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He is soon to be promoted to lance corporal and he has already proved himself as a soldier, having deployed to Iraq on Operation Telic 10 in on long-range desert patrols. But he admits that while attitudes have changed, there are some who are still unhappy with the idea of homosexuals in the Armed Forces, and potential recruits are sometimes put off signing up by ill-informed personnel. He said that in his six-year career, he has experienced just two uncomfortable moments, but neither was serious enough to make him question his career choice.

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My problems are like every other soldier's — bombs and bullets. Three gay men and a lesbian, who had been discharged from the Royal Navy and RAF after being found to be homosexual, spent two years engaged in a legal battle that reached the European Court of Human Rights.

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The Government had claimed that the military should be let off equality laws because of the "close physical and shared living conditions together with external pressures such as grave danger and war", but the ECHR ruled that policy was not sustainable. Representatives of the UK Armed Forces are also said to be advising their US contemporaries on how to phase out its "don't ask, don't tell" policy that has led to the discharge of more than 12, members in the past 16 years. For former Coldstream Guard year-old Lieutenant Mark Wakeling, who resigned his commission for fear of being unmasked as homosexual, the change in the UK Armed Forces is immense.

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