ladies, if he loves you, he would never go behind any one else even in the most tempting situations. Reblogged this on A Room of One's Own. Sir I am a girl and wish to join merchant navy but have heard that its an extremely difficult task for women and generally they are not accepted.

I am also a mariner ….

I my college also many girls are studing ….. I am a mechanical engineer n I want to knw everything abt d working conditions inside the engine room. Also about both good n bad sides of sea life. So dat I can judge myself better for d merchant navy job. Working conditions inside an engine room depends on many factors such as type,built,size and age of the ship. But one thing which is common in all ships for engine side guys is that we all have a system,for ex. You will be keeping watches on functioning of different machines and systems such as boilers,filters,main engine,different types of pump, etc.

And hope you again write. As a guy interested in this field and an engineering graduate from Electronics and Communication stream, Sir I have a dream of travelling whole world. I would be happy if you tell me the relevant courses for me and then institutes and their pros and cons. Sir , what is the environment in the engine room , I have heard that the junior engineers are pressurised , to do a lot of work and on the other hand deck officers work in a calm and quiet air conditioned room , and last but not the least are marine engineers are to leave the port more often than deck officers.

A very well written article, found it exactly in the right time! Thanx for appreciating, stay tuned , ciao!! A very nice blog indeed!!

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For one small mistake can jeopardize safety of evryone on board. My husband is sailing right now and he is having a tough time coping with the situation. Hardly gets to sleep for 4 hrs a day, every 5 hrs he needs to go for a check, machine parts that break down frequently. Infact he told me he is feeling let down and upset. And yes he has told me a lot about ur lives onboard!!!

All i can say at the end is, i respect you guys a lot!!! And its only tough steel guys like u who can handle it!!! Hats off to all the mariners!!! Sorry i cant tel you the name of my company.

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Hi sir, I am pursuing mechanical engineering and wud like to join merchant navy through GME.. Wat r d future prospects and carreer progession in dis field. If you follow my blog , which i hope you do, getting sponsorship from a good company, after passing the entrance exam, is the main part. The reason to insist is , MN is already a difficult field as compared to other fields entering it without getting sponsorship will make it more difficult.

Future prospects and progression depends on your sailings, you sail more , give exams on each level and will definitely reach out there for the best of it. Feel free to ask more. Hi …I wanna please my husband since he successfully completed his contract of four months as 2nd engineer after our marriage this is first contract….

Now Actually i cant do justice with your question because i am going to be married this December, but yes me and my queen are dating since 3 years and with that experience, All i can say that its not easy being a mariner and mariners wife, but whats easy in life then??

Goodluck and feel free to ask AnD tell. Tells a lot of facts about merchant shipping.

Myth’s about Merchant Navy

May be you should also write about the risks and hardships sailors face. Thanks For truth and reality Now i want to know that how to join merchent navy….

5 things you should know BEFORE dating someone in the Military

I have 18 months experience as a engine cadet. That needs a lot of information. Like where have you done your pre sea from, is your sea experience validated. But in most cases you need to get your Coc. I wonder why sailors are branded as cassanovas.. I must say that there is so much of relativity between your bfs life and mine. I lost my gf after or during my first contract and met the love of my life now my wife after 3 yrs of LDR during 2nd contract.

All I can say that if he loves you he will contact you and call, msg you whenever he can. Also it depends on the trading area and facilities provided on ship too. But if the relationship is worth it sailors do make efforts. About that ex gf thing I cant help you sorry. But yes I can but one thing, whoever loves you will come for you.