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It's just I like the way they "look" better! If I can find an older guy, use your own definition for older that looks good, takes care of himself and has his life together, then fine!

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But I am NOT going to start a relationship with someone who is out of shape and is struggling in his 40's! I'm not into rescuing someone nor do I want to be changing diapers on my man anytime soon! The women described in the article seemed to be just looking for good sex, and more power to them. I'm looking for that with a relationship. If it's with a younger guy, not too young then so be it. If it's someone over 40, then that would be a bonus.

Can't believe that I'm called a "couger" now! I have been told that I am a "milf" but I guess I am now a "cougar". I am in my 40's but look much younger and get approached by young guys. I prefer to date younger guys because I find them more attractive and more fun. If I could find someone my own age who looks good and has not grown 'old' before his time, then great! In the meantime, I'll take the young ones. I am sooo happy that this is the new trend!! My friends teased me horribly about it for the longest time. I've dated men as much as 25 years older than me, my same age, and younger.

Often I enjoyed the spirit and energy of the younger men Even after I swore off younger men, approx a year later I met an outstanding man nearly half my age. He turned out to be more together than ANY man of any age I'd ever been with. And that's no shit! Yeah at first it was kind of a boy-toy fascination for me, but it progressed into a great relationship.

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We've been together 2 years and in 3 weeks we'll be having our first child together. Fuck anyone who tries to compare me with some dirtbag who sleeps with her students.

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That is plain sick. Why is it OK for Hugh Hefner to be 81 and have gf's that are 60 years younger than him?? But I have some lame assed Urban Dictionary term tacked to me?? If I were truly a puma I would've ripped your throat out already. Have a nice day! Why is it that WOMEN get an ugly name for allowing themselves to enjoy the company of an younger man? I think some men who are down on cougars are just pissd off because they are to old to a cub.

I am in love with a woman 29 years older than me and our relationship has nothing to do with age at all.

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I really dont think of her as a cougar because she is not the type to hit it and quit it. I have always enjoyed thing tha people older than I enjoy, I was not one of the kids runnign around at the state fair I was hanging out with my dad listening to him and his buddys as he got drunk. She has always been young at hart always loved video games and joyriding.

Instead of traipsing all over the city to meet potential candidates, you get to meet everyone in one place. The free drink helps everyone loosen up.

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If you are into hearing crazy NYC stories, this place has everything: The attendee said he could live with all that, but the real deal breaker was the cat. As stated above, you will be able to see and smell your potential housemate. And you may not be able to get away from them… I was trapped in several bizarre conversations with no easy way out. It is somewhat awkward to approach random strangers, and the atmosphere, at least in the beginning, seems very middle-school dance-like where everyone nervously sat nursing drinks waiting for someone else to make the first move.

The shy might be overwhelmed. Pretty much everyone I spoke to who had a room said seekers had unrealistic expectations about what area, size, and amenities they could afford for their budget. Some people are just window-shopping: I noticed the lack of a sense of urgency among some attendees.

The Insider's Guide to 'Speed Roommating'

There were rooms being offered as far away as Yonkers. With such a huge mix it was way harder to target someone who might fit your needs. Questions will be pre-vetted, with Wolf explaining that this is just to keep the conversations from veering off into small talk. So far, however, Wolf said the speed dating concept has gotten encouraging feedback from both nannies and parents.

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But when nannies are in search of work, Wolf noted, many are reluctant to look through an agency because of the expense. To attend, RSVP online. The first event will be held on April 19 at 7 p. The Gramercy location, one of the earliest centers to open, currently serves around 1, kids, mostly from the surrounding neighborhoods, with classes taking place every hour the location is open. Almost as messed up as sending your kids to a commercial operation like NYKC to be raised by low wage workers who have zero emotional investment in them.

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