If You Are The One

A video clip show a part of the show with English subtitles will be the highlight of the presentation. She came to Australia in to pursue her PhD studies at Sydney University and received her doctoral degree in English literature in Dr Han also teaches translation studies and subtitling at University of Western Sydney.

We acknowledge the Bedegal people who are the traditional custodians of the lands on which UNSW Kensington campus is located.

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PRV Page last updated: Friday, 24th Nov This page is dynamically generated. One of Australia's leading centres of teaching and research excellence in the Humanities and Languages. The other Sydney-only dish is a bowl of skewered morsels balanced over a spicy translucent sauce: The eggs are the star of that dish for me.

While the restaurants in the chain have the same name — and each bears a large portrait of its namesake, smiling down upon diners — Meng is keen for them to have their own flavour. This seems to extend to the decor, which has a similar low-fi meets high-tech sensibility, with exposed bulbs and neon lights, and wooden trays and utensils, which are common to the Melbourne CBD and Market city restaurants, although expressed in different ways. Meng says he wants to open another outlet in America, but other than that, his next plan is to take the business online, by converting the noodles into the instant variety that people can prepare at home.

Are you the one?

So does he cook at home — apart from opening a packet? But I can cook.

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My specialty is a kind of smoked fish which is quite difficult to do. This is the kind of self-deprecating joke that is often on display as host of If You Are The One and has won him so many fans throughout China and the diaspora. But I am not the broadcaster and I am not in production, so I need to do what other people want me to.

If You Are the One

Chinese people, he says, are often puzzled by the kind of Chinese women that foreign men are attracted to: What it comes down to, he says, is suitability. The show began curbing overt mentions of financial wealth and sex and installed a psychology teacher named Huang Han.

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Huang, along with Meng and the other co-hosts, act as mentors who also inject the show with sideline banter. Everyone has their own way of thinking and then they form their own views. This show is really about demonstration.