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Recently there has been an effort to crack down on people getting drunk and lazy during the day, so the selling of alcohol has been restricted. But you can never be certain if these regulations will be enforced, or if it is just another means of corruption. Typically nightclubs are open late, often till the sun shines the next day.

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It's common to take your time, eat dinner and possibly visit a cheap bar to hangout before checking into the main destination of the night. Small neighborhood bars, guest houses, or just the side of the road are good places to get started before moving on.

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Nairobi has its share of upscale nightclubs and bars that require closed-toed shoes and long pants, with most people choosing to wear button down shirts. Upper class Kenyans and Indians like to dress smart, and make sure they look good going out. Normal everyday bars, and side-of-the-road drinking holes are very casual and laid back. The temperatures in Nairobi are cool at night, so you'll probably want to wear jeans and tennis shoes wherever you go. Going out in Kenya is usually a time to hang out with friends and meet others.

Groups of local Kenyans, Indians, white Kenyans colonial British , and the international expat community all tend to have their own hangouts. One can only assume that gospel dances influenced rap dances because the gospel genre became popular in the s. It was through videos, radio, and television that Kenyan public was introduced in the s.

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After being exposed Kenyans were hooked. Many wanna bees tried to mimic the new genre. Many Congolese-style rumba musicians started to adapt rap. This explosion of rap resulted in two results. First the more comfortable Kenyans became the more they included their own instruments, languages, and tunes into the music they created. The second result was due to a lack of knowledge about copyright; many songs were plagiarized and reworked by poachers. The way rappers developed ownership was to expose it on radio, television, and live performances.

As a result the rap culture spread nationally and through the pan-African stage.

Kenyans feel that because Kalamashaka used local street talk it brought the rap closer to home. Theartists created a new word that has gained a widely known reputation of Kenyan rap.

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It is very difficult for Kenyan rappers to travel back to where rap began, the United States. I was so scared and not too confident at that point. Talk about the title and mood of the new mix tape. What do you most want to get across to listeners? And it made sense because the question people have been asking for the past two years is, "Where did Xtatic go after getting signed to a big label?

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The tape isn't really conceptual, so it really doesn't have a particular mood, but in half the songs I have an introspective verse. The single came easy for me. As soon as my manager sent me the Roc Beat instrumental, I knew it was it. It had the proper mood and a very nice vibe on the hook, which Iddi the singer on the hook was able to nicely maneuver around after I gave him the title, the story in the lyrics behind it. I had two verses ready, but felt I needed to express more, hence the third verse, which is not included in the video; there is an extended version which is not on the mixtape itself.

The lyrics express how I'm stronger now and that things were not as easy as everyone thinks.

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They also advocate hard work and explore how success doesn't come overnight. The last verse goes deeply into all the above.

I speak on being judged, how my daughter affects my life each day, people's perception versus reality, meditation and finding myself. Being a female artist comes with its challenges. You have to work ten times as hard as males, and be more consistent in order for people to believe that you deserve a title.

This is male-dominated industry, and my experiences have helped me grow a tough skin and recognize that I can only get better when I am willing to listen, study the game and learn as much as I can. Listening to the song, "Natives," a proud assertion of your African-ness, reminds me that there's so much Americans don't know about the Motherland. In your estimation, what is the greatest misconception we have? That we live in huts, still hunting and gathering laughs.