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DNA Romance translates genomics information hidden in your DNA into actionable advice to help your personal dating life. Matchmaking service that uses the results of already-available DNA tests. Part of the challenge on DNA testing is that there is no outcome of it.

So people get their DNA tested and get some bad information - oh, you have this propensity to Alzheimer's or Diabetes. So turning DNA information into something that is actually actionable is interesting to me. DNA Romance is open to people who are 23andMe. If this takes off and proves successful, who knows how the online dating game will change.

How DNA Romance Works?

Journalist, Writer The Star- Feb 15th, DNA Romance is an online dating services company that matches customers based on the compatibility of their DNA, thereby providing evidence-based matchmaking that goes beyond appearance and questionnaires. Journalist The Daily Hive: Vancouver - October 6th, I love this idea! This is what the future of dating should look like. We also give you the option to choose from several DNA testing companies who allow you to download and transfer your raw autosomal DNA data file for other kinds of DNA analysis.

Available to residents of the USA Genes For Good is a research project run by The University of Michigan in hope of providing valuable biological insight into the causes and treatment of heritable diseases by generate and analyze an enormous database of health and genetic information. Keep an eye out for our ongoing developments, we are currently building mobile Apps for the Google Play and Apple App Store. We care about your privacy and have several measures in place to keep your personal data secure.

We encrypt all data that is stored and the names contain a unique hashed path and other obfuscating elements.

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Access to the data is limited to two key development personnel who have 2-factor authentication restricted access. For comments, feedback, investment or partnership enquiries please email Tim. Refer your friends and other single people to earn commisions on their purchases, join our Affiliate Program now. Maybe we helped you find your soulmate or you just feel like giving, we accept anonymous donations in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or other cryptocurrencies Donate with Crypto.

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Read the rest of the review and find out. Despite that the first impression is that the site is actually very good looking and with a pretty good user interface, which fully matches a lot of the bigger paid dating sites like Match.

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Where this site differs is in its focus on determining your personality type according to Myers Briggs before you start dating. Upon signing up, you are asked to choose which dominant function you have of the three: These are not meant quite literally though, but that is well explained. After choosing your dominant function, you choose a secondary from the same, so the result will be for example Sexual-Secure, which is used for matching with others with the same or combinations of the same basic instincts. I guess this makes sense, since most people who will find the site, at least at the moment, will already know their MBTI type.

Ok, so we have determined our basic instincts and our MBTI type and now it is time to use those tools to find a suitable match.

Anybody had success with a dating site based on your Myers Briggs type?

Of course, you can also fill out your profile with pictures, some text, answer some questions and so on — this is a dating site after all. I was very pleasently surprised at how well the site worked and how nice the design is, considering it is a non-profit project. There is a bunch of features, from searching with a lot of parameters, including of course MBTI type, to microblogging shoutouts, to forums, to match functions and all the normal stuff. It works well and is very intuitive. The site is almost dead at the moment. Which is a problem since what good is a dating site without members.

Hopefully, the site will pick up and maybe this review can inspire someone to sign up, but at the moment, to be honest, there simply are not enough members. We will have to check in with them in a year or so to see what has happened.