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Do you really want to grow old alone and never have genuine love in your life? In my research, I saw first-hand many couples with unbelievable issues with their blended children and who also worked, ran their kids to various therapies and doctors, yet THEIR relationship was important enough to FIND ways to be together. And they made it work! You vowed in the beginning of a relationship to always be open and honest with one another. You can tell the other person in the relationship EVERY day that you are glad they are in your life, what is great about the relationship, how you value their love and friendship, etc.

At all times, you MUST treat the other person with respect. And you let the other person know that you will listen and they can talk with you about anything without fear and with an open mind and an open heart. I am proof that it is possible, I found the love of my life and he loves my child with special needs, and teaches her new things every day! Kelly, Your article suggests that having a special needs child is not very relevant to whether or not romantic love is something to be found. Thank you for the tips.

Date nights have been few and far between in the last few years. We are definitely the exhausted overwhelmed parents and have been dealing with a medical issue with our littlest that took a lot out of our marriage.

  1. Can a Single Parent of a Special Needs Child Find Love, too??
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I am excited to get back to dating the husband! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Cocktails Turn Up Virgin Drinks. Durand Worthey , January 18, Durand Worthey , January 1, Durand Worthey , December 21, Rotisserie Chicken Spicy Pho D. Durand Worthey , January 13, Lists Gadget Geek Essential Oils.

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When I'm not sharing my latest thoughts on Autism, Life with boys and creating a fancy tablescape, you can find me over at A Mitten Full Of Savings sharing ways to save money and frugal tips.

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Dating a single mother with a special needs child? - guyQ by AskMen

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Date Night Tips for Parents With Special Needs Kids {& Autism}

I think as time goes by she will talk more about her child and you will be able to figure out what kind of kid he is. You can also ask questions about him--what does he like to do, check facebook posts, etc. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply.

HikerVeg Send a private message. I don't think you should ask her "how does your child behave. If you spend enough time with her, the stories will come out. How her child behaves is important. But her parenting style is also important. I grew up in a family parents that stayed together till death do us part. I literally come from a nuclear family.

This woman was exceptional when I met her, not judgmental, could care less about status and income, and always sees the bright side I have met those "unicorns".. Im in my mids, and occasionally, I'd come across these women in online dating scenarios. It's mostly married people or couples around here If you see an attractive looking professional woman in a grocery store, she stands out like a sore thumb.