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I would have married her if we stuck together long enough.

What Age Is Appropriate for Dating?

I don't know if there is such a thing but if there is I'd call it the onset of puberty. Earlier than that might just might be too early. So you mean you want quality men.. Is that what off cuts mean? I actually don't think that this is a good way to judge a good guy at all!

Many people are single late in their lives not due to they were the left overs. I consider myself someone who have been in a serious reltionship for a long time ad tried my best but things were not meant to be. Now I am single again. Don't consider myself a left over. And I come from a culture where delaying sex till marriage is the norm.

So marriage is pretty serious and an important goal. Well if that's the case, then you should start dating right now in order to get your pick off the litter before the good ones are taken. I am dating - but not serious - more a learning process - not saying that if a keeper came along I'd neglect him and vice versa. I was 27 when I had entered in serious long term relationship, usually boys mature later than girls, so 27 or above 27 age is ideal for serious, long term relationship.

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I honestly don't think there really is a set age as to when serious dating begins. I think it really depends on the maturity of two people and how they feel and how they handle things together. There are plenty of young couples who can make things work and communicate very well, and older couples who still just can't figure things out and continue to play games.

I'm 19 and I know what I want I want a big beautiful house with a teched out mini mega awesome van and a nice sedan or whatever for dad. I want four kids years apart I want to have that terrible 2 year old and "I hate you mom! I know what it means to be a mom I know what it means to give up my life for my kids that is what I want. I want him to be a good man like my dad. People who accept - acceptance. Sexual underlined thank-you very much Hahaha. P but yes I can see where you are coming from because you prefer older you have to be younger.

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For me there's a window of where I might be looking for someone to settle down with. I want to be settled into my life and mature. Serious to me means possibly engagement, maybe a kid or two. I eventually want kids, but I think there's more of a chance that I'll just be single and adopt them rather than settle down with a man and have my own. I think it could happen anytime, anywhere. If you're 12 and you're in a relationship, than that's great. But if it's true, you'll last and you'll keep working on it until you'll ready to get married.

Personally I don't believe there's an age when you can actually say to start looking for someone serious. Why even date in high school if you're not going to be serious? But that's just my opinion. And serious to me is very long term - like marriage, and kids, and till the whole death to us part. I like this answer: I see myself getting married when I'm in my 20s, but I've been in a serious relationship for almost 3 years now since I was But who knows, we could break up in a month or still be together in 7 years still happy and smiley.

P awww that is so cute: Disney ruined everything along with all those movies like the Notebook and Titanic and Dear John. And trust me, you'll find a guy. Haha I have a guy sweetie: D doen even get me started on the notebook. Of it actually happening is like 1 to billion, but I still think it's a wonderful thought of that actually happening to someone. Yeah, you'll know when you want to settle down. Just keep dating, you never know who it could be and then one day it'll just happen you'll be with someone you never want to be with out.

Originally I didn't even want to have kids because they will put you in debt, but if I must then I will hopefully get preggers around 35 or so, I'll be married too hopefully, but if not, oh well ;-. It doesn't neccisarily depend on age. Some people act older or younger than there actual age. It depends on how they act and their personality. Or when you can talk to them about anything. Age isn't always the factor. Flirting isn't necessarily cheating but you just have to think you know, "What if my girlfriend is out here flirting around heavily?

Yeah fair enough - but I definitely reckon a healthy amount of flirting should be allowed - especially for thoes who used to be extroverted. I don't know yet, and I don't want to put a number on it. I'll know when I'm ready to settle down, if it even ever happens: At what age do you start 'serious' dating? Why at that time? Too early - not enough exprience, too late - off cuts? What is 'serious' to you? Select age and gender to cast your vote: Personally 24 - Don't want off cuts. Have you ever taken a break from a relationship? Will you be willing to have a relationship with someone in your workplace?

What does it mean to be someone's Valentine? Because in a few years, however young you think yourself how old is 30, really? There are reasons for this, many of which are biological. Your body won't respond the same way.

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  6. You'll have knee problems that didn't exist when you were running sophomore track. You can't stay out till 4: And if you think you can fend these things off with diet and exercise, you should probably buy a good solid book on the aging process or find a professional athlete over the age of 30 to talk to. They will speak of massage therapists and bone density and necessary nutritional supplements.

    Why Developing Serious Relationships in Your 20s Matters

    You can mitigate these things, but you can't entirely avoid them. But that is not the point. The point is that 30 or 32, or 35 is not the age when you want to be practicing serious relationships for the first time. Because learning how to develop a meaningful, sustainable relationship and keep it healthy takes some extended practice. And those inevitabilities are myriad: At some point, you and your partner will go through a period of disillusionment when someone else turns your head or your partner's.

    Maybe you have an affair, maybe you don't. At some point, one of you will have significantly more career success than the other. This will become a point of tension. As will the disparity in income that usually accompanies it. At some point, you will disagree on how to raise your child and you will each wield the child as the ultimate weapon in a battle of wills.

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    I'm just doing what's best for our child! And at some point, one of you will have a major life issue that costs you everything or close cancer, financial ruin, miscellaneous crisis , and the other person will have to decide to commit to or not. It's not a question of whether each of these things will happen; it's a question of when. And if you do decide to spend a life with someone, you have to decide that you are willing to face all of these things and acknowledge that some of them could happen sooner than you expect. Relationships are too important to learn how to face those issues at the last minute.

    You have to go through a few of them to know how to properly conduct one. You have to fail. You have to date a few terrible people. You have to be the asshole yourself sometimes. You have to learn how not to be the asshole. You have to have a vicious fight and know it's not ending you and that you're going to have to work to repair it and that the effort is worthwhile. These things take time. I'm not suggesting, mind you, that you settle down in your twenties. I don't envision you in a ranch home in the suburbs at 26, feeding your toddlers Cheerios and pureed organic carrots and carting them to and from soccer practice in the family [Missouri: I'm just saying that it's worth it to look at your romantic relationships nakedly.

    Work at a relationship the way you work at your work. You need the practice. You need to learn. Some of you can wait another 10 or 20 years to do that. And some of you may be the rare bachelors and bachelorettes who have no intention of ever being in a serious committed relationship ever.

    What Age Is Appropriate for Dating: A Guide for Parents

    But not most of you, especially if you're envisioning a spouse and kids sometime before you can start collecting social security. And you need to remember that work is not everything. Under the circumstances, we had to decide fairly quickly whether we were willing to get fired. What was more important:

    The PERFECT Age to Start Dating