If she succeeds, she can order Byung-hoon to do one thing. If she loses, she has to do something for him. Min-young shares the bet with Seung-pyo, who throws his support to her. Min-young films herself as she begins the mission, adopting a romance guru tone as she offers advice. They move to the next step: Using Moo-jin as a test subject, Min-young coaches Su-ah to think of him as a girl and look him in the eye.

Why is this hard? Before, people would whisper about her or treat her like an outcast, so she hid behind her hair. Then, she found that it was less difficult being feared than being ignored. But something happened recently to make her change her mind and decide to buck up her courage. We see it in flashback:. Su-ah gathers to watch a magic show at the amusement park, but gets shoved around and pushed back. She shrinks back in her usual way, until someone taps her shoulder, then clears the way for her to step forward. It also leaves behind his old watch, which she finds dropped on the ground.

She thanks Moo-jin for his great idea, not seeing Byung-hoon smiling smugly behind her. They immediately jump up and make nice, calling her noonim. Byung-hoon and Min-young catch some of the exchange, but not enough to get the real story. And so, Su-ah puts herself in their hands. Min-young gives Su-ah instructions over the earpiece, walking her through the exercise.

Min-young is impressed with his long-winded and wise explanation… which is, of course, being secretly provided by Byung-hoon. Su-ah takes that in, and looks him in the eye. He takes her on a motorcycle ride, arriving at the top of a hill overlooking the city lights. Moo-jin offers her his helmet, fiddles with some dials, and has her look at the city through the visor. The leader loses his bravado and calls off his goons. He sends them off and turns around… and sees Min-young standing there, eyes wide. Then she hurries away, spooked, while Seung-pyo gets drunk in his empty restaurant.

Hence her dilemma about timing versus preparation. Su-ah knows that it is, but today may be her last chance. But he wants to follow her, of course, so off he goes. Su-ah arrives at the magic show and works up her courage to approach, calling out to the magician, whose face we finally get to see. She asks if he remembers her, but he looks at her rather blankly, even when she says she watched every one of his shows here. Is this going to end badly? And so, I was always thankful to you, and I wanted to tell you how I felt. So she wishes him well and starts to walk away, whereupon he calls her back.

Oh phew—I was afraid for a second that he was going to be an ass. Instead, he tells her she ought to fix it and return it the next time they meet. He reaches for it, stretching himself toward the water—and falls in. He reaches for his Sherlock pendant, but it remains out of his reach. Min-young returns to the pier in time to see the danger, and dives into the water. She reaches out a hand to him, signaling for him to grab it… Byung-hoon opens his eyes… and throws a V sign. She shoots him this exasperated look even in the water and drags him back up with his hand clutching her dropped necklace.

On the pier, Min-young rouses first and starts slapping his face and yelling at him to wake up. Still he remains unresponsive. At the end of the day this was an episode about Su-ah, which was poignant and sweet—not for the way she found herself a cute potential boyfriend, but because this mission spurred her to loving herself and stepping out into the world. What made the case even better was the way it utilized each member of the team and spurred them to their own little growths.

Min-young has always been heart over brain, hope over cynicism, and sometimes you can see how that needs a little grounding. In this case, though, her brand of acceptance and encouragement were just the push Su-ah needed. Truth be told, none of the actual events that the team planned were all that remarkable—a haircut, a makeover, a mock date—and so, the success was in the little bits of advice that came from the heart. Byung-hoon provided some of that on the sly, while Moo-jin had his little epiphany as well.

Your email address will not be published. WOW i was totally expected to see more of him: I love how everyone was raving over Gong Yoo's back in the previews, and then it turns out his back is all we get! Somehow from just reading your recaps, I had the impression that this show had more depth than it really had when I actively watched it.

However, I was able to appreciate the breezy directing and the absolutely spot on music. I have to say again that the music in this show for this episode, since I haven't seen any others is fantastic. It is a little bit Indie, but so atmospheric and quaint - I absolutely love it! There's some soft singing by a girl.

I also loved the song with moo jin when he was on the bike. You should also watch this show from the beginning, alot of times watching adds more depth than just reading recaps. Is this it, for Gong Yoo's cameo? Will we see more of him in the next ep, when she returns his watch--the next time they meet? I think their story had a pretty conclusive resolution in this episode - by that I mean we are only offered a tiny window into Su-ah's life and we already watched her growth and her new beginning. The focus was not on their relationship as such, but on Su-ah's journey;.

TQ for the answer, cos I haven't been watching this show. Just thought that if there'd be more of Gong Yoo, I'll catch the next ep. Great episode, love the characters and each of their chemistry. I think that what I loved the most on this part is the developpement between Byung Hoon and Min Young.

Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 9 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

I have said it since the start of the drama but gosh', can chemistry be more amazing? I'm shipping them so hard and so, these little moments when they were together are pure GOLD. I giggled when they locked eyes and that their heartbeats increased. Seriously, I really loved Sooyoung's acting in this scene. She made me cry whereas this kind of scene where female character weeping over the possible death of her lover makes me roll on eyes usually and that's because I know he isn't going to die so I find the scene rather unnecessary but in this one, aside from the fact that she slapped him so hard which is funny and SO Min Young , I cried by the way she looked so desperate and fragile.

Moo Jin can be so sweet with these words. I loved the "Until now, I only needed one". I got it all wrong with Ah Rang. I thought he was giving hints abou the case's result but no. Can I just say that the Master looked creepy yet cool? Chun Hee is doing a great job at portraying him and at first I feared that his variety person will fail him but he really does look cold, manipulator and creepy but when he puts the kind smile, you actually believe it.

What I liked was the way he held the knife. It can seem random to talk about it but it tell us that he is, indeed, an expert with knives and he already USED it. As for Min Young witnessing it, I think she is going to get more suspicions when time comes. She enjoys his presence. The almost kiss was sweet, but in general the CPR-into-kiss trope drives me crazy.

If you are giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation so gently that someone could mistake it for a kiss, then you are doing it wrong. I think in all korean dramas, we consider it a kiss because their lips are touching? Like some kind of peck? There was loud breathing noise so I guess she was really into the CPR but when she woke up, she realized that was an indirect kiss? I mean on one hand I love asian dramas - particularly korean dramas because they are chaste and show the developement of love as driven my emotions more than the physical; as opposed to Western media, where they kiss on the first date and then its off to bed on the next date.

However - I do think that 'kissing' which is just two people touching lips - is just so frustrating for lack of a better word because it is so stilted and rigid! Sigh, not sure that I'm digging the OTP ship, there's a whole year-gap after all.

I get where this is going narratively and understand why it has to be that way, but emotionally I'm just not buying it. This is so weird but I'm really digging Arang and Moo-jin as the show progresses. They're so cute to look at! HEH I love how awkward Moo-jin has his moment of epiphany as well.

I spent the second half of this episode spazzing over the hotness and awesomeness of Gong Yoo HEHEHEH and I was sad that it was so short but narrative-wise I thought that this episode was pretty short and sweet. OH and I really wished that they hadn't censored the knifes lol it was so blatantly obvious it cracked me up lol. That really took the wind out of my sails. It's just so, anticlimactic imo.

130610 SHINee Taemin cut@Cyrano Dating Agency Ep. 5 シャイニー は、政府機関の第5話をデートシラノにカット

In the beginning I thought there was something on my eyes that made the knife looked blurry.. You are not alone in this. Anyway, I'm just plain thankful that my eyesight is still perfectly intact lol. Lmao -- it is true, Cruel city out of all shows blurs out their knives.. Guns aren't blurred out.. Esp for a show like cruel city where tons of weapons are used, it loses a bit of gravitas whenever they blur out the knives.

I watched the whoops-I-fell-on-you couch scene, and I could not read the emotions on their faces. It didn't look like desire to me. True enough he didn't move off her like he touched hot lava, but he is a grown up who hardly needs to be all "Eek it's a girl". Got giddy in this episode! I squealed at the tension between the leads never minded their age difference from the start. Plus points for Moo-jin for coming ut of his robot shell. Mi-jin wonders if she should help—you know, just to pay him back for helping her. This could end badly.

Min-young calls Byung-hoon to request backup on her broth-making duties, only to be told that the boys are busy, so she can handle it on her own. Master to the rescue. Seung-pyo is once more her gracious tutor, assuring her that he enjoys cooking together.

Over at the bakery, Dal-in lights up in the cutest way when Mi-jin steps inside. Byung-hoon instructs Dal-in to dab some whipped cream on his lip, and Dal-in proceeds to smear a whole gob all over his mouth like a fool. But Mi-jin just wipes it off his face with a finger… and then licks the cream off her finger. He literally double-takes, and then flips out in giggles and thanks. She says that they want her to move back home and help with the family fig orchard, and promises to send him the best of the next crop in thanks for being her teacher.

Confused, Dal-in asks the guys whether he did anything wrong. But Byung-hoon is smiling, and assures him that he did very well. With this leg of the operation over, Byung-hoon immediately gets up to leave with an obviously lame excuse about prep. Speaking of which, our broth-makers are enjoying pleasant conversation when the door opens. Min-young panics—they have to do something before Mi-jin sees him here—and in her haste she sends some soup flying. For Byung-hoon to see. I can sort of buy that Min-young is developing a very unwelcome crush on her difficult boss, because there are elements to the character that support that dynamic.

