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Runs the town's local inn with her daughter, Xiao Pai. Dreamy and clumsy, like her daughter, she is very popular with the inn's guests. While Xiao Pai's mistakes cause misfortune, Lin Fa's mistakes often work out well in the end. A self-proclaimed private investigator who runs the flower shop in town. She's an elf who has probably lived longer than everyone else in town Ventuswill excluded , but doesn't act like it. Instead, she is rather rash and hotblooded, jumping to conclusion too quickly on many of her "cases. A kind, frail old lady who runs the general store and goes to the clinic often due to her health.

Player Characters and Family

She took in Doug when he came to town, having him help out a lot with the store, and views him like a son. Nonetheless, she is the first to ask the player to knock some sense into him if they catch him slacking off.

He's more into making money than actually working and will often try to swindle any naive customers, like Vishnal, with completely useless items. However, he can never go through with it since he doesn't want to make people upset. Another member of the de Sainte-Coquille family. He runs the restaurant "Porcoline's Kitchen," though he tends to eat almost all of what he cooks. He took in Margaret some time before the game and also ends up taking in both Arthur and Dylas — all three of which he views as being a part of his family.

No matter the player's gender, he will flirt relentlessly with them. A spirit that can always be seen with Dolce. Excitable and mischievous, she likes to mess with some of the townsfolk especially the plasma-phobic Forte and considers herself to be Dolce's closest friend. The dragon who watches over Selphia. While she presents herself as proud and proper, her true self is very affable and playful around the main character. Her position as a Native Dragon causes her to create a distance between herself and the people of Selphia. A teacher from Alvarna. Has a stern look about him, but is actually quite kind.

A woman who came in search of interesting minerals. Doesn't talk much, but her eyes exude a strong, unflinching passion. The emperor of the Sechs Empire and the Big Bad of the second arc. Harbors a pathological hatred of Earthmates ever since one foiled his ambitions, and is planning something with the Rune Spheres. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account.

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It's like we've fall en into a world of color. Does that mean I have to let her get married someday?! I'm not givin' away my baby girl! Tomokazu Sugita JP ; D. My swimsuit is actually the foxes from the temple, transformed into cloth. If you don't believe me, you can try feeding them after I take them off.

And if you do believe me, I'll ridicule you and your descendants to the seventh generation.

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You actually don't have to do "the running sign" to marry dolce. The only requirements for her marriage event are, that you have to be in arc 2. If you want to date anyone people say you need 7 hearts but actually you need at least hearts to become his or her boyfriend because if you do ask at 7 hearts they will not accept your love I know this from experience I all ready married both Leon child: Noel so you have to get them to 8 or 9 hearts.

But I need help I'm dating Kiel for three game years and I don't know why he won't pop the question do I need anything??? I have a double bed monster barns and all this stuff but I just can't get him to pop the damn question. It actually depends on the person your deciding to date because I got Kiel, Dylas, Arthur, and Leon with only 7 hearts. I got Doug at 8 hearts and Vishnal at 9 hearts and for the girls I got everybody at 7 hearts except Xiao, Forte, and Dolce. Xiao was 8 hearts but, Forte and Dolce was 9 hearts.

I already have Forte as my Girlfriend without triggering a knight's steed. Can you still trigger it even you already have her as a girlfriend because I'm really trying my best to open it but it doesn't activate. I need help with getting vishnal. Also his hearts won't go up if u keep giving him the same thing it will just stay the same so try giving him things he likes and then the thing he loves. I see some people saying it has to be hearts. That isn't the case, you are correct: I have gotten each bachelor with 7 hearts, I usually save give them, their favorite meal and then confess, reset until they accept, but thank you for saying how to trigger an event: How do I trigger Dylas' sub-events?

I've had him in my party for about a week in game time now. And he's currently my boyfriend in the game. I also have him at 13 LP's.

Rune Factory 4 - Date with Clorica at the Restaurant

And who is kiel you have been game dating? Kiel is Forte brother btw just in case u didn't know we r talking about Rune Factory 4. I just read your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts. Keep update with your blogs.. Thank you for sharing Good Information. Still in the second arc. I'm dating Dylas, Doug, Leon and Kiel.

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How can I marry someone? Any of them wanna ask me. I think I already see Dylas' subevent I dont remember with the others ones, but i don't know what to do! All the requirements you need to get married will be explained. You will need to get your LP love points with the character you want to marry at 7 or higher.

This is a must players, while you can go about to all the marriagable boys if you are playing a girl or ladies if you are playing a boy and see all of their events this will reset after you propose or get a reverse proposal. Now if you have triggered the Sub-event will be explained further down. I'm on Summer of my eleventh year year 5 without the timeskips. Married to Douggie and we have a son named Theon. EmbraceEternity , Oct 27, Finally got the 2nd arc started. Died in the cave shakes fist at Jones and his highway robbery , but on the plus side I have a monster companion that I'm gonna party with from now on.

I am dating Xiao. Had a hard time choosing between her and Amber. TiamatNM , Oct 29, I'm currently playing as Frey and have plans on marrying her off to Doug. For my Lest playthrough, I might go with either Amber or Margaret. Story-wise, I'm in the middle of arc 3 where I've been busy leveling everyone up and upgrading their equipment. Oh, Octopirate, how I did not miss thee and your wake-up calls.

Jinxie , Oct 29, TrillEric , Nov 4, My favorites are still Amber and Meg. EmbraceEternity , Nov 5, Leon in my game was exceptionally bored yesterday It starts off with him announcing to Frey that he's decided to go tease Luna, risking the ire of the Mama Bear. He then invites himself over to Frey's bedroom, soon after which Dylas came running in he's married to Frey.

Well, all of a sudden Leon just really had somewhere else pressing to be, so he takes off running. Dylas takes off running after him. Later I catch him around town so I talk to him again to make sure he's still breathing okay , and he asks to join my party. I head to the general store next and chat with Forte, who gives one of her daily dialogues: It must be hard to walk around in that armor. Each piece is adjustable, so it's not as bad as it may seem.

I also bind my chest tightly so it won't get in the way.