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Be classy, be cool. And drink amazing cocktails served in cozy and sophisticated bar. This place is more than a bar: This spot in the heart of Berlin Mitte lets you discover the taste of Absinth. Got any other romantic favorites? Let us know in the comments! Diesen Artikel auf deutsch lesen. Nice, Nice, Nice https: Your email address will not be published. B-Lage Herr Lindemann In this case, already the location itself promises a bohemian love affair. Matthias Piket Limonadier Be classy, be cool.

Berliner Berg Brauerei Got any other romantic favorites? Tilman on Thursday May 3rd, at Hannah on Wednesday June 13th, at Thelonious Bar at Weserstrasse! The owners of Dr. Pong once discovered that table tennis can be a nice way to get to know each other. So they put in a table in an unrenovated room along with some old furniture and not much more and let the rest do the music and the people that have a good time here.

Prices are absolutely budget. Find someone talking bad about this place! The bar-bistro named after Rimbauds famous poem "Drunken Ship" is equally popular with locals and fearless tourists. The staff may seem a bit rude sometimes, especially with no-locals and laptop-users. But as this helps to keep the place unspoiled, it fits perfectly into local lifestyle - along with the breakfast hours that last until 4 pm. Super nice, comfortable and stylish bar.

It has a cool vibe. Cool mix of locals and travellers Maybe it's that retro vintage vibe, that grandma chic atmosphere, as well as the cavernous yet monastic underground restrooms. Probably the best place for a cool night with friends in that area of Prenzlauer Berg. This is a total gem! It has the trademark worn-down livingroom style that you find in many popular bars round here. Play that funky music Das Hotel 5. Here we go dancing. In a tiny, sweaty basement where funk from vinyl makes our feet and body move all night, along with a mojito.

Sometimes we need to go up for air, and oh how convenient, there is also an upstairs bar just as tiny and sweaty. Take a breath of punk rock history SO36 4. SO 36 is one of the first epicentres of German punk rock culture. SO 36 was once the post code of the surrounding area. Attending a punk rock show in this almost historic place has quite something to it. Why take two or three different tours when you can hear the whole story in one? See the best of what Berlin has to offer in six hours and learn how the city has evolved to become the vibrant metropolis that it is today!

Collective drinking Tante Horst 4. The owners of "Auntie Horst" call themselves "liquor collective". And in fact, they take on decisions and management of everything collectively. Late risers love the availability of breakfast dishes from 9 — 23 h. They are named after fairy tales and the price and the taste is unbeatable. The eatery is an art gallery, a library and a music bar at the same time. It looks like a living room from a good old friend. Speakeasy vibe and relaxed place to get a conversation going while taking in refined drinks!

Absolutely unpretentious cocktail bar that loves to get creative with flavor combinations and presentation. Discover this spot with a friend and let you blown away by their inventiveness. No pretence, old school rock, notoriously notorious goth nights monday! No Fire No Glory 3. Excellent coffee, comfortable seating outside and inside, great pastry. They also have a large selection of other drinks, including the best ice tea I've had in Berlin. The bagels are also excellent.

In addition to all this, they're happy with you working on a laptop for a long time.

Allan is a nice Frenchman who lived in Australia for some time. He had the idea to combine hearty Aussie brunch or breakfast till 4m with being a wine bar after 7: So on weekends this is one place you will not leave. The neighborhood is great and quiet. Great cocktails in a relaxed atmosphere Schloss Neuschweinsteiger 3. There's real passion in this bar. The place is decorated minimally but with taste.

The people that hang out here are cool and he cocktails are truly awesome and can be easily compared to the Stagger Lee, Beckett's Kopf or the Tier. Best of Potsdam Day Tour from Berlin. Explore Potsdam, the city of kings, with expert local guides! Small, alternative place that features a clever system: You get a list and can check all the things you want for your breakfast or brunch.

They have lots of cakes and ather sweet stuff too, but the rest is mainly breakfast stuff. Home-made bread as well as glutenfree one is available. The "Friedrichshainer Kicker Kultur" is the flagship hang out of the local foosbal guys and gals. The passion for cranking brings together a wide variety of hard core regulars. They hone their skills on one of the four tables in the back room, and catch up over an inexpensive beer in the comfortable bar space - ignoring anti-smoking legislation.

