I was shocked to see how hard it was out there and was very confused about why this was the case. Armed with extensive training on the subject, along with hundreds of hours of discussions with both men and women about dating and relationships, as well as helping women who sought my advice, my understanding has deepened about what we have been doing wrong and how to turn it all around.

What's amazing about it is that it's simpler than you think. In fact, most of it is information you just don't hear anywhere, yet it works incredibly effectively.

Chris Manak: Why men pay this dating coach $ to teach them how to approach women

I'm fortunate to be in an amazing, happy marriage with an incredible man. Let's work together to achieve your goal: A happy, enduring, fulfilling marriage with the man of your dreams. He proposed on the anniversary of our first date! Big thanks to my fabulous coach Lynda Love, without whom I wouldn't be here.

Lynda you have been a coach in a million and I have learnt so much from you.

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If it wasn't for you, I'd have fallen at the first hurdle but thanks to your calm, feminine yet firm way of approaching The Rules, I have floated along in my courtship gracefully. You've truly explained the essence of The Rules to me and helped me to really understand the dynamic of male-female relationships I learned so much from one consult with Lynda. Ladies, it's worth it!

I'm engaged to Mr Right! She set my pace and clarified my interpretation from the book. I focused and scored! I clicked with Lynda straight away, as she is approachable and understanding. She has helped me with my online messaging, dress style, and date behaviour and there's been a huge shift in the quality of my dates for the better. Lynda's dating course gave me a deeper understanding of The Rules, of men, and of myself.

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I would highly recommend coaching with Lynda for anyone who wants to improve their dating experience. Casey C, 33 Sydney, Australia. Lynda, you've really lifted my spirits. You're so reassuring and help me shake off any insecurities like that. I was reflecting yesterday on where I was 9 months ago Thank you for helping me navigate through all that mess. Since then I have slowly regained my emotional balance, I feel much more confident and can see things clearly. View and listen to their stories — then become one of them.

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Who Is Social Coach? Vlad, 40 Engineer Brisbane, Australia. Peter, 46 Occupational Therapist, Brisbane.

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  5. Sacha, 36 Project Manager Melbourne, Australia. James says dating can be very tough for guys, yet for fit, reasonably attractive women it's very easy. It seems there are 10 tall, athletic, masculine, highly-paid guys for each hot girl," says James. It seems to be an extremely masculine place, even in the really wealthy places. Fit, attractive women have it very easy," he says.

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    However, thanks to the mining boom you'll also encounter "materialism, status-consciousness on a grand scale". This would be among the really beautiful women, who are not willing to date just another beer swilling, surfing, footy player," says James.

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    Billabong hat, singlet, boardies and thongs with Oakley's sunglasses won't get you far here, however. If you'd like to check out James's website and his services, go here. Previous slide Next slide.

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