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I should have said "the way I read it" Lara mfl 05 likes this. I know it shouldn't matter, but I think the degree of the age difference might be an important factor when trying to predict how people will react.

Is a teacher allowed to date an ex student?? | Yahoo Answers

Less than a decade between you and it'll probably go down a lot easier than if there's a more substantial gap. SomethingWicked , May 8, I thought this would be a thread about the new French president and his wife!

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As long as you were over 18 and had left the school when the relationship started it should be ok. You are now both consenting adults. Decades ago, a school friend of mine aged 16 met a young teacher aged 21 on work experience. They were engaged when she was in sixth form and the last I heard married and had three children. These days he would likely have lost his job for starting a relationship with a 16year old in that situation.

The five year age gap was not unreasonable, though. Sundaytrekker , May 8, There's bang on about 10 years between the two of us. And the relationship didn't start until after I left. There's nothing unethical about this and I don't think his SLT need to be told. You have been together for 2 years I am not sure SLT need to know, you have done nothing wrong nor has he.

Enjoy your romance and good luck! FollyFairy , May 8, I've seen this before. A newly qualified teacher started at our school 21 , fell head over heels for a sixth former who didn't take his subject. Alike yours their relationship started just after she'd left the school to go to university. I don't think it's a problem at all, and I don't think management would see it as a problem. Good luck and all the best for the future. According to this you should be fine: For safety's sake you might like to say the relationship started after a gap maybe during your summer holiday at the end of your first year at uni.

Be aware, the law is one thing, but someone doesn't have to have broken the law for work to take an ill view of it. Now they'd almost certainly be on a sticky wicket if they tried to take action against your partner, but that doesn't stop them being 'difficult'.

Personally, if I were you, I'd a hold out going public as long as possible, and b say the relationship only started at that point or as late as possible.

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Doesn't do any harm. PeterQuint , May 12, It's all too easy for a rumour to turn into something that they would be obliged to investigate. Unfair though it can be, it is often assumed that if something is kept secret, then there is something to hide. When a relationship between a teacher and an ex-student comes to light, some people will assume that it started before the student left school.

Far better, I think, for the teacher to tell SMT the true circumstances. Piranha , May 12, WildKyogre and wanet like this. If the teacher tells his SMT they will assume there is something untoward in this relationship. Better to keep it private I think. FrankWolley , May 12, If it worries you and him, then get him to start to seek promotion or a sideways move to a new school.

Once he arrives there, you become just Mr X's partner, the same as would any other partner. No-one needs to know where you met or any other such thing. But to be honest, I doubt anyone will care. Relationship failed and I was completely messed up. People will always wonder if you were together before you left school, but it isn't a legal issue. Good luck if you go for it, I hope it works out better for you. Hi there, i myself have also being in this situation i chose to be with my english teacher and it is a wise choice. You will not have any hassle of the school because after you have left you have nothing relating you to them but i would highley advise not to do it whilst you are in school.

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Yes, a teacher and ex-pupil did this at my school. But I just want to mention that there was some horrible gossip about it.

Is a teacher allowed to date an ex student??

No problem, one of my fellow class mates many years ago, married our P. It still is an issue He was in a "position of trust" from a legal point of view he could still be done for dating you Nope its not a issue by law as far as I know but some narrow minded people that know you and him will be thinking "hmmm". Related Questions In Australia are teachers allowed to sleep with or date ex students? In Australia are teachers allowed to sleep with or date ex students?

Can i date the ex student teacher?

Can i date an ex student teacher? Am I allowed to date my ex-math teacher?

A Relationship with an ex Student

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