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Ryan got his fame outside of Hollywood as the star is a leading tennis player, but it was on one knee he made played his greatest move. Kaley confessed that the couple instantly fell in love, but sadly by we learned that the couple had split. There were rumors for months before that the couple had broken up, but Kaley had always denied them.

The one and only son in the Kardashian clan is rumored to have been having a secret relationship with Alessandra a few years ago. As usual, rumors quickly escalated to the pair having a fully fledged love life. It was no secret to the world that Johnny had found himself a new belle in when he and Kelli Garner began turning up hand in hand on the red carpet.

Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert (dated) 1992

Unfortunately, all the publicity meant it was pretty obvious when the couple had split as Johnny suddenly started to appear without a woman on his arm. Chris was a fellow actor, who has appeared in both Fanboys, and The Girl Next Door, when the pair met at the beginning of the century. In real life, Sara took things much slower as she and her long-term boyfriend, Kevin Price, tied the knot back in Kevin works as a teacher, and together the couple have gone on to share two daughters, their biological daughter Talulah, and a daughter the pair adopted named Adelaide.

Yup, this is the man! Keith has been around actors since childhood as his own father, and all four of his brothers have all had acting careers. They have a blended family as Keith has brought three children from his previous relationships into the mix. For over twenty years Laurie was married to fellow actor, Matt Roth. The couple met while on the set of their show and took their on-screen romance into the real world when they married in Penny falls for his charm, but quickly kicks him to the curb when she discovers he has a wife.

Before the show, Michael was recognized for his role on One Tree Hill where he played Cooper Lee, but it was during he found his one true love, Sandra Hess. She is a fellow actress, known for her character Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat: Howard and Bernadette run into Glenn at a panel he is speaking on which leads to some rather interesting questioning!

After discovering his height, it is no surprise to learn that Rick used to be one of the star players for some large basketball teams. He married his wife, Vanessa Williams, who had previously won the Miss America title. The couple have a daughter, named Sasha, who is now 17 years old. Since their divorce, Vanessa has gotten married for the third time. This rock n roll chick has more than just an incredible voice, Linda Perry has also been able to work with the likes of Pink, Adele, Miley Cyrus, Britney Spears, and many more.

The pair said their vows back in , and have gone on to have their first child together, Rhodes Emilo. The singer had come seventh for the X-Factor UK back in before she was off the show. Friends close to both Johnny and Katie reported that the two were officially an item, not helped by the pair getting snapped at a cozy dinner date, but they both deny anything ever happened.

Karl Cook, the hunky 27 year old horse rider snapped up the actress last year, when the pair announced their relationship through Instagram.

Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons marries boyfriend of 14 years

As with a lot of these relationships, Kaley met Kevin while on the set of The Hollow, a horror movie that the two youngsters were both starring in at the time. They quickly became a couple, and the relationship lasted a year before they both decided to call it off. Since their brief relationship, Kevin has become a loving husband and father to twin daughters.

Dean and his wife, Bridget Norris, both studied at Harvard University when they were younger, but rather than acting Bridget has used her degree to become an attorney, specializing in cases involving money. The character is played by Joshua, but he is most recognized as his character from The West Wing, and most recently for his time in Scandal. It was during that he married the love of his life, Melissa Merwin. Once again the pair met on a shoot as Melissa has worked as the director of costumes for many TV shows over the years. Together the couple have Isabel, their daughter, and Avi, their son.

As a teenager, Kaley was in a brief relationship with Thad Luckinbill. The actor is best known for his time on The Young and the Restless where he played J. To date, Thad continues to act in various productions, with his most recent part being Scott Norris for the movie Only the Brave. Thankfully Michael made it home safely from space both times, and the pair have gone on to enjoy 25 years as husband and wife. Over the years Stephen has had plenty to keep him busy, including his characters in Dodgeball, and Office Space.

It was in that Stephen tied the knot with this fellow actress wife, Romy Rosemont. Do you remember the fake cousin, Leopold?

Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne: married since 2007

Well, he was played by actor DJ Qualls who has gone on to continue his geeky acting in Road Trip Movies as Kyle, as well as break into modeling. For around a year DJ was in a relationship with the stunning Nikki Reed who shot to fame after her role as Rosalie in the Twilight movies. Since then, Nikki has been married twice but has settled down with fellow blood-sucker Ian Somerhalder. It is on a trip to the comic book store that we are introduced to Dale, the power abusing employee.

