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So why was I doing this? I talked myself into going with no expectations and to just have fun. And with that, I added the final touches to my makeup and hair. I tried the duck face to see if it maximized anything. Nope, normal face is more attractive. Then I headed out the door. Let my dates begin. And I decided for the purposes of this article to try speed dating.

I figured it was also a good way to meet some new people. If nothing else, I would get a good story out of it. The bad part — was 5 minutes really enough to get to know someone? I saw a few candidates already sitting there after signing in. I seated myself at my assigned table with the checklist armed in my hand. As people started to take their seats, I waited for my very first speed dater to join me at the table.

I ended up meeting a variety of interesting people of different ages and professions. I met one man who was an investment banker, another one who was an engineer, a few accountants and IT professionals, a salesman, two lawyers and a businessman. They ranged in age from 25 to 40 years old. Surprisingly, most of them were normal and great to have a conversation with. Not very attractive, but something like that can be put aside provided that they dazzle me with their personality and charm.

10 people reveal the horrors and the joys of speed dating

I remember sitting there wondering whether he was just too shy to look me in the eye or whether he found my chest area more attractive. Either way, he was definitely a big no. They were so awkward in their communication that I had to mentally force myself to not look at the time on my cell. These are the moments that I was glad I only had to endure a few minutes as opposed to a few hours. The evening turned out to be a lot of fun. The best way to go into this was without expectations or hopes.

I decide to treat this as a girls night out — trying something new and taking on whatever may come my way.

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Had I gone in expecting some magical romance to arise, I would have been sorely disappointed and likely not as open-minded to try future speed dating events. We live in a culture and society where there is an expectation that we find someone to marry. But sometimes — regardless of how old we are — the best thing we can do for ourselves is to just let go and let it happen.

When we try to control the romance in our lives, we miss out on the good things that come our way because of certain expectations or requirements. As for the guys at table 3, 8 and I think there was some potential there.

I Went Speed Dating, And It Didn’t Suck

I guess only time will tell. One was really tall. One was really short. They talked about regular things — hobbies, their jobs, where they grew up. There was conversation about eating healthy, not wanting kids, how East Coast cities are so close in proximity compared to Southern cities, how the gym is a great place to meet people because everyone is high on endorphins.

We talked about how great the city we live in is. One guy liked country dancing. One guy asked me to describe my greatest success at work. I believe in changing your lifestyle.

My first Speed Dating experience - The Nutty Talks

A couple of the guys wore so much cologne that I could smell it on me while driving home the smell lingered after I shook their hands. Overall, it felt like a whirlwind. To talk to date after date, to hear and absorb so much information… it was confusing.

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Despite the confusion, one thought resonated clearly above everything else: This might sound obvious, but let me explain. When your heart gets broken several times over, and you spend a couple of years vigilantly detached from romantic intimacy for the sake of self-preservation, your mind starts imagining meaningful romance as a complicated thing. It seems hard and weird and too much trouble.

It becomes something for everyone else. You see friends get married, stay married, and build long-lasting relationships while you tag along as a third wheel. When you see your path ahead of you, you see yourself in it alone. And you settle into it because the alternative seems too difficult. But then there I was, sitting in a row of women who had also had their hearts broken, talking to men who had also had their hearts broken, and realizing that my fears and pains were average.

My situation was average. We were all sitting there, talking, sharing… the walking wounded… trying to make a connection. The humanness of it was palpable, and the whole thing actually quite simple. When it was over, the guys lingered, hoping some of the women would stay. I noticed that none of them were lingering near me; I also noticed feeling relief about that. Most of the women left. Two women I chatted with before the event had parked their car far away and asked me if I could give them a ride. We left together, talking about the men, sharing our dating stories and laughing.

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We all thought none of the men felt special. We all thought the same guy was creepy. We all heard different things from different guys and were surprised at the different sides they showed to each of us. I asked my new friends if they were dating online. After tonight, I understand why.

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Online dating is about quantity. Speed dating is about more about quality. Sure, you only get five minutes, but the men do too, which means you get four minutes and 55 seconds more of their time than you might get on a website. It honestly seems like a statistical miracle that anyone would meet the right person either way. But then again, it seems like a miracle that anyone finds true love at all.

After I dropped off my new friends, I sat still for a moment in my car. I was supposed go online and select my favorite men so I could get my matches in the morning, but I decided against it. It was early enough for me to drive home and write this before going to bed. That was something to look forward to. That made none of the evening a waste of time. I drove home singing along at the top of my lungs.

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Heartbreak or no heartbreak, romance or no romance, life is about these kinds of experiences and these kinds of moments. And life is pretty damn good. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. So of course, I decided to speed date.