Again, I have no problem with the setup s —in fact, I actively like them. But they feel too hastily developed, so I find myself just going with the plot because I ought to, and not because it feels true. Your email address will not be published. I love Moo-jin in this episode,, I like the fact that he is slowly realizing from the preview that maybe he have feelings for the waitress, its like seeing a robot turn into a human being. And everytime I see kwang-soo I just cant help but smile, he is so adorable. I also agree with you that sooyoung is doing a good job portraying her role.

I agree that this show is just so light and airy. I LOVE watching it right now because all the other shows seem so dark and moody. I save this one for last since it's a great pick me up from the depression the other shows bring. I love both main guys and agree that both are bringing the sexy. Master is so shifty and mysterious. I'm very interested in learning what exactly is his issue with Byung Hoon. And the h manages to make a character that could be obnoxiously chipper somehow cute.

I like this drama, but it definitely isn't one that pulls at my heart too hard. But it's just what I need, a drama that is fun to watch in the moment but doesn't linger after it's over. Love Master in this episode! He started to became love sick puppy and our proper 2nd lead XD Lol He's more n more humanly now I was thinking that perhaps Master blames BH for sth related to his hyung's death, and wants to cause him pain, but I've just had a sudden thought: That feeling doesn't really match master's scheming face but Aaarg, I'm confused, too many ideas crowding my head: It's funny but omg so much second-hand embarrassment.

As for Chunderella I actually dig his voice so very much. I am also really happa that Kwang Soo made an appearance: This show entertains me and makes me laugh. It doesn't grab my heart yet? I have fun and I'm happy. I can't pinpoint why I'm so crazy for Moo jin - it's that non smile he gave - swoon! That he relies on a heart monitor to reveal his feelings to himself is hilarious, not trusting his own jedgement of his heart.

And his sort of lightbulb moment when he realized boss was going to check on in person rather than call The weekly match making scenarios is a distant second for me. Reminds me of beginning to read children's chapter books that force an episode with the same characters. It's an okay method since my real interest lies with the CDA cast and Master.

Of course Master's creepy: What I don't get is, no one's rolling their eyes at this? If some guy tried to pull that on me, I'd either be laughing at him or walking away. I just think "Master Chef" every time i hear people call him master. In that case, it's not so weird anymore. Definitely loving Kwang-soo's character. Seriously, I think that whenever he's on my screen I end up dying with laughter.

I really like the lightness of this show. Very much enjoying it so far. It was a nickname the actor got on a variety show called Family Outing. It's kind of a play on his name Lee Chun Hee and Cinderella. They called him that because he was always doing all the "chores". Oh wow, Junsu's appa is acting a lot like himself in this show. Makes me miss Junsu, like a missing piece of the puzzle. I wish Junsu would make a guest appearance, but anyone who watches him on TV knows he'll never follow the lines given. So I think maybe Do Il is Masters brother. I'm not sure how that works.

Wouldn't Do Il have mentioned a brother to BH or at least introduced them way back when? I can't wait for the mystery to unfold already. I don't think the crush on Masters part is randomly brought in. Since the beginning I think he was always a little interested. He probably thought everything he did was for his own evil machinations until he actually asked her out. And again the crush on both BH and MY's part doesn't seem random at all either. I still remember the train station seen.

Or whenever he was just a little too close. Moo Jin noticed right away BH's change since she was hired. Little instances here and there that clued us in that cynic shell was starting to melt. It takes a robot to notice a robots demise. Honey, I've been living in a house filled with guys for over 30 years, and I still need a translator, also. I didn't expect to like this character, but I love how she is the "glue" that bonds the men together, showing them you can't just slam 2 people together and expect they will fall in love - end of mission.

Like, I knew it was going to happen eventually and I really enjoy how the show is going about developing it. I like seeing their bickering start out as just them genuinely sort of disliking each other to it becoming more playful like in the rooftop with Min-young talking about how Byung-hoon is a sadist with a huge smile on her face and I think with Min-youngs idealism and Byung-hoon's cynicism they really balance each other out.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they're dynamic develops once they eventually realize they might actually have feelings for each other. Oh God, I so cringed for Min Young when she asked herself why she cared and had to stop the video. Also second hand embarrassment for Kwangsoo's character and I love Mijin? I am falling in love with Moo-Jin. I saw the preview and I'm so excited! He finally speaks, telling Se-kyung that he likes her for real:. I could never like you as much as he does.

