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The best solution is to put it all into junk mail and never even open them. I would definitely choose to believe him unless his recent history or other acts make you think otherwise.

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Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee. February My husband is receiving questionable emails in his spam. FromA2B 3 years ago Wedding: August I get spam emails from match.

Websites and email are unrelated

Hyperventilate 3 years ago Wedding: Shoot4theMoon 3 years ago rm February I just looked in one of my junk folders on my email and I have a ton of spam emails from websites that sound like what your husband is receiving. Kate 3 years ago I get so many of these types of emails but most go to junk mail. Get the best wedding inspiration, advice, and more from Weddingbee. I agree to receive emails from the site.

Hotmail account being bombarded with unsolicited spam/scam emails . . . . .

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Stop Unwanted Emails on iPhone

I am absolutely sick and fed up of some of the emails that get through to my email box, they seem to all be from dating and sex shop sites and I have never ever been on these sites or asked for emails off them. There is no address on them and no way I can stop them from arriving in my email box. Most of them seem to be sexually orientated and the odd ones I have pressed on them to see if there is a way to unsubscribe only seems to double the amount they send.

Do others get these unsolicited emails and does anybody know how to stop them?

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Otheriwse look at the domain they are coming from and block them using your blocking facility on the email. Hot mail are good at filtering these out so although they do come through - they go straight to junk! I agree they are really annoying and I do take offence to them. If and when I get them I try to unsubscribe this sometimes works.

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How can I stop these emails? Anybody who has your home or office address can send you letters and anybody who has your email address can send you spam. You will get lots of junk email because it costs nothing to send.

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Email service providers such as Yahoo, Google and Microsoft filter out billions of spam emails per day. Only a few get through, and five to 20 per day is not an unusual number. However, the ones that get through should arrive in your spam folder. Unfortunately, spam filtering is a tricky business.

Hotmail account being bombarded with unsolicited spam/scam emails - Microsoft Community

If the filters are loose, you will see a few spam emails in your inbox. If the filters are too fierce, then legitimate emails will end up in your spam box. A few services offer better control. Which you prefer is a matter of taste, but if you want aggressive spam filtering, you could switch to Gmail. The drawback is that you may have to look in your spam folder every day or two or you could miss some important emails.

Switching to an alternative free email service such as Gmail or Outlook has an obvious disadvantage: However, both Gmail and Outlook will collect all your old emails from Yahoo, so switching is not as difficult as it sounds. The main drawback with Gmail is the miserly amount of free storage space. Outlook free storage just expands as you use it.