More or less a ground floor apartment equipped with the usual Berlin bar furniture - a little second hand, a little antique, a little scruff. However here it somehow all aligns better than in other places. Excellent cocktails and regional beer.

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Where kitsch is cult Rauschgold 3. Rauschgold is one of those weird and freaky places that are typical for Berlin. Gay and straight party animals mix here in this rather small place to start, pass or end the night. The only thing that matters at Rauschgold is having a good time!

The art of cocktails meisterschueler 3. Along with the interesting concept the outstanding service makes the place really worth a visit. It also offers free WiFi.

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The refreshingly normal bar August Fengler 3. The special thing about this bar is that it is not trying too hard to be something special. And in spite of its popularity it is still a meeting point for many locals. Beautiful roof-top Bar Monkey Bar 2. The Monkey Bar, is, as you will see, not just a place for locals, but for tourists, too.

This changes nothing about the fact that it is a beautifully designed, modern Bar on the top of the new 25h Hotel at Zoologischer Garten. You'll have a stunning view over the city! Our delicious journey takes you from Brandenburger Tor, over the Wall, and through the former Nazi stronghold, with monuments, stories, and mouthwatering local cuisine guiding the way. Located on the Spree river — Yaam Young and African Arts Market is a beach bar, street food market, event venue, and gallery.

It's a great place for an afternoon drink in the sun. The beach bar is packed with sand, and good vibes. No-frills bar with tradition Bei Schlawinchen 2. One of the few remaining places in Xberg where you are received with a sincere Berliner frown and a nice cold beer. People value this place because of its attitude, mind-blowing decor and the fact that it is open New is always better Cheshire Cat Club 2. In September launched the Cheshire Cat, a new trendy bar-club location in Berlin Charlottenburg. With a very nice cocktailbar and awesome house music is this club the big newcomer in the capital nightlife.

Experimental gastro art concept Sauerei at Hopfenreich 2. Founded only in the beginning of , Sauerei is a reinvention of the often boring bar food culture. Located at Hopfenreich Craft Beer Bar at Schlesisches Tor in Kreuzberg, different beer types from little breweries are served with a special gastronomical experience designed by two Hungarian art and food lovers Dominika and Zsolt. Fabulously laid back bar with just the right balance between scruff and second hand charm.

Good for a relaxed drink and a chat. Later in the evening, the bar area will be cleared and you have the choice: At the heart of punk rock Trinkteufel 2. Berlin is a center of punk rock in Germany and in few places you can feel this more than in Trinkteufel. On a pub crawl, no local would dare to miss this cheap, gritty and yet friendly bar.

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Punk and hardcore are music standards that by no means will be altered. Often people go there for a last drink and stay a lot longer than they have planned. BRLO is a brewery which offers a great quality and taste beers. This place has a great outdoor terrace and is very pleasant for families with kids during summer time by having an entertaining area for kids.

Original Berlin Food Adventure: Discover the real flavours of Berlin in 3. Berlin's smallest nightclub Tele-disco 1.

Often overlooked by people passing by, the gold telephone box located next to Cassiopeia nightclub, is the most fun you can have for one. What's inside can only be experienced not described. Time to drop yer anchor! A neighbourhood classic that will never become out of date - or too hyped for that matter, and it'll stay a miracle how they manage this. Its shabby maritime flair evokes a feeling of sailing, piracy or at least the seaside.

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Cocktails and fireplace Bariton 1. Ah, they still exist, those unpretentious places with friendly staff, good cocktails and straightforward mexican food. Good place to watch major sports events. The tourist-free pub Rote Rose 1. You may hardly believe it, but once upon a time, Kreuzberg was a working class district. Trashy, kitschy, cheap as hell and open 24 hours, Rote Rose attracts a public as it was common 30 years ago. Punks, gays, turkish taxi drivers - everyone looking to get plastered and not much more stops by here.