It is revealed that Daniel is a contestant, and needs Jen's help on a question.

After asking her out on a date, via Chris Tarrant, Daniel proceeds to ask her the question, and as he has already used his The day after, the whole building hears about Jen's performance on the show, whilst Roy gets ready to go on his date, deciding to dress like a "bad boy". Jen still has to go on a date with Daniel, and after Moss recommends a restaurant called "Messigio's", she decides to take him there in the hope of rescuing their relationship. Moss also recommends this place to Roy to take his date, who also agrees to take his date there.

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However, it turns out that the posh-sounding "Messigio's" is actually the hectic family restaurant, "Messy Joe's". Jen and Daniel sit in awkward silence, as a clown comes over to their table to tries and cheer them up. Jen tries to make conversation, but Daniel just stares at his food in silent rage. Meanwhile, in the same restaurant, Roy, dressed as a "bad boy", complete with leather jacket, toothpick, and sunglasses, tries to convince his date that he's a "lonely loner", but she sees right through his facade.

Roy, seeing the commotion, and accidentally once again smearing chocolate from his dessert on his forehead, goes over to try and dispel the situation.

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After Daniel accidentally hits Jen with the clown shoe he was using to beat up the clown, Roy jumps to her defence, earning himself a punch in the face. Roy, with a nosebleed, stands outside the restaurant with Jen. They notice that Daniel and Rebecca are leaving together, with her trailing behind him as he shouts for her to hurry up.

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As she gets in, she begins to say romantic goodbye, as Roy obliviously slams the door in her face. Sign In Don't have an account? Fifty-Fifty Episode information Episode No.

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