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Status Not open for further replies. TCH how are you, B! How is your day going, B! Feb 28, 5, 0 0. They realize they like each other more than just friends and they start dating. Game-Biz Member Sep 17, Mar 24, 4, 0 1, ToxicAdam Banned Sep 17, Dec 30, 39, 8 0. I would have a problem with my sister, because I am a protective brother. But who cares if they date a cousin? Sep 26, 5, 0 0 nYc. The same goes the other way around. The opportunity has arisen before and I've recognized that it's no good. I'm pretty sure the reasons are obvious. Core Banned Sep 17, Apr 16, 9, 0 0 32 Connecticut, USA.

I have more issue with my relatives dating my relatives. Jan 5, 16, 0 0. GAF will listen to your problems, man--no need for a pretext. Apr 3, 5, 0 0 Raleigh, NC. Easiest way is to just make up shit about each of them. Leaving fake blood test papers around with whoever-of-the-two-you-hate-more's name works wonders. BakedPigeon Banned Sep 17, Sep 13, 9, 0 0.

My Best Friend Is In Love With Her Cousin and He With Her???

If my friend is a good guy and I know he is not some piece of shit, I would have no problem with them dating my sister. Atleast I know she is not fooling around with some loser piece of shit. I'd like to meet the woman who wants to my date my cousin. She would be an interesting women, I am sure of that. His latest creation is a chainmal shirt he made himself. Jun 20, 9, 0 0. None of my creep ass friends are getting near my sister..

I'm dating one of my sisters friends though.. Feb 5, 18, 0 Just because you don't care about your cousin doesn't mean other people don't. Plenty of my cousins are my closest friends. If you care about your cousin, then you'd care if your friend dated them just as much as a sibling. Jan 27, 17, 1 1, 36 South Carolina. It would be really weird, but if they were happy and this was someone I really trusted as a friend , sure.

Totz Member Sep 17, Feb 9, 1, 0 0 I dated my best friend's cousin a while back, and nothing bad come out of it. Spoiler Except when she dumped me a few years later. Gruco Banned Sep 17, Jun 10, 5, 1 0. My friend was never invited before. Now my aunt is very upset because we don't want to invite her. I don't feel like I should have to only because she happens to be my friend. Am I wrong for not inviting her.

I want family time not friend time!

Are you okay with your friends dating your relatives?

Am I being rude?? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes, your BFF becoming involved as a family member does change the dynamics. And unfortunately, the "family" part outweighs the BFF part, so you may have to adjust your thinking. Friendships evolve, wane, spark, die, it's an ongoing evolution.

That includes accepting that she will be there when you get together with your aunt's family. If it is a "family girls night" which sounds really nice, BTW , and your aunt considers her part of her family, accept that she WILL be there. But draw the boundaries. Don't let her huddle you in a corner and talk family gossip. OMG I'm going through the exact same thing!!!! I introduced my BFF and cousin cause I thought It'd be fun for all of us to hang out then they started dating and now I hardly see her!

And she only comes to family stuff with him! She won't tell anybody, dude And for that, so what!? Your inner response would be, "Well, she's hot and I am attracted to her, what should a man do!? It's not like you can hold on these things, eh? You simply just approach her and you find her attractive and would want some quality action emphasis added. She won't tell your aunt her mom ; after all, she haven't told her that she's sleeping with multiple guys in the first place, right?

She, making a scandalous move and going ballistic in Thanksgiving dinner like, "Heeey everyone! I just like everybody to know that JohnArg has been hitting on me!! That is impossible to happen. If she catches "feelings" for you and be girlfriend-ish , well Coz if I were in your shoes and given the premises above, I would not want her to be my girlfriend. But it's just me, and my opinion It is what it is..

Up to you my friend. I would hate to think if that was my cousin looking for advice I would have to wonder or worry that some. Maybe , just maybe, by being himself and "non- jerky" he will still have a chance with her. And I hope that. Just to clarify - the age of your cousin's parents or your parents doesn't matter. What matters is how old you and she are if you decide to have children.

Not something you two need to worry about for a while, since she's And let me add my support to LadyC and Romalee in saying "being a jerk" to a woman you are interested in or any woman for that matter is terrible advice. Actually she has lots of attention she forgets them! This indicates to me that whatever "he" is, whatever he is saying or doing does not stick to her. It just does not stick. He is just another guy, a regular guy, a guy on that corner, being seen but not really being seen. He is the "Welcome mat" of every house. This is hurtful to a guy's pride, you know, especially if it's coming from a girl we really like.

But then "Settling for the right guy" is not on her priority list. She loves the jocks, the jerks and the popular guys. It sounds high schoolish but it is what it is The girl likes to be with somebody with whom she sees having no good future with. If she's 21, then she is born ish. Still figuring out stuff, herself, her sexuality, her ideals in relationships, things like that Jon, on the other hand, is the 'good guy', the 'nice guys" and we all know generally speaking that nice guys finish last.

Everybody knows that, correct? Hence, he needs to be a jerk a little bit and by jerk I do not mean to be rude to turn her off Otherwise, our threadstarter here will be very boring. And what will happen? She will dump him or worse, be friendzoned. And he does not want that to happen. Hence, he needs to step on the gas and go a little bit wild -- take the ride with her. Know what I'm saying? Jon here is 11 years older than the girl and he has his life and crap together.