Just as your feelings have changed, what if his do? She arrives at the alley, but finds it empty. Aw, he kept it all this while? Se-kyung runs on, searching the neighborhood for sign of Ho-yeol. Moo-jin rides up to find Arang sitting alone nursing his broken heart, and gives him a shoulder to lean on. There he is again, sitting with a lonely cup of ramyun, head hanging. She raps on the glass, then sticks that band-aid on the glass. It lights up his face in the most heartwarming way. The girl might have just left. Byung-hoon just replies that the guy was going to make things happen, but had to suffer a bit for it.

He sinks into melancholy thoughts, and looking at that Sherlock Holmes charm triggers a flashback of when he first received it. Min-young drops him off at a storefront, and he bursts inside where Yi-seol is at work with her marionettes. She smiles to see it. There are poignant beats scattered throughout, which I appreciate.

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The outcome is important, but his comment about the kid needing a little bit of suffering along the way speaks to the process having merit as well. I also like how the Client of the Week allows the show to offer a variety of perspectives about love, which is also shown in the very different personalities running Cyrano Agency. These kind of story-of-the-week shows have a certain procedural element to them, which can be both a positive and a negative trait. On one hand, it keeps stories short and sweet, enough to satisfy with a small dose without needing to get bogged down in too many details.

On the other hand, these clients are in and out, so when procedurals are clumsily handled they can feel like emotional drive-bys. The best procedurals use the episodic thread to shed light on its main players, which is a great framework to get our two leads arguing about their diametrically opposing views on romance. I do like the tiny snippets we get to see of him, and the flashes of ominous glares. He turns on a dime with unnerving ease, one second being friendly and helpful to Min-young, then next clenching his jaw and shooting daggers at Byung-hoon.

Are you a mobster? Are you legally dead? Are you interested in Min-young or just amused by her, or using her? Are you friend or foe? The pacing of the show is brisk enough that we keep from sticking to one particular character or emotional beat for too long, which I consider an asset. I want him cheeky and full of bravado, not moping. I was extremely wary of this character from promos and descriptions, because she seemed way too naive on paper and very been-there-done-that as far as dramaland heroines went.

How many more overly romantic chronic dreamers do we have to see butting heads with cynical heroes, right? And that means growth on both sides. Your email address will not be published. I'm enjoying this as well and don't understand the wide-spread criticism it's receiving from viewers here, but oh well. To each his own, ne? My only quibble with this episode was the example of the dinner being cooked: In my view, that meal was being made for a customer. It wouldnt have existed if not for that customer, and it belongs to the customer, NOT the cook.

I have to admit I didn't get the dinner example. I also think if the dish was made for the customer it should go to him as well. I didn't get the dinner analogy as well. My problem with the scenario is that the customer doesn't know this is the best version of the dish that can be made. He doesn't know what's he losing out if the cook just eats the dish and gives him a worse-tasting one.

The dinner example all depends on what the COOK's purpose of being a cook is. If the cook is cooking for his own happiness, then if eating his own dish will make him happy, go for it. If the cook is a cook for the sake of his customers, or money, or the happiness of his customers, then of course the food would go to the other person.

It makes sense guys. This is the cool thing about reading recaps and comments. I just let some things go over my head without thinking much about them I can now see how it carries a bit of weight. I busted out laughing when she totally shot down that k-drama cliche.

Dating Agency: Cyrano

You think i can u-turn like they do i k-dramas?! Seung Pyo says he would eat the dish himself i. Realistically speaking, it is not possible for the chef to eat the dish and just cook another less-appetizing dish for the customer because there is only one Se Kyung. Dramas often introduce analogies such as this, using situations, and objects as symbols necklaces, potatoes , band-aids etc to give the story deeper significance.

I temporarily forgot to check and see if something new was posted. I am counting on you to answer some of my questions again: I just love reading from you. Also, I left you a response to your comments actually two, one under my post, and the other under yours. Make sure you read them, please: See, one should never lose hope, I could be beat at being 1st , on this site: I hope your day is going well.

What time is it for you? I will start working around 6am, so I have got lots to do before then. Thanks for the recap! Mastar creeps me out. I don't have high expectations with Sooyoung, but she's doing a great job. I've been googling for hours. I don't like the creating a spectacle to make love happen She was watching Arang for a long while.

Then Ho-yeol confesses, runs down the street with her from some silly fans It just doesn't make sense to me. Nor do I think that that's a relationship that has any basis and that can thus last. So did Arang really like Se-kyung, or was that part of the plan too? In any case, you shouldn't kiss the girl unless you mean it, especially when you know she likes you.

