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Traffic cones come in many different colors, with orange, yellow, pink, and red being the most common colors due to their brightness. Others come in green and blue, and may also have a retroreflective strip commonly known as "flash tape" to increase their visibility. Typical traffic cones are fluorescent "safety" orange, as well as lime green. Traffic cones also commonly come with reflective striping around them, to increase visibility. Cones are easy to move or remove. When a lane closure must also be a physical barrier against cars accidentally crossing it, a Jersey barrier is preferred. See also Fitch Barrier.

In many countries such as Australia or American states such as California , traffic barrels are rarely seen. Devices called bollards are used instead of cones where larger and sturdier warning or delineation devices are needed. Larger devices such as barrier boards may be used instead of cones where larger areas need to be excluded or for longer periods.

Dating a traffic cone

In Canada they are often referred to as pylons. Cones are also frequently used in indoor public spaces to mark off areas which are closed to pedestrians, such as a restroom being out of order, or to denote a dangerous condition, such as a slippery floor.

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They can be used on school playgrounds to limit areas of a playing field, and on ice rinks to define class, private party, or private lesson areas. Being distinctive, easily portable and usually left unguarded, traffic cones are often stolen. Students are frequently blamed, to the extent that the British National Union of Students has attempted to play down this "outdated stereotype". The term "road cone" is also commonly used in the construction industry as a lighthearted insult.

These human traffic cones blocked up a road in London on Halloween

It is used to describe an individual who spends most of the day just standing still, making no attempt to get involved in the work they should be doing. In the artist Dennis Oppenheim commemorated the traffic cone with a monumental sculpture of five five-metre-tall cones. German group Kraftwerk featured traffic cones on their first two albums , as well as in their concerts at the time. Traditionally, but unofficially, the Wellington Statue in Glasgow is decorated with a traffic cone.

Dating a traffic cone

The presence of the cone is given as the reason the statue is in the Lonely Planet Ultimate Sights guide at number as a "most bizarre monument". Giant traffic cone in Seattle, Washington. Duke of Wellington statue, with cone. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Prank in Raglan, New Zealand. Retrieved 30 August Retrieved 25 September Retrieved 13 December Retrieved 30 April Retrieved 25 February Enviro-Cone the purpose of dangers?

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Police respond to call out about men dressed as traffic cones

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