Now collectors are starting to take notice, too. While many existing machines were well-loved and thus well-used, Featherweights are by no means rare. Machines in good condition can still be found at bargain prices in garage sales and auction houses.

Singer Sewing Machine Serial Number Database

Advertisements in quilters' magazines bring higher prices. The highest-priced machines are in good condition with little wear on the gold leaf, complete with case, attachments, and original manual. The predominant finish on the is a shiny black. The K was black or a shiny white and has a shorter bed. A smaller number of machines in other colors exist, including a light tan color produced in Great Britain and a matte black produced in the United States. The rumored mint-green Featherweight is apparently an alternate description of the white machine, which can have a slightly greenish cast.

It may be that these stories are based on the existence of colored versions of the Singer toy model The Singer has a fold-up bed which allows the owner to change the bobbin easily, and also makes the machine compact enough to set down into the carrying case. The combination free-arm model K is a rarer find in the United States than it is in England. These were apparently produced in the Kilbowie factory in Scotland, between roughly and The K has a removable-bed extension, for use when sewing pant legs and shirt sleeves, and weighs in about 2 lbs more than the model Cases are black, with leather handles on the older models and plastic on the newer.

Cases for the white machine are white with a green stripe. Older cases have an accessory tray that stacks on top of the machine, which is set down in the case.

Singer Featherweight Tables

The newer cases have a built-in side shelf for accessories and bobbins, and a place for the foot pedal on the inside of the case cover. In addition to the cases, Featherweights were sometimes sold with specially-designed folding convertible card tables, with a removable section for the machine. Officially called the Singer Three-Way Table, these were advertised as multi-purpose for use in sewing, card playing, and informal dining. Four Featherweight-design variations include chrome flywheels and face-plate scrollwork on the earlier versions, versus black flywheels and a striated face-plate pattern on the later versions.

The early tension adjustment and throat plate are un-numbered, while the later tension adjustment is numbered and black rather than chrome. The later throat plate has seam allowance markings. - Singer Serial Numbers

Dating of the model is quite easy using the serial number stamped on the underside of the machine. The Singer manufacturing seal on the front of the machine varied in design over time.

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The most- interesting designs were seals from machines marketed during various expositions. The was introduced at the Chicago World's Fair, and a commemorative medallion exists on machines marketed at that event. It is possible that special seals may also exist for the World's Fair in New York or for any of the expositions that took place in the s while the was still being manufactured. Many machines carry a Singer Centennial seal, marking the th anniversary of the Singer Manufacturing Co.

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Most Featherweights have one of a few standard designs of an oval gold seal reading "Singer Manufacturing Company. Singer Featherweight sewing machines were made by the company from to The durable, lightweight machines are still a decent sewing machine for quilters. If you have one and would like to know the date that it was manufactured just out of curiosity or if you are trying to fix the machine, you can do so with the serial number. Find the serial number on the Singer Featherweight. It will be stamped on the machine.

The serial number will begin with two letters that are followed by six numbers. Find the two letters on the list provided. For example, if the two letters are "AE," you need to concentrate on the second grouping in the list.

Find the number range that your serial number fits within that corresponds with the two letters that begin your serial number. View the date in which the serial number batch was released by the company. Compare it with the date of the next serial number batch.