And what's with Min-young cheering for Arang's love and then Ho-yeol sticking a plaster on a window pane is all that takes her to go "Oh, so cute" and cheer for him instead? Cutely-romantic gestures aren't love. They are meaningless unless there is a solid basis somewhere — but here there isn't. Never mind that no plaster would stick after such a long time.

Not doing it for me. I'm a bit like you. I'll still watch but by pure curiosity, not because I care for those characters. Arang did like Sekyung. When he first confessed to her, he meant it. But then his conscience kicked in and he pretended that he only kissed her to protect Ray. At the same time, before Arang's confession, Sekyung already to develop feelings for Ray, thats why she chased him to the hall, when she found out he is supposedly leaving school.

On the other hand, Minyoung was supportive of Arang. But by no means was she against Ray from getting the girl too. She found out that Arang had feelings for Sekyung, and encouraged him to go for it. However, Arang himself, didn't know the extent of his feelings for her. He realises that his feelings for her could never surpass the amount of that Ray has.

Minyoung who witness this, I guess, saw Arang's sincerity and maturity. Se-kyung's change of feeling still doesn't make sense to me It just feels like sudden flip-flopping after a matter of a few days when she's been watching Arang for a while. Of course, watching someone is a superficial love too, but there is just nothing to convince me that she now really likes Ray and Arang no longer. It just feels like too little time and interaction for these things to happen. If I were here, I'd be totally confused and just run away from both boys.

Yes, Arang's feelings and the extent of them were uncertain to start with, that I'm not doubting. He still shouldn't have kissed her then. Like the right lighting and music is all that you need. I think for me Se Kyung's change of heart is pretty possible for such young love. There was a lead in from previous episode where Byung Hoon said "you called my name and I became a flower. And in my point of view, it's not really because of the confession itself, but because you start to look back and realize to add reasons to that person's actions in the past.

And somehow now those actions don't look meaningless anymore. Frankly, I've met people who think that way too. But I still enjoy her character despite of this. To me, it looked like Ray's problem was that Sekyung refused to see him as anything besides an idol. But when the agency set up situations where she saw him more vulnerable and as a person, she started liking him.

Knowing someone likes you is a powerful thing, and I think her eyes were opened to sincerity. And, of course, she's a teenager, so it's not like she has much experience in love. As for Min Young, isn't that the point? She idealizes romance but the fact is, Byung Hoon's methods are truly more effective than the grand gestures she sighs over.

What she brings to the agency isn't a skill but her heart, forcing the others to take the feelings of the client and target into account. If Se-kyung is such a naive girl to interpret romantic gestures as love , then i doubt someone would approach Cyrano to make her fall in love with them. All they have to do is just give her a red rose or may be hold an umbrella while it rains Well, in the movie [spoiler?

Even after doing all those scenarios to get the girl with the agency's help, the former client ended up cheating on her. The movie pointed out this big flaw of the love manipulation operation. Meanwhile for now, we get the two leads debating the concept of love and the validity and sincerity of the whole operation She wasn't cheering for Ray or Arang -- it was more that she didn't want Arang to give up his true feelings for the sake of the client.

She didn't want him to not have a chance. In the restaurant, she was talking about not liking love-triangles because they hurt anyone -- she would have felt bad for Ray too had it not gone his way. In the end, Arang confessed his true feelings and then it was Se-kyung's choice. Se-kyung chose to be with the guy who liked her than the guy who wasn't sure he'd like her enough. In a way, Arang's feelings were as fickle as Se-kyung's -- he starting changing his mind about her when she confessed and she started changing her mind about Ray when Ray confessed.

Ray was the only one who liked her from start to end. But I don't think this is abnormal for highschool students. You have to remember that Arang rejected her pretty clearly so she probably thought she didn't have a chance with him. And the basis is faulty for sure, but it gives an opportunity however deceitful its methods , to at least start the relationship.

And that might be all the relationship needs. The person we bond with the most might be someone we would have passed off -- we can never know. One of my closest friends is somebody I wouldn't have talked to normally but having mutual friends pushed us together and now I'm really happy that I got to know him. Especially about that last bit.

One of my closest friends is literally someone I was forced to sit next to back in high school. We would've never talked to eachother if it wasn't for that random situation forcing us to spend time together. So what Cyrano agency is doing is making a great start for people, getting people to notice eachother, but nothing more than that. The rest is up to them. I really liked episodes 4 and 5, especially the scene where Arang confessed to Se-kyung and how that led to the scene after.

The acting, music and words spoken were quite beautiful and aw so heart-tugging.