But the girl is hot and attractive, what is a guy to do!? Then it gets better. She broke up with the ex merely because she did not have anything in common. She broke up with her ex because she is bored. That's the kind of girl we are dealing with. If she is bored, then the guy either have to be a circus monkey or be a jerk to keep her around. If the former, he is friendzoned. If the latter, either he will lose her or he will be an 'adventure' to her. I bet the girl likes social media sooooo much that her Instagram has a bajillion followers. Lots of girls are envious of her but her friends stuck with her coz she is popular.

It is very typical, you know?


Also, when we were going home last time, me, her and one of her friend, I told her "As long as you are Single, your Facebook transfer value i s growing huge girl! I can name a whole lot more exhibits as the thread is obvious. A guy won't treat a girl "long-term criteria" ie.

Dating my first cousin and I am about to make a move - Shoot the Breeze - Cousin Couples' Forum

I believe that many girls do this discreetly especially being freshmen in college and at 21!! She even shares her sexcapades with him and thus is very open and comfortable. But it is what it is. But guess what, our guy Jon here is not fazed and so I give him credit for that. He is not like a "dog" that is offered a bone and go chasing after the girl. He seems to "fold his arms" , shake his head and say "No" and call her bluff every single time, that's why she is semi-interested with him. The problem is he got to up the gear the next level; lest she becomes bored.

As soon as she becomes bored, she will feel disgusted towards him. But the mistake comes when Jon wants two things: That cannot happen, unfortunately. Either you become one or become the other hence my comment:. He has to come clean within himself first. Otherwise, he will be on a crossroads. On his first post, he sounds he wants to have a long term relationship with her. This is evident by the second post. Hence, my suggestion is just pull his pants up and "go ahead and kiss her hard " That's all what I mean, Romallee. Pooch, when i was 21, i was a hot young thing.

JohnArg , I'm sorry I temporarily derailed your thread. Please, don't give up on your cousin. I derailed this publically because now that I know Pooch's reasoning behind his advice, I thought you might benefit from also understanding where he's coming from. He's trying to protect you from having what happened to him happen to you, and I get that. And he's right, it might land you in the friend-zone, but is that really the worst place to be?

Because if you treat her nicely and she learns to value herself as a result, and begins making better choices for herself, won't that be worth it? Inasmuch as I would like to comment, same here I don't want to hijack Jon's thread. I will let Jon respond first since I believe we all would want to help him and so whatever his situation is, that's what's more important. Just so that we have more information What in the world? To a more matured, thinking woman like you MissPrice, who have probably has more experience in life and things like that, you will distance yourself to these guys, right?


However, the case is the opposite to the girl that our threadstarter Jon is being interested with. And so the dynamics will totally shift. And isn't it that's what the kind of guys this girl is being attracted to? The uneducated, few interests, low level of knowledge and doing low level jobs? But to throw sexual harassment out there is like a cannon killing a mosquito. No wonder our threadstarter Jon here would be friendzoned. If he will not make a move, the other guys will. He is mistaken that his status and having his life together at 32 might give him an edge with her.

She forgets that he existed because he is "just there", a bland and boring guy. Now if that "sexual harassment thinggie" roams at the back of his mind, that's pretty much game over for him. For what did I say? What I mean is 'go strong' and not be wishy-washy. Being a noodle at this point will be fruitless since his cousin-crush is like a wild mare. The "grabbing on the waist" is up to him and should not be taken literally like you really would yank her waist with force, without consent, and would hurt her.

Of course, no thinking guy means that What I mean is being a man and making her feel a woman but at the same time, do not be soooo gentle I'm not sure if a reference in medicine will apply but don't be gentle like he's doing a heart transplant. I agree with this. Many cousin couples get stifled because of genetics. The age of parents, however, does not matter. What matters is the age of the couple. The increased birth defects, however, is not too significant to be a concern.

I mean, we all take risks all the time in our lives but we minimize the aversion for risk by considering all options. In this case, if the woman is in her 20s, even if you are cousins, it's not a problem and you can afford the risks. The problem comes when the woman reaches in her 40s. At this point, personally, I wouldn't suggest having children altogether. The recessive genes does not "vanish" but it gets more insignificant as generation passes. The way I see it is like multiplying fractions. The more you "square a fraction", the smaller it becomes.

The "bad stuff" gets swallowed.. Now of course, there are other factors but insofar as this question is concerned, that's about it.. Pooch, whatever your intended message, telling a guy to grab a girl and kiss her without ascertaining her feeling first is a bad idea. And this is textbook emotional abuse:. Of course if the woman does not want that, a guy will be equally repulsed by it and would stop.

If a woman is no longer in the mood, guys at the same time won't be and we will stop. Of course some guys won't and that gets us into trouble but for the most part, if the girl is flirty the guy should be too Jon should assume that it is a green light until its red.

If he goes too much then its a red Calling names is a sign that he is comfortable in teasing her -- not to demean her and make her cry! There's nothing more "emergency" than a girl crying -- especially if things become way too serious. Some guys will even stay away as soon as the girl becomes porcupine-ish and moody.

We will just leave them alone and let them figure things out. In no way this is harassment. I think this is just the normal banter of men and women as the evolutionary model takes us. We dont want to do anything with a girl who is "not in the mood", know what I mean? If the girl cries, unless a guy is really mean or just plain stupid, he should stay away and take off his foot from the gas pedal The two posts given by the threadstarter seems to give that information that we can work with.

For example, he said though that she is a polite girl, so she is not too brash since she got a good character. Anyhow, I want to know Jon's response first so that we can have more information.