My favorite wines come from Italy…. He and I both had an Irish Catholic background….

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I have a relaxed style ranch home with horses and dogs so my style at home is country; cowboy boots, skirts with comfortable shirts and hats. When I am conducting business or on TV, I like to dress up in my designer clothes and put on some high heels.

The Mother-Daughter Matchmaking Duo Getting San Fran’s Heart Beating

I feel at home in both worlds and have fun with my wardrobe. Every time I hear that song I cry…. What do you feel is the most important message to communicate when one is looking for a life partner? What is the best advice you can give to our readers in terms of finding the perfect match and the love that they seek? They wake up one day and think; I am missing the most important aspect of my live and that is, someone special to share it with.

I feel you need to be proactive in the department of love. You need to prepare yourself much like getting ready to find your dream job. Clear the decks and hold your breath and jump in. There are so many ways to get out there. Take a cooking class, go to outdoor athletic single functions, singles ski trip, try an on-line service. Ask all your friends who they think would be a good match for you, now that you are making your love life a priority.

But, what if you are extremely picky and you are too busy to join anything? You would never be seen on-line or you tried it and found many people misrepresent themselves. Your friends all seem to be in relationships or married with kids. Here is my advice to you successful picky Haute readers.

If you are successful in other aspects of your life then it might be the time to bite the bullet and call and pay for help. My children and my grandchildren, my siblings and their children and my friends. In the world, Love is all you need….. I am blessed to have such a wonderful husband and 3 children of my own. I also have 2 amazing step kids who I love very much. My mom and I are extremely close and I love working with her. Who is your favorite fashion designer? John outfits stay in style and look the best on me. Plus their little secret…a size 8 is really a I have a lot of fashion designers that I like.

Honestly I just find clothes that feel comfortable and fit my body type regardless of the label.

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If you could go anywhere in the world, then where would you go? He is making a big difference in the world and we want to be a part of it. When I read about Amma I was so happy that there is someone making a change in India and I need to know more about this hugging saint. Someone that I have always admired in the philanthropic world is Sir Richard Branson. Had you asked me this question a couple of weeks ago, I would have given you his name. However, I am fortunate enough to have just spent 5 days with him and a group from Virgin Unite on Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands, and had quite a few breakfasts, lunches and dinners together.

A remarkable man who is now about to take civilians into outpace in his new Virgin Galactic space ship! The philanthropic list that Branson is involved in is longer than most and the impact that he is having is enormous. If I could have more time with him I would grab it in a heartbeat. He is a brilliant man who is working every day to make this planet better; from political to environmental, from the oceans to humanity. It reminds me of heaven and the beautiful beaches on earth surrounded by different hues of blue.

I have never seen such gorgeous Turquoise waters surrounding the beaches coming from a cobalt blue ocean. I think my mom and I will likely answer this questions the same.

Their Different Matchmaking Styles Balance Each Other Out

Having just been in the Virgin Islands together and spending a lot of time in Hawaii with family, I think we feel best around the colors of the ocean. Blues and turquoises have a soothing sensation, give me energy and it just feels right. Colors are filled with emotion and my emotion feels at home in crystal waters. I think Helen Caldicott has done and is doing incredible things to make the world better. People should know more about her. My mom inspires me all the time. She always has and continues to do so today.

Do you think that humanity is living in a peaceful time? If yes, then why? If no, then what would you do to bring more peace to humanity? No…I think the world has become a more dangerous place. This has to change. Educated people have had it with the greed and egocentric attitudes, the all about me generation. We have to come together right now. We have to help our neighbors. But, we cannot help people unless we help them to help themselves. This is where the money should go and not to wars and stepping up hatred towards America.

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Compassion, education, training, and making a better life for those less fortunate. Companies are waking up and many are changing the world and this has to go faster. I believe we are in the best of times to make a difference and hopefully the world will change. If this is ignored I think we will have missed the boat for good. I do not think that Humanity is living in peaceful times at all. I am going to try to do everything that I can to educate my children as well as try to make a significant contribution to the planet while I am still here to do so!

What is your 1 year goal? What is your 5 year goal? What is your 10 year goal?

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To bring my business in some way to make a difference in the world. To become more successful and be responsible for many more marriages….. Full retirement with the next 10 years. We really do represent the most powerful and influential people worldwide. It is a great honor to be selected as the one who these amazing people entrust in finding them a loving relationship.

They ask us to find them that special someone to spend the rest of their lives with and I take this very seriously, but having said that, I know that we can do more together. We have strong relationships with our clients and I see potential for coming together as a much larger force for good. A 5 year goal is use the Kelleher brand to branch out into other fun and interesting divisions. What advice can you give to young people today about how best to nurture their relationships with their Mom?

I am so sorry for your loss. If you're daring and rich enough, the answer might just be with a San Francisco mother-daughter operation called Kelleher and Associates. In the dating world, everyone has their own list of criteria for their potential dates. Kelleher and Associates attributes its success to a careful selection process while dealing with singles who it considers to be the cream of the crop. Jill described her clients as people who are, "working on their bodies, they're working on their minds, they're working on their success and they forget … the most important thing in life is who you're going to spend your life with.

When looking to pair people together, the Kellehers said instinct and thorough digging are the keys to a good match. So they sort out the political leanings and eating habits of their clients. They also recognize that appearances matter in dating so they specialize in fashion models, movie moguls and handsome, wealthy chief executive officers like year old Randall Perry.

The divorced dad turned to the Kellehers after recognizing he could use some help. Even Perry's year old son, Alex, admits that his dad has had lousy luck with women. Romances can come and go, but how do you know when you actually need to hire a matchmaker? For San Francisco resident Perry, it wasn't tough to make that decision. Do you meet them through introductions through friends? That's one way to destroy a friendship if it all goes horribly wrong," said Perry. And Jill Kelleher said, by hiring her firm, Perry can be comfortable any gold diggers will be screened out.

But that assurance doesn't come cheap. Still, he said it is wrong to call it "desperate" to use this service to meet women. The Kellehers' clients usually insist on strict confidentiality. As he set out on his dates, Perry said he was looking to meet a woman with a sense of humor who is athletic and has a "good soul. She flew to San Francisco to have lunch with Perry on a yacht arranged by the Kellehers.

Their first date was not a home run, but not a disaster either. For Perry's second introduction, the Kellehers chose Cynthia, a year-old public relations executive and widow with three children, who also lives in San Francisco. Perry and Cynthia spent their first date in a restaurant and by the end Perry was raving about his new acquaintance, calling it a "fantastic date.

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They were betting on year-old Marianne, a striking, divorced mother of a year-old son. After his three initial dates Perry decided to narrow down his choices, first by eliminating Karen.

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Perry had a nice rapport with both Cynthia and Marianne, who seemed like more of a go-getter. So what did the experts think? Jill Kelleher said she was putting her hopes on Marianne. Four months after the initial date, Perry was still feeling strongly about Marianne. She was on a book tour in Los Angeles and Perry was so captivated that he traveled miles just to catch up with her. We checked in again 10 months later and found that Perry and Marianne are still seriously dating. Jill Kelleher was right on target when she picked Marianne. And regardless of the future for this pair, the Kellehers have at least one happy client.

Perry said while he "could see spending the rest of his life" with Marianne, he can comfortably say when it comes to the matchmakers, "they've done their job. Right In the dating world, everyone has their own list of criteria for their potential dates. Seeking the Professionals Romances can come and go, but how do you know when you actually need to hire a matchmaker?