  1. The real life relationships of The Big Bang Theory’s cast.
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Meghan Falcone also works as an actress who has made a name for herself in the web series Foursome, and the show Californication. However, it was at a stage production that the pair met as they were both acting in the show. The couple went on to marry in Ah, a fresh new romance on the list. He and Amy begin dating when she breaks things off with Sheldon for a short period. At the beginning of the year, Stephen entered a brand new relationship with Mircea Monroe who is currently starring in Episodes alongside the acting legend, Matt LeBlanc. Ari Graynor should seem familiar to any movie buffs out there.

The pair were together for under a year before deciding to call it quits. However, it was playing alongside Liz Gillies as Robbie Shapiro for Victorious on Nickelodeon that saw the actor earn his fame. It may just be a fan theory, but followers of the two often get to see cutesie photos of the pair together making them question whether there is more to their relationship than first meets the eye.

This petite microbiologist wins over the heart of Howard on the show and has been able to sweet talk her real-life husband, too. Regardless, the couple have been happily married for the past ten years, and have all new adventures to look forward to as the couple announced they are expecting their first child together sometime late this year.

He rose to fame when he and his twin, Evan, formed singing duo that quickly began to take the music scene by storm. He went whizzing by as he flew out the building warning Leonard to run as far away from Sheldon as possible. Last year he wed the gorgeous Joana Pak at a traditional wedding as the pair both share a Korean heritage. Another young romance here as Nathan Fillion officially found himself a partner earlier on in the year.

In reality, Nathan is most recognized for his character Captain Malcolm Reynolds for the show Firefly, as well as playing Richard Castle on the aptly named Castle. Twice married Krista Allen is famous for her part in Baywatch but is used to famous partners; she dated legend George Clooney for two years!

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  • Catherine Millstone came into the show during the third season as she wanted to meet Raj, the man behind an essay that she found fascinating. Los Angeles, The Young and the Restless, and Scrubs, but it was during that she wed a former lawyer, writer, and television executive by the name of Lukas Reiter. He even planned an overly romantic proposal for his wife at the Empire State Building — aww! Officer Hernandez only appeared in one episode of the show, but boy was it a good one? He is the officer in charge of finding out who robbed Sheldon.

    His most famous role to date is in Generation Kill where he plays Sgt. Before the turn of the century he and wife, Maria, got married, and have gone on to have two daughters. While most people recognize the actor as Doc Brown, Christopher also made an appearance on TBBT when he popped up as the homeless man Sheldon rents a room to in a bid to get revenge against Leonard after the two have a falling out. There was quite the difference in age between the two as Jane was 22 years his junior!

    Earlier on in the year, Eliza was over the moon to see her now fiance, Peter Palandjian, on one knee. Peter is a retired professional tennis player who now spends his time as CEO of a real estate business. Eliza is currently 52 years old, while her future husband is 16 years older! However, the relationship only ever lasted 10 days! It was shortly after their split that Kaley met her future husband, Ryan Sweeting, but said it was dating Henry that saw her getting followed around by the media for the first time.

    Yet another character that plays themselves on the show TBBT is good for their cameo appearances , Summer Glau made her debut when all the guys were on a train — thanks to Sheldon. The actress is best known for her part in Firefly as River Tam. A few years ago, in , Summer tied the knot with fellow actor, Val Morrison, who is most recognized for his work in Hollows Grove, and Days of our Lives.

    The couple had a secret ceremony away from the prying eyes of the press and have been happily married ever since. Had he really got back together with Kaley Cuoco?! But Johnny has found himself another belle in the form of Ariella Nicole. The two have since been spotted on a romantic beach getaway together, but we are desperate to know any more information about his new love — hopefully, there is more to come yet from these two lovebirds.

    His wife, Neha Kapur, is a leggy pageant winner as she was crowned Miss India back in ; she later went on to enter the Miss Universe pageant the same year. The couple met when Kunal returned to India on vacation where he bumped into the love of his life. They wed in and are still together to date. We all get frustrated by the difficult stains on our furniture, clothes, and the carpet.

    Sometimes, we have to throw our favorite clothes Each and every person who owns a mobile phone knows just how useful it can be. Mobile phones connect an individual to people all over the Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert: Kaley Cuoco and Josh Resnik: Jim Parsons and Todd Spiewak: Johnny Galecki and Laura Harris: Kaley Cuoco and Brett Bolinger: John Ross Bowie and Jamie Denbo: Johnny Galecki and Kelsey Harper: Instantly find any The Big Bang Theory full episode available from all 12 seasons with videos, reviews, news and more!

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    The real-life relationships of The Big Bang Theory cast

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